Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c7

The imperial calendar, year 430, in the middle of the fifth month-… 

“As expected, I can’t see.” 

Chrono looked up at the ceiling as he muttered with a gloomy mood. 

The doctors said that a high ranking divine art user would be able to cure it but, in this world, Divine Art user was pretty rare. 

Even more so if we talk about a high ranking divine art user. Which means he was as good as being declared blind. 

“I guess it’s time for me to leave…” 

A week had passed since the time he had faced against The Holy Argo Kingdom. 

Despite no sign of re-invasion, it didn’t mean they won’t do it again. 

“… Have you wake up?” 

Chrono got off from his bed and changed into his black-based military uniform. 

Wearing his cloak he left the room and greeted by Mino who stands on the hallway. 

“General, good morning.” 


“How do you do today?” 

“The same as yesterday… And I’m going to visit my subordinates again…” 

“If that is the case then let me accompany you.” 

“Thank you.” 

Chrono takes Mino and walks down the hallway. 

The hospital was a stone building with a private room on the second floor and a hall with nearly one hundred beds on the second floor. 

Since they could not accommodate all the injured, he ended up renting an inn. 

As he walked down the stairs, near the end of the corridor, he murmured. 

“It seems today is fine as well huh?” 

“I’m sorry. I’ve told them to keep quiet, and if they are being noisy, they would be thrown out of the hospital.” 

“That is fine. Let us take it easy…” 

“Thank you very much.” 

As Chrono entered the hall, the noise ceased. His subordinates stopped talking and looking at him. Some were lying in bed, some were walking around. 

“It’s fine.” 

His subordinates then begin to walk once again. He walks to a nearby bed. And elf girl lying on the bed. 

It was a girl with long gold hair tied on the left side. Elves often times had good eyes and a cold impression, but the girl in front of him has a cute face. 

She have a cute face but still retains the mysterious aura elves usually have. 

“I guess, this is the first time I talked with you?” 

“I-I sometimes went outside for a distraction. A-And sometimes I go to the bathroom.” 

“I see. You may not want to hear me but, how are you doing?” 

“I-I’m fine!” 

“I see…” 

“–Uh! N-No, my wound is still hurt! I need a little bit of time to recover.” 

The elf girl gasped and holding her stomach on purpose. 

“Then, take your time.” 

“I understand.” 

Chrono then turned his heels and heard a relieved sound from behind. 

“Now then, next…” 

Chrono looked around and headed to bed where Goldy was lying. 

“Goldy, how are you?” 

“I’ve improved much.” 

Goldy opened his eyes, then frowned due to the pain. 

“You still look in pain though…” 

“Well, I got injured in a lot of places after all. But at least, my hands, legs and eyes were safe.” 

He was about to tilt his head to the side but— 

“I have a dream of opening my own workshop after all…” 

“Ah, so that is how it is…” 

He’d heard that a blacksmith need to use their eyes and legs very much. 

Indeed, if he was aiming to become a blacksmith, it was a natural worry. 

“Ah, but, if you dream of opening your workshop, are you planning on retiring?” 

“I need to make money. Maybe in five or ten years. Well, if I can’t survive until then, this would be just a story…” 

Goldy laughed. 

“Then, Goldy, if you manage to create the workshop, can you make a weapon for me? I’ll buy it at the right price.” 

“I’ll try my best.” 

“Ah, but please not at the price of the wedding gift…” 

Goldy shrugged as Chrono laughed bitterly… 

“I have a high expectation of you then.” 

“Thank you very much. Then, I shall do my best to create the best weapon.” 

“I’m happy to hear that.” 

Chrono then returned to the pathway. 

Looking around, his subordinates turned away and whispered. 

He had no choice but to head toward Leo, Horus and Lizardo’s bed. 

He was not yet able to precisely remember where, but at least he already remembered the position. First, Leo. 

“I’ve come to visit. How are you?” 

“Same as yesterday. My bad but, it seems it would take a while for me to do battles…” 

“As expected, how surprising…” 

“About what?” 

“Because I thought Leo would do something unreasonable…” 

“I am a warrior…” 

Leo looked up and muttered. 

“Understanding one’s condition is an important ability for a warrior. If you don’t know your own body’s situation, you might die after all…” 

“Are you talking about the situation where I say, I leave everything to you?” 

“That’s how it is…” 

Leo barely laugh. 

“But then, I leave everything to you huh? That sure hot-blooded lines…” 

“It is indeed but, I don’t want to fall into that kind of situation though…” 

In the first place, it was questionable if Chrono could stop the enemy then… 

“Same as me. However, you need to anticipate the worst situation.” 

“Well, I thought as much as well…” 

“Oho, Chrono-sama is also a warrior then?” 

“I don’t think it was just me…” 

When he was junior high, he had such hot-blooded delusion. 

Youthful— Or rather it was a chuunibyou. 


“What’s wrong?” 

Suddenly silent, Leo called up to me. 

“… I’m sorry, Chrono-sama.” 

“For what?” 

“The right eye. I was going to apologize for it but, I could only do it today…” 

“Oh, about this, there’s no helping it.” 

“No, I could’ve prevented it if I was stronger. Next time, I’ll definitely protect Chrono-sama.” 

“Thank you.” 

He believes he didn’t want to experience this kind of pain again but, at least for now he decided to accept his feeling. 

“Then, I’m going to sleep. I want to heal these wounds as soon as possible.” 

“Alright, good night.” 

“Yes, thank you very much.” 

Leo then closed his eyes and begin his sleep. Chrono then turned his heels and headed toward Horus. 

“Uh, it’s hurt.” 

“As usual, he sure doesn’t seem well…” 

he muttered those words while watching Horus moaning in tears. 

“Horus, the General has come to visit. Get a grip…” 

“Even if I wanted to do that, I’m hurt right now you know?” 

Mino scolded while Horus burst into tears… 

“Well, its fine, Mino-san. Horus is already tried hard.” 

“That’s right, I did my best you know.” 

Using Chrono as a cover, Horus suddenly puffed up his chest. 

“General, if you pampered Horus too much, he won’t get better…” 

“I also start to think like that…” 

“How naive! You guys should be more gentle with me!” 

“That kind of kindness would be wasteful for you…” 

It may be similar to a helping out. 

One may feel disgusted when at the start one decided to help and the one being helped instead asked more help. 

“Lizardo… as usual, he’s quiet one…” 

“Indeed, I want him to at least take some lesson from Horus a little bit…” 

Looking at the bed next to Horus, Lizardo woke up and stared ahead. 

“Lizardo, are you alright?” 

“… Sleepy.” 

Lizardo responded with a low voice. 

“Want to sleep?” 

“… It’s fine.” 

“Don’t you feel the conversation didn’t match just now?” 

“Lizardo tempo is unique, so it cannot be helped.” 

“Even with Mino-san?” 

“Yes, even with me.” 

If one were to encounter Lizardman for the first time, their spirit would be the first thing being crushed… 

“Lizardo, what is your favorite food?” 

“… Raw meat.” 

“Yep, it seems like we could communicate just fine..” 

“You don’t have to bother trying it you know?” 

“No matter what, I want to at least be able to communicate properly…” 

Chrono scratched his head, thinking he was like a child. 

“Well, take care alright…” 


Lizardo didn’t answer. Apparently, he fell asleep. 

“Now then, next…” 

As Chrono looked around, his subordinates turned their gaze away once again and whispered… 

After greetings with some of them, he then left the hospital.