Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c8

Chrono and Mino then set out to visit their subordinates who were being taken care of in an Inn. 

They pass through the administrative district, where the lord house and the hospital were located and entered the commercial district where many famous branch offices were located. 

Further past the square—… 

“Isn’t it better for you to not visit them?” 

“What wrong? To say something like that so suddenly.” 

“Every time you went there, she always turns you back no?” 

“Ah that, she just doesn’t know how to respond and get confused…” 

“I wish she treat us more normally though…” 

“She might not know the General but, she always acts like that toward any aristocrats officers, so to ask her to treat them normally would be impossible.” 

“I see, so that was what happened…” 

“No, General doesn’t have to feel responsible…” 

Mino scratched his head uncomfortable. 

“Marquis Erakis didn’t do anything?” 

“The Marquis has no interest in them. Even if he did, they were just elf and dwarf women…” 

Mino told him while shrugged his shoulders. 

“Is there anything I could do I wonder?” 

“None I believe. Even if there is something General could do, I don’t want General to involve in their problem too much…” 

In other words, he refused no, it would be more appropriate to say Mino was considering Chrono’s future. 

“This may stray from our conversation but, I just wanted to say they are not used  with people being kind to them, so they might get confused.” 

Mino said that with a light tone, to remind him. 

“I don’t do this out of kindness though?” 

“Well, General might not be able to understand but… Ah… I said that but that doesn’t mean that General is a weird person…” 

“Mino-san, I know that you’re not trying to make fun of me…” 

Chrono bitterly laughed… 

“Because of our terrible life, we refused to accept kindness due to fear of being betrayed… Basically, they cannot believe in your kindness…” 

“Mino-san as well?” 

“For me, it is easy to understand that General is a kind person but, it is always better to be always vigilant and be prepared…” 

“Is Leila also like that?” 

“Does General care for Leila?” 

“Well, yes…” 

Leila was a silver-haired elf, who after the two one-hundred-men captains died, took the leadership of the force and accomplished the mission. 

“I thought you hated Leila, General…” 

“I don’t hate her. It’s just…” 


“I just don’t know what to talk about with her…” 

Leila expressionless was something that could easily make people unable to talk. 

She had the burden of trying to impose responsibility on herself, and thus he doesn’t know how to treat her. 

“What do you think of Leila?” 

“Hnn, I think I don’t hate her.” 


Chrono sighed. 

“Well, I’m confident that Leila was a bit confused because so many things happened in a short time. I—…” 

“Danna-sama, will you by the flower?” 

A pretty voice interrupted Mino’s voice, and a bouquet of flowers was presented by the girl. 

Chrono stops and stared at the girl who offered the bouquet. She had brown hair. 

Her dress was slightly dirty but her hair was in good condition. 

Chrono’s heart hurts when he saw such a little girl had to work.

“How much?” 

“It will be one brass coin.” 

Chrono took the leather bag out of his pocket and checked the contents. 

Inside were copper and silver coins, and also several gold coins. 

By the way, the brass coin had the smallest currency value in the Empire. 

The exchange rate was ten brass coins for one copper coin, ten copper coins for one silver coin, twenty silver coins for one gold coin. 

“I don’t have brass coin.” 

“Is that so.” 

The girl slumped down with a disappointed face. 

She hangs her head down. 

“I’m sorry, Danna-sama.” 

“You don’t have to apologize.” 

Chrono then stared at the bouquet and thinking if the bouquet didn’t sell well. 

“You can keep the change.” 

“A-Are you sure?” 

“Sure, it is fine…” 

“Thank you very much.” 

Chrono handed the copper coin and the girl bowed. 

He had done something good but somehow he felt guilty. 

“Danna-sama, please take this…” 

“Thank you.” 

Chrono then starts walking again after receiving a flower from the girl.

“General, as a person, I admit, you’re too kind.” 

“It’s not good to visit someone with empty hands you know?” 

After a while, he saw the hotel where Leila was recuperating. The inn was build using woods, it had a dining room on the first floor and the inn’s room on the second floor. 

*Hnn?* Chrono twitched… There was a good smell. 

“Mino-san, let us have a meal while visiting…” 

“Then, I shall wait outside—…” 

“It’s fine, come with me…” 

“… Then I accept your offer.” 

Mino nodded his head. 

“Welcome— Ah, Chrono-sama huh?” 

When he opened the counter, the woman in the counter happily welcomes him with her eyes shines… 

However, when she knew it was Chrono, she dropped her shoulders as if disappointed. 

A woman with long brown hair. She had drooping eyes but, the glint from her eyes was sharp. 

Her body was sexy, if you were a man, then you would definitely get attracted by her rich breast. 

Her name was Shera. She was the proprietress of this inn and restaurant. 

Her husband seems to have passed away five years ago, and now she has been running the place alone…