Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c6

The next afternoon- The reinforcement army came. At the forefront was a female knight, dressed in silver armor. 

The figure had long hair reaching her back that was tied together, making her looked like someone from a painting. 

Chrono exhaled his breath while sitting on the log. 

“We’re saved huh?” 

“We’re not yet being relieved though?” 

Mino ironically lifted the end of his mouth. 

“It’s fine.” 

“You’re too optimistic.” 

“I’m not optimistic, I just know Tyria since my school days.” 


Mino looked up and tilted his head. 

“I’ve felt like I heard that name before…” 

“She is the daughter of the Emperor, Ramaru the Fifth.” 

“Isn’t that means she is the Empire’s princess?” 

Heee~, Mino voiced his amazed voice. Female Knight— Tyria stopped her horse in front of Chrono. 

“Hurry up and construct the field camp and sent the injured people!” 

Tyria gives her command loudly, and her subordinates followed the command all at once. 

Perhaps, they did it immediately because they feared that she would give another unreasonable order once again. 

She might not know it but, her words helped to ease the anxiety… 

“Chrono, it’s been a long time.” 

Tyria grinned and jumped off the horse. 

“Over a month, I guess?” 

“General! General!” 

Mino pulls the hem of his clothes while prostrating himself. 


“She’s the imperial princess! We’re going to die if you show such an attitude!” 

“I don’t mind, Minotaurus.” 

Tyria sighed. 

“Report the situation.” 

“What should I say I wonder…” 

Chrono slowly started talking about the situation. 

Tyria in return responded with each report appropriately until she heard Ignis name. 

“Emm, are you saying you’ve defeated General Ignis Fomalhound?” 

“I’m not sure about defeating him, I just have driven him away I guess?” 

“As expected of the man I believed in! I do believe you’re capable to do it!” 

“… T-Thank you.” 

Chrono bowed without knowing what was going on. 

“The injured right eye. I’m sure, it could be called the wound of honor.” 

The degree of excitement gradually diminished and the situation returned calmly. 

“He was such a great person.” 

“That is obvious! How much did you think the Empire had to face embarrassment because of him?!” 

Chrono was further confused by Tyria’s reaction. 

“General, this is the normal reaction.” 

“No, but I don’t know him much?” 

Chrono scratched his head. 

“Speaking of which, what about Marquis Erakis?” 

“He’s working at Hachel. I took the lead because it seems it would take a longer time if it was him…” 

“What, I guess he did really call a reinforcement huh? Which means Rick and the others are going to come?” 

“Rick? Wasn’t there such a guy?” 

“Ah, is that so…” 

Apparently, Rick has escaped… 

“By the way, what do you think about this battle?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“What I mean is, why the Holy Argo Kingdom have come to attack us.” 

“I heard General Ignis saying protect his highness, so maybe this battle was related to The Holy Argo Kingdom succession?” 

*Hou*, Tyria amazed as she heard the report. 

Despite being chosen as the successor, many people might still not like him. 

That was why he wanted to make achievements to silence those who were not convinced. 

In fact, winning this battle would be a perfect achievement. 

“Do you think the Holy Argo Kingdom would come to attack again?” 

“He was overturned while having ten times the force, I think he won’t come and attack for a while.” 

The prince’s power would definitely fall further if he tried to attack again soon. 

And the reputation of the defeated General, Ignis, will be much lower. 

“Though if they tried to pull each other legs, it would be great for us…” 

“I hope for that as well…” 

Nevertheless, Tyria stared at Chrono. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I know it, it would be better as a lord…” 

“Are you making a fool of me?” 

“I’m praising you. Even though you don’t know General Ignis, you could read everything from just my words…” 

“I think that is normal…” 

“If that’s normal, I pity those who are actually normal…” 

*Fufufu* Tyria laughed… 

“Your Highness! The tent is ready!” 

“… Guh.” 

As the knight reported loudly, Tyria groaned softly. 

“Well anyway, let us rest and return to Hachel slowly.” 

“I have a request before that.” 


“I want to write something to Marquis Erakis for a bit…” 

*Fumu* Tyria nodded and stared at the wounded soldiers. 

“I got it. Though I don’t think he is a man that would care for them, after all, he had abandoned his own subordinates…” 

“I’m glad you understand what I mean…” 

Chrono exhaled… 

“I will write it down firmly so that there would be no room for an excuse.” 

“Thank you, that would save me. I guess, what one’s need is indeed a friend.” 

“You’re a good guy after all. Wait, I will immediately write a letter.” 

Tyria replied as she said that. 

“Ah, I want to see my subordinates.” 

“Is there something that I could do to help?” 

“General should just take some rest.” 

Mino gets up and heads down toward his subordinates. 

Chrono then looked around while sitting on the log. Around the area, Tyria’s soldiers were running around busy. – 

“…Three years huh?” 

Chrono, Kurono Hisamitsu Muttered… 

Three years had passed since he came to this world. 

At that time was lost but fortunately, he was then picked up by a man named Crawford and his wife. 

Even better, they had magic items for interpretation. 

Without magic items for interpretation, he would need to learn the language manually. 

“I wonder what can I do in this world?” 

There was no cheat power, and his knowledge was only at the level of compulsory education. 

Chrono sighed deeply and looked up at the heavens.