Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c38

The next day— Chrono headed alone to the fort at the appointed time. 

The subjugation team still in the same formation as yesterday but, the alert situation has been lifted. 

“Yo, I have been waiting.” 

After climbing the hill, Kein stood in front of the gate. 

He has shaved his stubble and dressed cleanly. 

The gate was opened to show their intention of surrender, and the other bandits were standing behind it. 

Beyond that, Rick and his friends were wearing leather armor and riding their horses. 

“Don’t worry about those on the horseback. It was just a measure in case you break your promise.” 

“I see if I break my promise—…” 

“If you are not satisfied with my neck, they seem to wish for a fight.” 

With that said, Klein broke into a smile. 

“You’re not surprised?” 

“Because the slave I have said something before this…” 

Chrono smiled bitterly. 

“Oh, also, all of this happen was under my responsibility. I will offer my neck to lighten my men’s sins. Also, if may I ask, I couldn’t get Rick and his friends to agree but, can you not kill them?” 

“Rick and his friends?” 

Chrono involuntarily asks back. If the village mayor’s words were true, he should have been only together with Rick for only a week. 

He might think he will day in any case so might as well make a request, but Chrono thinks he was too kind. 

“Why you’re going that far for them?” 

“Although it was just for a week, we’re friends who ate the same rice from the same iron pot. And even my companion had said that.” 

The next moment when Klein laughed, an arrow stabbed into his shoulders. 

Rick fired an arrow from the top of his horse. 

“Protect your head, Captain Klein!” 

“Are you betraying us?!” 

“Shit, get off the horse!” 

“As expected, we shouldn’t believe you when you say you won’t run away!” 

Kein’s men shouted and try to block Rick’s path. 

“Stop, run away!” 


Kein shouted and Rick and his friends fired arrows all at once. Kein’s men screamed briefly. 

Some fall down on the spot, and some hide behind the gate. 

“Let’s go!” 

Rick shouted and together with him, ten cavalries began to run. 

The vanguard was Rick. He unleashed his sword and approaching Chrono.


“Damn it!” 

Kein slammed into Chrono and they both jumped straight into the bush. 



Leila screamed as she saw Chrono and Kein rolled down the hill. 

“Leila, calm down. The general is safe.” 



“… I understand.” 

Leila nodded as Mino shouted sharply. He bites and tightens his lips so strongly that blood comes out from it. 

There was no doubt that he wants to immediately aid Chrono, but if he does that, he would go against Chrono’s will. 

He must obey Chrono’s order. 

One couldn’t be sure if he did that out of loyalty or the fear of being abandoned if he goes against Chrono’s order, but one could be sure that he never lost control of himself. 

Even so, Mino gritted his teeth as he gives Leila his order. 

Still, this was not a laughing matter. 

The enemy cavalry was running down the hill while causing dust to fly behind them. 

“Raise the shield!” 

As Mino raised his voice, his men immediately raised their shields. 

“Leila, have you calm down yet?” 

“… Yes.” 

Leila bends her body slightly at the front. 

It was as if she took a stance to jump on its prey. Which was the cavalry run down the slope—… 

“Flame Dance!” 

Leila shouted as she raised her arm. 

A red lotus flame appeared from her palm and rushed toward the two cavalries running at the front. 

The roaring explosion sound makes the horses surprised. 

Flame Dance was a magic art that only created scattered flames but together with that, it creates a roaring sound. 

It has almost no killing power, and even if it hit someone, at most it could only cause a small burn, and the sound was something that only happens for a short burst. 

However, during this time, the effect was enormous. 

The fire and sound caused the horses to panic. 

“… Chi…” 

Mino struck his tongue. The cavalry manages to cling to the horse and not fall down. 

“Corner them!” 


Following Mino’s orders, his subordinates rush forward while rising their shields. 

Due to the horses’ brief stun, they manage to push the horse down with their shields. 

They managed to overturn two horses, which was enough. 

Because their purpose was to stall them. 

“Clear the road!” 

The subordinates were divided left and right, while Mino ran through between them while carrying Pole Ax. 

No well, saying him “run through” might sound cool. But actually, it was just a normal noisy run. 

Mino then stood in front of the stalled calvary. 


“… I know.” 

Lizardo throws his shield and moves next to Mino. 

“O wind!” 

“… Thunderbolt.” 

The Pole Ax and the Big mallet give off a green light. 

The thunder released from the mallet defeated the cavalry. 

“Damn it! I never heard that Demi-Human could use Magic arts!” 

“Retreat, scatter! Withdraw!” 

The two surviving horses run up the slope—…

“As If we would let you guys escape!” 

“Let us have your life!” 

Arded and Deneb as well as the archers hiding behind the bush stood up at once and fired their arrow all at once.