Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c9

“Shera, what’s with that attitude?” 

“You too, you called me using my name and not proprietress, no?” 

Shera, the proprietress, replied with a sulking look. 

“My bad, Okami(proprietress). So, your turn?” TLN: In a conversation, I might call her Okami, to make the flow much better. Outside Conversation, I will use proprietress. 

“Well, if you’re going to eat I would be happy to meet you but… Chrono-sama only wanted to visit the ill, and not even going to drink some tea, no?” 

The proprietress replied with inflated cheeks. 

“I’m a customer today.” 

“Excuse me.” 

As Chrono pointed behind him with his thumb, Mino also entered the store with a creaking sound. 

“The floor is going to bust…” 

The proprietress crossed her arm as she gazes at Mino. 

“General, I will wait outside–…” 

“It’s fine, only his body that is big…” 

“Well, customers are customers, even if they caused the floor to break… Come in and sit down on the empty chair.” 

“I can only see an empty chair though?” 

“Figure of speech, you know? Geez, you’re seriously not cute at all…” 

The proprietress turned her back while saying those words toward Chrono… 

“Then, I will sit on the counter.” 

“… Sure…” 

Chrono and Mino then sit on the counter. 


The proprietress then presented a cup of water in front of Chrono and Mino. 

“So, what are you guys going to eat?” 

“What do you have?” 

“I only have a soup with a lot of vegetable mixture and a loaf of bread.” 

“Then, I’ll eat that…” 

The proprietress then put firewood and start warmed the food. 

“How is the business lately?” 

“As you can see…” 

The proprietress turned toward Chrono and leaned on the counter. 

“When my husband was alive, I could get around somehow… I don’t know how many years already passed since I’ve worked just to pay for taxes… Geez, when push comes to shove, I may just try to escape the city, that Marquis Erakis is really good for nothing person.” 

The proprietress told him bluntly. 

“So, how about your side?” 


“I mean The Holy Argo Kingdom… How are they? Are they going to attack us again?” 


*What should I say?* Chrono looked at Mino as if asking how to answer. 

“It is hard to tell you the accurate information but, I can say that I think it would be hard for them to invade again in the near future…” 

“Is that so?” 

“Then, why the officer looking at you with a grin on his face?” 

“It is just the shape of his mouth.” 

Mino shook his shoulders and laughed. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“No, well, that is because General, no, Chrono-sama have managed to defeat The Holy Argo Kingdom instead of Marquis Erakis who fled.” 

“Ha? What did youLike I said, Chrono-sama defeated The Holy Argo Kingdom General.” 

“Haa, are you saying this kid defeated the enemy’s General?” 

The proprietress looked at Chrono with a dubious gaze. 

“That’s right.” 

“He doesn’t look like one though… Yap, If I look closely, he has a cute face instead.” 

The proprietress then leans further on the counter. 

In a short time, Chrono’s stock seems to have risen fast. 

But because it was out of reality, it would crash soon enough… 

“Emm, how about the food?” 

“Not just cute but also shy eh? It will take more time for the food. Why not go perform your visit while waiting?” 

“I shall do that then.” 

Chrono stood up with a bouquet and headed upstairs, to the room where Leila was sleeping. 

As he climbs the stairs he passed through a slightly dark hallway and heading toward the room at the end of the hallway. 

After he knocked at the door for a while, no reply was coming. 

“Leila, I’m com—!” 

As Chrono opened the door, he gasped. Leila was kneeling down and was in the middle of wiping her body. In that situation, he should silently close the door and waited outside. But, his eyes stuck due to the view… 

She was wiping her body while avoiding the wounds. Even though she only did that, somehow it feels sexy. 

Leila then stopped working—… 

“… Chrono-sama?” 

“Ah, no, I don’t mean to peep. I just opened the door because I didn’t get a response when I knocked…” 

Chrono entered the room and made an excuse in a hurry. 

“Can you close the door?” 

“Ah, sure…” 

Chrono closed the door and froze in place. 

He cursed at himself why he didn’t go outside the hallway while doing so… 

She must be in the middle of wearing clothes. After all, there was some rustling sound from the back. 

‘What should I do?’, he started to think. 

Seeing her naked body could be regarded as an accident if he explains, but that didn’t explain his reason to stay inside the room and not waited outside. 

At that time, there was something crossed his mind. 

Prostrate– It is the highest form of apologies. He needs to turn around and prostrate… 

“I’m done changing clothes…” 

Chrono looked back and tried to prostrate but—… 

“I’m sorry.” 

Leila bowed her head earlier than Chrono prostrate. 


“I’m sorry for showing you this ugly body.” 

“No-, There’s no such a thing!” 

As Chrono tried to deny, Leila raised her head. 

She looked at him with a surprised gaze as if she didn’t understand his words. 

” Your body is very beautiful!” 

“There’s no way that is true.” 

“No, it is a really beautiful body!” 

Chrono tried to convince Leila who hangs her head. 

“What I said is true you know? I really thought your body is really beautiful.” 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

Leila then gazed at Chrono with her golden eyes. Her eyes somewhat looked moist. 

“Ah, this, a bouquet for a visitor!” 

“Thank you.” 

Leila received Chrono’s bouquet and smiled ever so slightly that they cannot be noticed if one didn’t pay attention. 

“Emm, Chrono-sama?” 


Chrono responded with a chocked voice. 

“Why Chrono-sama is very kind toward a half-elf like me?” 


Chrono stared at Leila’s ears. It looked shorter than the other elves at the hospital. 

Half-elves are half-human and half-elves. They were oftentimes become the subject of discrimination and harm. He didn’t know for sure how they were treated in this world but, hearing Leila’s words it seems to be quite bad. 

“You don’t know?” 

“Yes, it is my first time I have seen one after all.” 

“I see.” 

Leila then looked down, looking lonely. Maybe she thought Chrono’s attitude might change if he knew. Which was impossible but, if Chrono didn’t say anything, then she won’t know. 

“For me… Leila is a brave woman you know?” 


Leila looked up. 

“Even if I am a half-elf?” 

“Even if Leila is a half-elf, this feeling of mine won’t change, see? Though there’s nothing I could boast about myself, I at least feels proud to have met a brave woman like Leila.” 


Leila then spilled tears from her eyes. 

“… Leila?” 

“No! This is nothing!” 

Leila tried to wipe her tears in a hurry but, her tears won’t stop. 

“I-I’m sorry, Chrono-sama. J-Just now…” 

“I understand. I’ll come again next time.” 

Chrono went out to the hallway and closed the door. He then could hear Leila’s soft sobbing from behind the door. 

“I will definitely come again…” 

Chrono muttered those words before heading to the first floor. 

“Chrono-sama. you have a visitor.” 

“A visitor?” 

Looking at the door, a man was standing there. Short, with a big belly sticking out. His lips are thick and his eyes are droopy. His long hair covered his eyes as if it was a bamboo screen. Looking at his figure no one would believe he was a middle-aged man. 

“Chrono-dono, pleased to meet you. I’m Sitter Window, I work for her imperial princess.” 

“Ah, Hello…” 

Chrono bowed as Sitter bowed his head. 

He had thought as a soldier after he bowed he should salute. 

“For what reason do you come?” 

“Her imperial princess is calling. Thus I was sent her to relay the message.” 

‘Is it okay after I eat my food?’ He was about to say those words but decided to swallow them back. 

Tyria would definitely forgive him, but Sitter might view it as disrespect toward royalty. 

“I understand. I will go immediately. Ty— The princess, where is she now?” 

“She’s currently at the lord’s house.” 


“Mino-san, stay here and eat.” 

Mino tried to get up but listened to Chrono’s words and sat down.