Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c36

The next day– When the morning comes, Chrono and the others arrived at the village. 

It was a rural village with about fifty houses. 

At the back of the village was a hill covered with trees, and on top of it, there was a building similar to that of a  fort. 

When Chrono got off of his wagon, Mino who was in another wagon rushed toward him. 

In his hand was the Marquis Erakis collection- The pole ax with wind magic endowment. 

“General, how should we move?” 

“First of all, we’re going to ask them to surrender…” 

“Surrender you say?” 

Surprised by the voice, he turned back and saw Tyria was about to jump off the wagon. 

“Chrono, don’t you think you’re too naive?” 

“If I can avoid it, I don’t want anyone to die this time after all…”

“… Fumu.” 

Tyria then folded her arms while pondering. 

“Do you have some idea?” 

“Who is the one who will offer them to surrender?” 

“Me, of course…” 

“General, I believe it would be easier if we gather information in the village first before went to the fort.” 

“I guess you’re right.” 

He was not sure if the villagers would tell him any information willingly, but it was better than storming the fort without any information. 

“Mino-san, you take the lead…” 

“I understand. What should I do if the bandits come out?” 

“Adapt with the situation!” 

“I understand. Leave the command to me then.” 

“I leave it to you.” 

Mino sighed as if feeling it couldn’t be helped, but, it was also true that he could move the army better than Chrono, so he decided to obediently take command. 

“General, how about bring some escort with you?” 

“Ah, yeah, I don’t mind.” 

“Lizardo, Arded, Deneb! Escort the General!” 

“”Yes, sir!”” 

Arded and Deneb jumped out of the carriage as Mino gives his order. 

However, Lizardo didn’t reply to his words… 


“I’ve been behind Chrono-sama since a while ago.” 

“As expected of the agile Lizardo.” 

Looking back, Lizardo, standing behind Chrono with a mallet in his hand. 

He didn’t realize Lizardo was already standing behind him, it makes him feel a slight surprise. 

“General, even if you just want to collect some information, you might get attacked. Thus, if you are being attacked, immediately run away.” 

“I’ll do my best to escape.” 

“What kind of a cowardice conversation is that?” 

Looking back, there was Tyria who held her temples down as if she endured a headache. 

“Then, I will go now.” 

“Alright, let us go.” 

Tyria responds to Chrono’s words. 

“Tyria, you’re house-sitting this time.” 

“Why? I am much stronger than you, you know? 

Tyria smiled with pride. In the case of eroge, it was the basic to catch and humiliate this kind of princess knight, but he feels such a thing was unlikely to happen. 

“Fine then.” 

“General, are you sure?” 

“We don’t have much time.” 

If they do argument now, they would only waste more time. 

“Then let us go now.” 

As Chrono took the lead, Tyria, Arded, Deneb, and Lizardo started to walk. Arded and Deneb protect Tyria’s left and right, and Lizardo walks behind them. 

They proceed to the center of the village. There were no villagers despite the time already morning. 

He then gazed at Tyria over his shoulder—… 

“What should we do?” 

“You, it can’t be helped.” 

Tyria replied with a straight face. 

“Is there anything wrong?” 

“I thought there would be some kind of action from the other side.” 

Of course, such a thing was normal to think but, in reality, oftentimes, something proceeds not as expected. 

“Chrono-sama, something is approaching us.” 

“Should we kill it, or capture it, it is up to you.” 

“I think I want to capture it and ask some questions.” 

Arded and Deneb hold up her bow and Tyria move her hand toward her sword handle. 

“Though I wish not to do this if we could have a peaceful discussion.” 

As Chrono murmured that and looked forward, a shadow of a person appeared, it was an old man. 

“Looking at your appearance, you seem to be an aristocrat but, what kind of a business for a person such as yourself for this village?” 

“I come to subjugate the bandits.” 

“— Tsu!” 

When he gives out his answer, the old man gasped. 

“Can you tell me the story?” 

“Please come to my house.” 

The old man then started walking, and Chrono and his friends followed. 

“This is my house.” 

The destination was a small slanted house. 

“Arded, Lizardo, Deneb, you guys wait outside, Tyria…” 

“I know. I will be your escort.” 

“Thank you.” 

“Leave it to me.” 

Tyria tapped her chest. 

“There’s nothing much, but please enter.” 

He was prompted to enter by the old man. There was no falsehood in his wording, and there were indeed only chairs and a table. 

When Chrono and Tyria sat down, the old man sits on the opposite side. 

“… The bandits arrived at the fort a month ago.” 

“— One moth eh.” 

“Tyria, let us hear the story first.” 

“I understand.” 

Tyria nodded obediently. 

“Kein-dono and twenty of his subordinates took my young daughter.” 


“The head of the bandit group.” 

After answering that, the old man continues telling the story. 

But, looking at his face, it seems he was reluctant to call him the head of the bandits. 

“That, Kein-san, what kind of a person is he?” 

“I heard he was a soldier from a United Free city-states. I heard they saved the young girls from the slave merchant that will treat them badly.” 

“Is that so.” 

Chrono taps his legs as he remembered Elena. 

“So… with that, I wish to leave for a bit.” 

“Did you accepted their offer?” 

“At first, I tried to decline. However, our young daughters, they were pitiful…” 

“Where are those slaves?” 


The old man kept silent. He knew that the slaves were still in this village. 

Maybe in the next room. 

“Why don’t you try to attack?” 

“… This place is a poor village.” 

The old man said with a low voice as if he was about to die. 

It feels, the question and the answer didn’t match. 

The people of this village and the old man in front of him may have sold their children out of poverty. 

That was why he choose to hide his daughter. 

“And, Kein-dono, he didn’t touch any of the village girls or try to steal anything. On the contrary… he bought us food.” 

Then, the old man continues. 

“About a week ago…” 

“Another bandit group joined?” 

“Yes, I think that is the time they started to attack the merchants.”

“You think?” 

“Kein-dono… Didn’t say anything to us. Perhaps he was careful as to not involve us.” 

He thought this old man was too friendly toward Kein but, it just shows how much he trusts Kein. 

When the old man stands from the chair, he immediately bowed down. 

“Please pardon my rudeness! It is the responsibility of mine as the village chief for all the mistakes we made! I know it would be very imprudent of us to ask but we would be very grateful, please give Kein-dono and his subordinates a chance to atone their sins.” 

‘What should I do?’, Chrono thought that as he gazes at Tyria. 

But, Tyria only remained silent. Was she telling him to think about it himself? 

“… I understand.” 

“Are you sure sir?” 

The old man raised his face. 

“We’re not a demon you see. I think it would be better for the other party to be given a chance to atone for their sins if the other party follow my advice. There’s some possibility that he would run away, so, I will set up a camp at the foot of the mountains…” 

“I think, it is natural for someone in your position to do just that.” 

Naturally, the village chief feels bitter but, he could understand why Chrono do what he did. 

“Is the other person would willingly listen to my words?” 

“Then, let me talk to Kein-dono first.” 

“Won’t that be dangerous?” 

“If Kein-dono kills me, that means I just don’t have eyes to see people.” 

Does that mean he trust Kein that much? 

“I understand the village chief feeling. Then, I will leave it to you.” 

“Yes, sir, I will definitely convey your intent toward Kein-dono.” 

Chrono stood up as he gazes at Tyria. 

They leave the village chief’s house and head toward Mino and the others.

“Do you think they will surrender obediently?” 

“If Kein is the person whom the village chief says, then he will surrender I guess? If he didn’t we just have to wait for them to starve and die at the foot of the mountain.” 

“As if it would be easy for us to just wait for the enemy to starve and die.” 

Tyria said to him as if teasing him. 

“But before that, I have one job that I need to do.” 

“Well, you need to be sure that all of the condition has been fulfilled before the enemy surrender after all.” 

Tyria sighed.