Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c33

When Chrono opened the door of the guard office, an exhausted man came out. 

Perhaps, he was a merchant that was being attacked by the bandits. When their eyes meet, he opened his mouth… 

“Oh, Chrono-sama!” 

The man immediately knelt at Chrono’s feet. Not many merchants know Chrono’s face. 

Those who knew him were the merchants who participate in the auction when he sells the item of previous Marquis Erakis, the officials at the PICS Firm, Elaine, and the slave merchant who was now kneeling… 

“Chrono-sama! The thief has robbed me of my money and merchandise! P-Please, get my merchandise back! If I can’t get them back, I would, I…”

“Ah, right, I know…” 

“About the stolen product, it has a long hair, and a chest about this size, and a nice ass that a man loves!” 

While sitting down, the merchant explained the special features of the stolen goods with his gestures. 

Even if he said it like that, this was not something easy to handle. 

This man was a legitimate merchant, who obey the laws of the empire and pay taxes. 

It was hard to say that he was a decent man if we talk about how he treats Elena but, as a lord, Chrono needs to protect him. 

“I understand. I will get them back.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

After the merchant calmed down, he slowly stood up. 

“Are you okay with today’s Inn charge?” 

“Thank you for your concern. But, I’ve prepared myself if this kind of case happens, so I should be fine for a while.” 

‘Please about the merchandise.’ the merchant bowed many times and left the place. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

When he turned his gaze, Leila was standing there. 

“Thank you for reporting.” 

“N-No, it is my task to do so after all.” 

“Even so, thank you.” 

Leila squinted her eyes as Chrono touched her ears. 

When he felt a sudden gaze, he saw elf girls looking at him from behind the door. 

They were twins elves. 

The difference between their appearance was only their long hair that was being tied on left and right. 

Chrono had no choice but to let go of Leila’s ears. 

“The security around here seems to be bad isn’t it?” 

“Yes, since I’ve come to Marquis Erakis territory, bandit subjugation only happened once.” 

“How many years ago was that?”  

“About five years ago.” 

“Five years?” 

Chrono muttered with a small voice. 

“Maybe they are the remnants of the Holy Argo Kingdom?” 

“The trader said that they had been attacked by a large number of cavalry but… Ah, please pardon me…” 


“Yes, given that it has been more than two months since the invasion, I think it is unlikely to be a remnant of the Holy Argo Kingdom.” 

Leila uttered her opinion as Chrono urged.

“I’m sorry for my impertinent.” 

“No, it is okay. I want you to tell me more about what you noticed.” 

As part of the military, Chrono was not a good soldier, it might be annoying for a military man to hear that.

Chrono abilities as a lord and military man have a lot of holes. He doesn’t have many experiences 

Thus, he feels grateful if someone could give him their opinion rather than having him think about everything by himself. 

“Did you notice anything else?” 

“They said, the thieves also wore leather armors.” 

“Leather armors, meaning a light cavalry huh? Maybe, they part of a disbanded mercenaries?” 

“Is that so?” 

Leila seems to be unable to understand it. In the united free city-states aside, mercenaries were regarded as not a good business in Cepheus Empire. It was no exaggeration that they were being regarded as thieves. 

“Considering that there is no damage until today, I guess the level of these mercenaries is low. By the way, how was Marquis Erakis do when he enforces security?” 

“Nothing is interesting. He left the security of Hachel and the streets to us.” 

“Leaving it to rick and the others huh?” 

“That’s right.” 

‘That guy didn’t work much huh?’, Chrono sighed as he thought that. 

However, considering that the bandits didn’t come out for five years, he can’t say that bluntly. 

If one were to look at it only at the result, one can say that the previous lord had worked seriously. 

“Unn, yap, let’s stop.” 


“Ah, I was just wondering if Marquis Erakis and Rick were working seriously, but, since they are not here, we can’t be sure about it.” 

The same was true for the identity of the thieves. 

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.” 


“No, I just speak to myself.” 

Chrono shook his head lightly. 


Tyria opened her eyes lightly as Chrono entered the office. 

“I was thinking of going to call you, but you sure come here fast.” 

“I come here because I thought so…” 

“To be that blunt, how impertinent of you…” 

Tyria, poke his cheek while looking amused. 


“It seems a bandit has appeared huh?” 

Tyria grinned and leaned against the back of her chair. 

“How did you know?” 

“It was my subordinates who saved those merchants. According to my subordinates, the trader was attacked by a large number of cavalrymen in leather armor.” 

“You know that far huh…” 

“Because my subordinates heard it.” 

“… Understandable..” 

‘He looks tired when I arrived at the station’, he remembers… No wonder, anyone would be tired if they had to explain it twice. Or maybe he was tired because of interrogation. 

“What do you think about this case?” 

“I think rick and his friends are the culprits.” 

“Rick? Who is that?” 

“Previous Marquis Erakis cavalry captain. I guess, Rick and his friends still had some sense of hometown, it has been two months since they run away. I think he joints as a bandit to raise some money…” 

“End up being a bandit aside, to think he was an imperial soldier…” 

Tyria got up and sighed deeply.