Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c40

Chrono stays inside his room in the Marquis residence. 

On the table, there was a bottle of wine but, the contents were almost unchanged. 

“… I’m tired.” 

“Excuse me…” 

As Chrono muttered his words, the proprietress entered the room. 

“… Proprietress.” 

“Don’t make such a face in front of a beautiful woman.” 

The proprietress said and sat in face-to-face facing Chrono. 

“Oho? Even though you have an expensive drink in front of you, you didn’t touch it much.” 

“True, despite Alyssa was kind enough to prepare everything for me.” 

He feels sorry that he cannot enjoy her kindness much, but currently he didn’t feel like drinking. 

Originally Chrono was neither, a strong drinker, nor someone who distract one’s mind using a drink. 

“Then. may I have some?” 


The proprietress received the glass presented by Chrono and drank the wine all at once. 

“Fuah! As expected, an expensive thing is amazing.” 

The proprietress exhaled her breath as she pours more drink into her empty glass. 

Now, she drinks her drink quite slowly. 

“As expected, are you feeling sick because of what you did toward your former colleague? I don’t know how you feel but, I think you should not care much about it.” 

“I’m not really thinking about those…” 

“Is that so? But from how you look, it seems you do though?” 

“I do believe that I don’t regret killing Rick and his friends…” 

He muttered those words as he gives a side glance toward the proprietress. 

He did feel sorry for his former friend but, he didn’t feel like mourning for Rick’s death. 

Although they had a short relationship, Rick was too selfish for someone to mourn his death. 

“Then, what are you worried about? The bandits have been eradicated, you gain a new subordinate, you wind everything, no?” 

“I wonder myself…” 

Chrono tilted his head. As the proprietress had said, he manages to eradicate Rick and his friends which were bandits that didn’t wish to surrender, and welcome Kein and his men. 

There should be no problem, or so he thought. 

“If Chrono couldn’t understand your own feeling, how can I understand?” 

“Well, you’re right.” 

Looking at the bottle of wine on the table, the contents were no more than half left. 

“Well, sometimes, I don’t understand my own feeling.” 

“Does the proprietress ever experienced such a feeling?” 

“Of course…” 

The proprietress shows a lonely smile. 

Maybe it has something to do with her dead husband. 

“Well, I don’t think it’s a mistake for Chrono to worry about your own former colleague.” 

“Is that so?” 

“I’m sure, you just couldn’t come to terms with your own feeling.” 

“Maybe you’re right.” 

He couldn’t mourn for Rick’s death, but it was true that he had killed someone. 

When he recalled back, he was in the middle of a battle, and he wants to make sure he could kill people. 

He was sure that his value cultivated in modern Japan couldn’t agree yet.

“I wish I could live with more flexibility.” 

“You’re fine the way you’re now you know?” 

The words came out of her mouth smoothly. 

“You’re cute because of how stubborn you are you know?” 

“Are you drunk proprietress?” 

“I’m not drunk yet.” 

The proprietress denied but, her cheeks dyed red slightly. The bottle of wine was already empty. 

“Come to think of it, what is the proprietress’s purpose by coming here?” 

“I was curious and came to see how are you doing. And if you’re feeling down, I was planning to comfort you.” 

The proprietress then placed her elbows on the table and leaned forward. 

The two massive fruit change shape as it’s pressed against the table. 

“So, what are you going to do?” 

“As expected, you’re drunk.” 

“Well now, I wonder?” 

The proprietress showed a seductive smile. 

Then Chrono—… 


“Wait a minute.” 


Chrono stopped moving as he looked down at the proprietress. The proprietress was lying on the bed, exposing her sensual naked body. Or it was more like, she didn’t wear anything to hide them. 

“What is it?” 

“Let me rest a little bit. I don’t want to say this but, I am old you know? I don’t have enough the physical strength against a young man, not to mention you’re a military man.” 

He could feel some pride from the proprietress when she rephrases the words of ‘military man’. 

“What are you looking at?” 


“Can you not gaze at it too much?” 

Chrono replied briefly, and the proprietress tried to hide her breasts with her arms. 

“… Why are you looking disappointed now?” 

“Of course, I would feel disappointed.” 

He likes the small and well-shaped breasts but, he also likes her massive breasts. 

“Kora! Don’t think about other women!” 

“You know?” 

“I can tell just by looking at your face.” 

He reflexively touches his own face but, he thinks it was not something that he can feel just by touching. 

Perhaps, it was the thing called women intuition. 


“I-It’s not like you have to apologize you know?” 

When Chrono voiced his apology, the proprietress stuttered. 

“It’s just…” 

“It’s just?” 

“It’s just, since I am old, I feel uncomfortable when being compared to other women.” 

The proprietress’s face turns bright red and she turned her face away. 

“I don’t think you need to worry about that.” 

“This is why a young man is a bit… Women also have their own womanly troubles…” 

By how she said those words, did she imply that man also has their own manly trouble? he thought. 

But he keeps quiet about it since he didn’t want to step on a landmine. 

“… Proprietress…” 

“What is it?” 

“Is it okay to continue now?” 

“… You’re really…” 

The proprietress groaned but, she knew that she could refuse him now. 

“… This is the last round alright?” 

“Next is the last round eh…” 

Chrono begins to move slowly while looking at the proprietress’s reaction. 

After this, the ‘next is the last round’ continued another three times. 


The white light magic item illuminated the bunch of paper placed on the desk. 

It was not a paper made in the united free city-states, it was paper made in the territory of Erakis. 

Tyria picked up the paper placed on top. 

It feels rough by the touch, and when she tries to write on it, the tip of the quoll pen sometimes gets caught. 

However, there was no doubt, this was a paper. 

Furthermore, it was a paper made using a different method from the one the united free city-states uses. 

The Empire finally could make paper that had been imported until now. 

It has a lot of economic value. 

If done well, it might be able to destroy one of the cities in the united free city-states. 

Nevertheless, Chrono unaware of it. 

Perhaps, he doesn’t even know what it means to defeat general Ignis… 

He did the ridiculous thing without being aware of it. Chrono was such a man. 

“… To befriend with such a man, no wonder that defeat happens…” 

Tyria laughed a little and suddenly remembered the story of the first Emperor that she heard when she was young. 

He had told a made-up story since he was six years old. 

She thought he might be doing it to hide his own pedigree… 

“But still, ‘I’m from a different world’ huh? That would be a bit too much…” 

However, she continues… 

If by any chance, someone, from a different world appears, what she gonna do? 

“… I made up my mind.” 

Tyria took the quill pen, as she offered a prayer to the god in her heart. 

Before long the quill pen wrapped in white light. Then, the quill pen pierced the door. 

Even if the other party came from the same homeland as the first Emperor, if it harms the Empire, it will be destroyed. 

That was all she needs to do. 

[End of Volume 1]