Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c34

Chrono blocked the road at the foot of the hill with a battle formation. 

Then, while sitting on the sofa, he took a sideways glance at her. 

“What are you going to do to the bandits?” 

“I heard the bandits had taken the money and merchandise of the merchants…” 

“Fuun, I see…” 

Elena said uninterestingly and turned over the books. 

The sound of turning the book echoes in the room.— 

“Toward me who got beaten black and blue! O God who governs the heavenly white, Thank you! Serve you right, slave merchants!” 

Elena suddenly burst into an emotional laugh. 

“Serve you right! Serve you right! Today food must be delicious!” 

“I’m not happy about it you know?” 


“If rumors of thieves wandering around near here, the flow of money would be interrupted, see?” 


Elena stood up from her chair, walked up, and sat down on the sofa. 

“You, you’re part of the new nobility right?” 

“That’s right. The so-called upstart new nobles.” 

His adoptive father, Claude Crawford, become an aristocrat as a leader of the mercenary corps that contribute a lot during turbulent times. 

But, historically, aristocrats looked down upon these new nobles. 

“I thought new nobility are those people with vulgar behavior…” 

“Isn’t that biased?” 

He didn’t know about the other new nobility but, his adoptive father, vulgarity aside, he did have some crude side of him here and there. 

“New nobility sure is interesting.” 

Elena brings her body closer. 

“I’m grateful to you. You bought me, healed me, and even give me work. If that is the case…” 

“I just want to get a slave with a good education, you don’t have to thank me.” 

“But I want to…” 

Elena straddled Chrono and pressed their forehead together. 

“You know what I mean right?” 

“It is enough with you doing the accounting work.” 

“Are you saying you can’t like me? Don’t hesitate you know?” 

“Please do be hesitate about it yourself…” 

“What do you mean by that?! Even though I looked like this, I’m from a household with more history behind it you know? If you miss this opportunity, you might not be able to hold it.” 

Elena suddenly stood up. 

“I don’t want to be someone who got seduced by a girl with an obvious ulterior motive.” 

“I-I don’t have ulterior motives!” 

Elena turned away. 

“Well, I can predict it but, what is your goal?” 

“As I said, I don’t have any ulterior motives! I just want to thank you, just accept my gratitude!” 

“You sure is not honest huh?!” 

Chrono stood up and push Elena to the sofa. 


Elena shows a mild panic, which was not surprising. 

“I’ll just ask you forcefully then, what is your aim?” 

“As I said, I have no such aim!” 

“I hate lies you know?” 

Chrono pulled Elena’s collar with his finger and glared at her. 

Elena turned around with a frightened expression while crossing her arms to protect her face. 

“I-I don’t mind if you want to pull the collar, but please don’t hit me. O-Okay?” 

“Even still, you don’t have to be that scared you know?” 

Chrono pulled back and scratched his head. Even though he won, he didn’t think she would be that scared. Perhaps, the assaults’, and the beating she had received before had caused her resilence toward violence reduced. While he feels sorry toward her, he feels agitated. 

“I won’t hit you.” 


Elena screamed strongly as Chrono traced his index finger from her neck to her navel. 

“But, I will bite you… I, will, bite you whole…” [TLN: He speaks using a very masculine way, Ore-sama, and Omae… You know like the male lead in those shoujo mangas.] 


When he bites her neck lightly, Elena screamed uncontrollably. 

She was stiff for a while and suddenly lost her strength. 

Chrono stood up and looked down at the limp Elena. 

While watching her—… 

“W-What are you trying to do?!” 

“No, well, you make me a bit turned on, or rather… Let us continue…” 

“D-Don’t joke around!” 

When Chrono leans on her, Elena tried to push him away with her arms. In desperate resistance. 

“You don’t have motives, right?” 

“Of course I have, isn’t that obvious?! Why do I have to dedicate my purity which I had taken care of this far and given it to you without any reward?!” 

“A virgin huh? I see…” 

“Why are you laughing!” 

“How do I say it, it feels like I meet an unexpected friend in an unexpected place, you understand?” 

“I don’t understand!” 

Elena turned her bright red face away. 

“If you think about it, Elena is a slave I bought, so I can do whatever I wanted, no?” 

“You can’t! You definitely can’t!” 

“I think it is legal in this country though? So, let us continue…” 

“W-Wait up! Stop!” 

Elena shouted as Chrono draw closer. 


“A-A deal.” 

As Chrono pulled back a little, Elena said with a serious look. 

“What kind of a deal?” 

“Since I can’t do anything about it, I will let you do it.” 

“Then, let us immediately continue…” 

“I haven’t presented the condition for you to continue though?!” 

For a moment, his view turned pure white. Elena had hit him. Even so, that was good. 

“What is the condition?” 

“It is not something big. I wish I could kill my uncle, and ex-fiance.” 

‘Easy, no?’, Elena laughed. 

“If that is the case, I can’t make the deal, no?” 


“Well, Elena is my slave you know, mine…” 

“You don’t have to say it twice.” 

“Originally, you have no right to refuse you know? Your purity I mean—” 

“You don’t have to say it like that, it embarrasses me!” 

Elena shouted while blushing. 

“Isn’t it strange to defeat someone just because you offered yourself? Isn’t this strange? It’s like you will lend money to the person whom you borrowed the money from, no?” 

“I-It’s not something strange!” 

Elena turned her gaze away from Chrono. 

“To give it voluntarily or to deprive it forcibly—…” 

“The person who took it forcibly is not rare I think?” 

“Of course not! But don’t you want my heart?!” 

“No, not really…” 

“Don’t answer it plainly!” 

Elena pounded Chrono’s chest. 

“Honestly, helping you take revenge is a bit…” 

“What are you dissatisfied about?” 

“The ratio of risk and return, didn’t match you see?” 

One can say, the return of investment was not in balance. 

“Is my virginity not enough?” 

“I can take it by force, no?” 


He thought she would threaten to commit suicide if he tries to do so but, Elena just moaned regretfully. 

“You can’t help with my revenge?” 


The sound of the door being knocked then echoes—… 

“Excuse me.” 

Looking back, Alyssa stopped moving while opening the door. 

Due to her long experience, the figure of her wearing maid clothes giving off dignified appearance. 

“The meal preparation is already complete but, should I come again later? Or should I stay and observe?” 


“… Yes.” 

Alyssia replied with a short pause as Chrono muttered in return. 

That was a line that made him understand what kind of a man the previous Marquis Erakis was. 

“No, I’ll eat.” 

Chrono got off from the sofa. 

“Elena, stand up.” 

“I know.” 

Elena stood up immediately albeit wobbly. 

“Are you alright?” 

“It was your fault, I thought I lose my hips!” [TLN: Due to the teasing, remember?] 

Elena turned her face bright red and shouted.