Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c35

A week later– When Chrono entered the office, Tyria looked irritated and took her seat. 

“Why, why can’t we catch him?”  

“Tyria, calm down.” 

“I am calm.” 

Tyria said in a rugged tone. 

He thought it was normal for her to be like that. Three sets of merchants have been harmed for the past week. 

Despite that, there was no visible result. 

The fact that no one has died yet was at least a relief, but the net time might be different. 

Tyria was silent and took a glance. 

“Chrono, do you have any ideas?” 

“I do.” 

“Then why are you silent?!” 

Tyria hit her desk as she stood up. 

“That is because Tyria only talks with your subordinates only, and didn’t consult me.” 

“Guh, T-That is… I thought you’re busy and I was thinking it won’t take much time to catch him…” 

Tyria made an excuse. 

“A-Anyway, if you have some ideas, tell me already!” 

“If it was me, I would look for the bandits’ hideout…” 

“How are you going to do that?” 

“As you know, taking care of a horse is a hard job. Not to mention the need of a stable, they need good food and clean water.” 

“Wait, does that means they have occupied some village somewhere?” 

“As if, it is impossible for anyone to occupy a village without letting any of the villagers escapes…” 

“In other words, they have a cooperative relationship with a village?” 

“Exactly. However, no villages would let bandits enter their place easily, and no bandits would voluntarily sleep in a village and have their head being cut… But, they also don’t want their secret to spread, so they would keep a certain distance for monitoring each other…” 

“With that, only a limited places meet that condition huh?” 

“That is how it is…” 

Chrono nodded. 

“Alright! We will hit the bandits hideout next!” 

“I already know the base of the bandits.” 

“What did you say?” 

“I told you, I’ve found the bandits hideout.” 

“I already did.” 

“Since when have you become someone who is capable of doing those kinds of things? 

“Well, I did have time to prepare myself after all…” 

Chrono shrugged his shoulders. 


Chrono left Hachel at night under the cover of the darkness. With him were 350 subjugation soldiers— 100 of them were infantry led by Mino and Lizardo, 50 archers led by Leila, and under Tyria 50 calvary, 100 heavy infantry, and 50 archers. 

Chrono chose to travel using a wagon because the success or failure of the operation depends on how quickly he could encircle the bandit stronghold. 

“… If I knew the wind would be this cold, I would’ve prepared a measure against the cold.” 

Chrono muttered, wrapped in a cloak in his wagon. 

Inside the wagon, Tyria and Leila were also wrapped in clothes. 

“Even during summer, it would get cold during the night.” 


Tyria muttered, while wrapped in blanked, but Chrono ignores it. 

“Why are you silent?” 

“I have some bad feeling.” 

“What are you talking about?” 

Tyria said as if she was dumbfounded—… 

“Because it is cold, bring your cloak here…” 

She requested with a straight face. 

“Not a chance.” 


“Chrono-sama, if you like it, here…” 

Leila blocks Tyria’s words. It was embarrassing to wrap their body together in a blanket, but if they didn’t do that, they might die due to the cold. 

Chrono then wrapped his body in a blanket together with Leila. Her chest hits his upper arm. Since the time she could eat properly, her chest and hips were getting bigger. 

Even though it was something he couldn’t help, during the lecture, there were many times he found himself unable to control himself because of it. Well, that aside—… 

“Leila, thank you.” 

“No, it is natural for me to do this.” 


Leila said it proudly while Tyria groaned. 

“Here please…” 


Tyria put on the cloak as she muttered regretfully. 

“… This cloak, despite being tattered, but it is warm.” 

“I got it from my bad, after graduating from the military academy. It was something my father had used when he was still active, it was more like a test for me…” 

When he got it, he thought it was very old and tattered but, since he didn’t want to be told as a strange person, he tells such a story as a reason to have it. At that time, Leila opened her mouth. 

“Chrono-sama, are you cold?” 

“No, it is warm enough. Leila how about you?” 

“I’m not cold either.” 

“”My heart is cold”” 

Leila said those words calmly while on the other hand, the elf twins grumbled. 

Come to think, those two were also here. 

“Chrono-sama is looking at me.” 

“F-Finally, spring has finally come to me.” 

The two looked at each other and show their slovenly behavior. 

“You two—…” 

“My name is Arded!” 

“And I’m Deneb!” 

Blocking Chrono’s words, the two raised their hands cheerfully. 

“We are free!” 

“You may call us anytime!”

“What do you mean by calling you guys?” 

“You know it, yet you want us to say it?” 

“B-But, I don’t dislike this kind of forced thing…” 

‘Seems like my words didn’t get through them huh?’, was his first impression of them. 

“In other words, if you want you can call us to bed anytime.” 

“Besides, I did say I want to become a mistress candidate.” 

“Who with who are you guys talking about?” 

Since the two talks at the same time. it was hard to know who said which words, it was hard to tell. 

“A mistress candidate huh? That sounds like fun words.” 

“We are really serious.” 

“B-But, it seems we have to reluctantly retreat due to the tingling murderous intent.” 

Tyria speak while taping her finger, and the two retreated easily. 

It looks—… 

“D-Don’t worry, it was just me feeling similar to wanting to get ahead pat!” 

“We’re fine to get the leftover!” 

“Please ignore them.” 

“You sure can say that!” 

“If you’re in our position, you might say the same thing as us!” 

Aldred and Deneb leaned forward and shouted. 

“Well, fine by me.” 

“Hyahoo! Chrono-sama granted us with his permission.” 

“I guess it was the right decision to ask since we don’t have anything to lose!” 

The two sat in front of Chrono.

“Then, from Arded.” 

“As expected, my sister would be first huh?” 

Arded offered her ears and let Chrono gently stroke them like how he did to Leila. 

Arded laughed as he felt ticklish. 

“Ueeeh, thank you very much.” 

“Next is me.” 

This time, Deneb was holding out her ears, so he stroke them the same way. 

“I-I might get addicted by this…” 

Unlike Arded, Deneb’s eyes get wet… 

When he felt a sudden gaze, he looked around and he saw Tyria was looking at him. 

“… Tyria.” 


Tyria went to him on all fours and Chrono strokes her ears… Then—… 

“W-What are you doing?” 

Tyria immediately brushes off Chrono’s hand and took a distance. Maybe because she felt embarrassed, her face was all red. 

“You’re looking at me like that, I thought you want it too…” 

“There’s no such thing!” 

Tyria sighed deeply. 

“What I was looking at was the bow the elf hold!” 

Tyria stared at the bow beside Leila. 

The bow closely resembles the shape of sigma, and it was two ends— has wheels kind of thing. 

“Such a weird bow. I’ve never seen such a bow before.” 

“I tried to duplicate the composite bow, but then I found out that the elf strength couldn’t handle it properly.” 

“So you attach those pulley?” 

Tyria looked at the bow curiously. 

“I’d like to hear about the range and power, but I shall see it with my own eyes instead.” 

“Sure, you will be surprised.” 

“By the way, have you decided the name?” 

“I’m thinking of calling it a mechanic bow.” 

“Umu, not sound so bad.” 

Tyria nodded satisfied…