Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c5

Chrono kicked the enemy soldier’s crotch, and as the enemy soldier could not bear the pain, he dropped his sword. 

“Tensu Kagura!” 

As Chrono shouted an unintelligible language. 

He could feel a dull pain in his temple. It was a magic art imprinted on the unconscious part of his brain. 

When he held out his right hand which covered with blood, a black sphere was born. 

A basketball-sized sphere was floating a few centimeters from Chrono’s head. 

This jet-black sphere was the only magic that Chrono could use. 

Magic was a technique that transforms magical power into a physical phenomenon. 

One needs to train extensively to use magic effectively but, it wasn’t necessary for one to understand the full extent of the magic system. 

As long as one had the attribute talent for it, then one could learn it just by learning the magic incantation. 

However, to do that, one needs drugs… 


As Chrono turns his palm, the jet black sphere flies toward the enemy. 

The enemy soldier picked up the sword and swung it around, but the blade just passes through the jet-black sphere. 

Then, the jet black sphere covered the enemy’s head, and Chrono tightened his palm. 

At the next moment, the jet-black sphere extinguished while also erasing the enemy soldier’s head. 

Or to be more precise, it was transferred. Tensu Kagura was transfer magic. 

The corpse didn’t fall even when it lost its head. 

It was as if that the loss of its head hadn’t yet been transmitted to its body. 

When Chrono thought about that, he could hear a sound of explosion roaring. 

Soon enough the corpse falls down. 

Looking at the person, who made the sound, there was a huge and large fire pillar deep inside the forest. 

When the fire pillar rises, the enemy soldiers stopped moving. 

Ignis was no exception. This was once in a lifetime chance. 

“Tensu Kagura!” [TLN: Roughly lit “The Dance of Heavenly Door”]

Chrono stood up and released his magic. 

A jet-black sphere slips through the enemy soldiers and rushes toward Ignis. 

“O war god who controls the war with deep crimson!” 

Ignis drew his sword and shouted, then his sword begins to glow red. 

Like a shinning holy blade– It was a magic art that increases one’s attacking power. 

Ignis tried to defend himself using his sword, but the jet-black sphere ran through the blade without much difficulty. 

Ignis then opened his eyes, astonished. The jet-black sphere was like a light. 

Because of that, it could not be cut even by normal magic arts. 

“With this, everything will end!” 

Chrono clenched his fist. The jet-black sphere disappears, and Ignis’ right arm fell to the ground. 

Only his right arm. It was because he twisted his body just before Tensu Kagura being activated. 

His crisis-awareness was indeed incredible. 

Bloods then begin to erupt from his right arm cross-section. 

It was nightmare sight but, Ignis was more concerned with the fire pillar rising in the depths of the forest. 

“… O, God…” 

As Ignis muttered a little word, crimson light covered his wound. 

His bleeding was visibly reduced and soon enough it stops completely. 

The crimson war god who controls destruction was a god who controls destruction as the name implies. 

Among all six power, the healing power was the weakest among six pillars. 

“O, God!” 

White smokes rise from his wounds as the bleeding stops. He had burned the wound and stopped the bleeding. 

Seeing Ignis action, even Chrono was scared of him. 

There were a lot of people who would burn their wounds. 

But, they were not a Lizard. Isn’t he considered the possibility of stitching his arm back? 

Ignis then looked at him. 

Noticing that, Chrono clenched his teeth. It might sound stupid, but somehow, he feels like the enemy might attack the moment he looked away. For a while, they continue to glare at each other—… 

“Attack! Attack!” 

“We’re still unscratched!” 

Beast men led by Shiro and Hairo jumped out of the bush. 

“Let’s run away! If we stay we will get wiped out!” 


“Don’t why me! I don’t know that some of the enemies are hiding!” 

Blood splashed, angry whirlpools swirl. The beast men were overwhelming the enemy soldiers. No, it was only looked overwhelming. But, that would crumble the moment the enemy cools down. 

“— Change of course! We need to protect the highness!” 

Ignis instructed his subordinates while trying to ride a horse. Enemy soldiers then begin to fall back. 

“Yes, sir!” 

Following Ignis, the enemy soldiers also begin to run back. 

“… Should we chase after them?” 

Chrono looked around. It seems that his subordinates were finally standing. There were people sitting on the spot. 

“… I guess it is impossible.” 

Chrono gave up pursuing and sat down. 

“First of all, it is great that the strategy was successful.” 

Chrono strategy was to dispatch a separate squad while his seven hundred men were attracting the enemy’s attention— Their aim was for the elf archer to strike the enemy’s camp and killing or seriously injure the enemy’s general. 

The operation was successful but, there was hardly a celebration mood. 

He now cannot see with his right eye. Many of his subordinates had been killed. 

“… This is my first battle huh?” 

He could not help but embrace the gloomy mood. 


“General, are you alright?” 

“Everything is fine except my right eye, it seems it is no longer useful…” 

Chrono sat down on a log and scratched his head. Looking at the battlefield with a narrow vision, he could see countless corpses lay there. 

It was great that they could reverse the situation but, they couldn’t feel happy at all. 

“More than 100 people are dead, and countless are injured…” 

They were in such a miserable state. 

Shiro and Hairo lead their subordinates to care for the injured but, they could only give first aid. 

“… I.” 

Fighting without escaping, driving away enemies. They had done the impossible but, he could only feel the worse mood. 

Chrono held his right eye and looked down, then he could hear them. The voice of the injured subordinates. A voice that endures pain, a cry that cannot endure pains, sad voice from those who lost their comrade in arms, the voice of despair from those who lost their friends, those voices were as if blaming Chrono. 

“… I’m begging you.” 

He was barely able to swallow back his words that almost came out which was ‘Stay silent’. His subordinates were wounded because of his orders. He had no right to speak out some petty grudge. 

Still, Chrono wishes to escape the place. He wants to impose responsibility on someone. 

“… Why.” 

Chrono scratched his head. If the fire pillar was raised faster, fewer people would have to die. Maybe, the elves were scared and tried to escape. Even such delusion came up. 

“General, the detachment squad has returned.” 


Chrono looked up and stood. Dark emotion springs up. 

He thought he could get out of his worst mood if he blamed on the delay of the operation. What are you doing? Why take you so long? Are you trying to run away? Such curses words were about to come out but—…


Instead, he leaked a bewildered voice. Chrono stared at the squad. 

There should have been three hundred elven archers but, only fifty were in front of them. 

Every single one of them was heavily injured. Some have no arms. Some, just like Chrono, lost one eye. 

The two figures of their captains could not be seen, only a single woman stood at the front. 

An Elf with silver hair and brown skin… 

Her hair was short, and it was painted with drops of blood. 

“… Forgive us.” 

The woman knelt down. Blood was dripping down from the woman’s wound. 

“The enemy defense was very hard to break.” 

The girl then looked up at Chrono with her golden eyes. 

“… I…” 

Chrono was feeling embarrassed. 

The elves fought. They went on a suicide mission following his order, played a great role at the cost of many of their brethren. 

And yet, Chrono had thought to impose his own responsibility on them. 

He feels shameful toward himself. 

“… Continue the report.” 

Chrono urged her to go ahead with the report while biting his lips. Otherwise, he would start crying.