Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c4


A dwarf launched his spear at an enemy soldier climbing the fence. 

Looking at that, the enemy stopped for a second but then continue to climb. 



As Goldy thrust his spear out from below, the enemy soldier fell from the fence with a short scream. 

“If your spear becomes dull, replace it!” 

Goldy given his instruction with a hoarse voice, but only roar and scream could be heard as a response. 

Many of the dwarves were worn out. 


A high pitched voice resounded. It belonged to a dwarf female soldier. 

A female dwarf soldier was pierced through his thighs with a spear protruding from the fence by the enemy. 

“Damn it! How dare you!” 

A dwarf next to her pierced the throat of the enemy soldier with his spear. 

“Serve you right–!” 

“You damn demi-human!” 

The dwarf, like his enemy, he also got stabbed by the enemy’s comrade and fell to the ground.  

“Come, this way!” 

Horus scream and blows the enemy soldiers with his club. The enemy soldiers quickly rise up and run toward Horus. They didn’t bring weapons. When they had blown off, they had dropped their weapons. 

“I told you, come to me!” 

Horus swung his club around but, some enemy manages to sneak through his attacks. 

Were they drop their weapons and become desperate? No, that was not it. 


Horus made a loud scream. 

An enemy had stabbed his thigh with a knife. 

“Let go— Guaaah!” 

Horus screams again. The enemy soldiers pry the knife and spread the wound. 


Horus then shouted like a cow, pulled the enemy soldiers by force and slam them to the ground. 

Then he dropped his foot on them. Each time he did it, the dull sound could be heard. 


Lizardo silently eliminated his enemy while Horus fought half crazy. 

His body was smeared with blood, unknown from how many enemies. 

“This damned lizard!” 

An enemy soldier charged with a spear. Lizardo grabbed the spear and swung down his club. 

The dull sound resounded but, his club didn’t shatter the enemy’s head but shoulder. 


The crushed enemy soldier held on to Lizardo. 

Lizardo found himself unable to move and annoyingly tried to shake him off but, he could not. 


“Comrade, kill!” 

Enemy soldiers raised their swords and rushed toward Lizardo. 

Lizardo then decided to grab the enemy soldiers’ attack by the wrist. 

“I did it! Now both his hands are occupied!” 

“Someone, come–!” 

When Lizardo let go of his hands, the enemy with the sword fell on the ground. 

Blood was gushing out from his neck. Lizardo had eaten the meat on his neck. 

After mumbling for a while, he spits out the meat from his mouth. 

“Y-You monster!” 

As Lizardo waves his hand, this time he manages to free himself. 

The enemy soldier was trying to rise up but, the club attacking him first. 

“W-We made it!” 

“L-Leave it to us!” 

The enemy soldiers who had successfully passed the fence approached Chrono 

Leo was desperately tried to protect him but, maybe due to the fatigue he didn’t make it in time if he only running. 


Leo then kicks the ground and cling to the enemy. The enemy then fell—… 

“I’m sorry!” 

A tiger beast-man swung his sword down. 

“Well done, Taiga.” 

“I’m only doing something that I should have.” 

Leo was also a tiger beast-man— By borrowing Taiga’s shoulder, they returned… 

“As expected, this is too severe huh?” 

“We did well actually…” 

When Chrono muttered, Mino answered in a bitter tone. 

His men were fighting quite well but, the situation was getting worse. 

A little craft cannot overturn the war. Their frontline could collapse anytime now. 

“Should I recall Shiro and Haiiro? No, if they were found out, it would be dangerous instead.” 

The enemy was trying to break through the fence because they knew if they circle around there would be an ambush. 

“What should I do?” 

When Chrono asked himself such a question, an enemy soldier ran past the Lizardman. The Lizardman tried to chase after the enemy but, it was not possible. The enemy saw the opportunity to throw his spear. 

It penetrated a Lizardman’s body, then fell on the ground. 


Chrono shouted, but no one could put a cover. The enemy soldiers then rush in via the opening hole on the front line. 


“I understand! Hurry up!” 

Mino runs up to fill the hole created on the front line. 

Putting a commander on the front line was a bad practice but, they need to prioritize maintaining the front line. 

Mino rushes forward with pole ax in his hands, then he fills the hole. 

“… Good.” 


A scream resounded shortly after Chrono stroked his chest. 

Such an unpleasant premonition, no, it turns into conviction… 

The question was about, what happened to the soldiers who manage to breakthrough? Did Mino manage to defeat all of them? 

Some subordinates also should be dealing with them but— 

When Chrono looked at the scream, a beast men with its neck being pierced by a sword fell on the ground. 

The beast men turn its body up but, that was not because the beast-men wanted to do it voluntarily. 

After all, the beast-men had already died. No creature could survive an attack where a sword pierced his throat. 

The reason why his body turns up was that the soldier wants to pull out his sword. 

“— Khu!” 

Someone screamed. Who was screaming? Was it the enemy? Or maybe Chrono himself? or one of his subordinates? It was a meaningless question. In fact, it was a harmful question. 

He could escape an attack because he had wasted that precious seconds… 

The enemy swung his sword down—… 


Chrono screamed and crouched on the spot. He feels hot on his right eye. Heat overflow from it. 

He lifted his face while holding on his right eye, there he saw the enemy soldier had raised his sword. 

Seeing that, his expression turns from a smile to anger… 

“This, damned!”