Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c31

“Another month has passed huh?” 

Elena muttered while lying in bed. 

One month has passed since she was saved by Chrono. 

The swelling of her left eyes has subsided and the bruise has become much thinner. 

She was not yet in a good shape but, she was recovering to the point of able to walk by herself. 

“It is about time for me to get a reply.” 

It would be great if I got picked up soon, such a thought crossed Elena’s mind caused her to show a bitter smile. 

Her uncle would be busy with post-processing, and Philip should be busy with the work as a knight. 

And what kind of face she should make when they meet, she thought, when… 

“Are you awake?” 

“… ?! Yes! I’m awake.” 

Chrono emerged from the door as Elena stood up. For some reason, the proprietress also with him. 

“W-What about the letter?” 

“… About that you see…” 

Chrono looked awkward and sat down on a chair next to her bed. 

“You, do you know PICS commerce firm?” 

“Yes, of course, they are famous after all…” 

“I asked a person from PICS Firm to deliver your letter… But, apparently, you’re already dead.” 

“Eh?” Elena couldn’t understand the meaning of Chrono’s words. 

“W-Why? Aren’t I alive right now?” 

“When you were attacked by the bandits, you were supposedly have been killed together with your servants.” 

“W-We have to get rid of the misunderstanding right away!” 


As soon as she tries to get out of her bed, Chrono grabbed her. 

“Hey, let me go! I did tell you that I would like to return home didn’t I?!” 

“… You want to return home, but things have changed.” 

A horrifying premonition appeared in Elena’s mind. 

A human who officially dead, in other words, it doesn’t matter what he did… 

“D-Don’t tell me, you’re going to enslave me?” 

“No, that is not it…” 

“Chrono-sama, it would be better to tell her the truth…” 

The proprietress said it while looking fed up. 

“Truth? What is this all about?” 

“Oh, you should be able to guess it, no?” 

The proprietress sighed and continue… 

“Proprietress, let me continue from here…” 

Chrono said it with a depressing tone. 

“Elena, you’ve been deceived by your uncle and fiance.” 

“Why, those two?” 

“Their aim is the property of the Grafias family. Your uncle is in charge of property management but you are the official heir.” 

“T-Then, what about Philip? If he marries me, he should get all the Grafias property! There should be no merit for him to fall into such a plan!” 

“Elena, you’re studying abroad at the United Free City State right?” 

“Yes, that’s right.” 

“I think he thought this way, even if he marries you, since you’re a smart person, you might not willing to leave the management of your property to him. Perhaps, your uncle offered him, if he marries his daughter, he should get some part of the property…” 

“… T-That…” 

The illusion around Elena begins to collapse. 

What she thought was a stone tower, was nothing more than a sand tower. 


“It looks like she was murdered. I have no confirmation but, most likely she was already been killed.” 

This time Elena was speechless. 

“No one can prove that you are Elena Grafias. All the servants have been killed, and you will be killed if you go…” 

“K-Killed you said!” 

Elena was barely able to stand up. 


At night Elena woke up. Apparently, she was tired of crying and fell asleep. 

“Dinner time.” 

“I don’t want it.” 

The proprietress sighed and placed the silver tray on the desk. 

“Fuh, how are you?” 

“Put the trey down and go out…” 

The proprietress then sat on the bed. 

“How about moving your body a little bit?” 

“I don’t about that in this kind of situation. Getting betrayed by my own uncle and fiance, sold as a slave, and even my mom… I don’t care about anything anymore.” 

Elena buried her face in a pillow and replied with a tearful voice. Even Philip, whom she surrendered her heart to, was an enemy. 

She wondered why she loved him so much, despite it was a marriage decided by her parents. 

“Despite your mom being murdered, you sure only show a little emotion…”

“What do you know! When I know my mother was being murdered, I want to take revenge, but I have nothing! There’s no way to prove that I am Elena Grafias, I have no status, I have no money! How am I going to get revenge like this?!” 

When Elena shouted in anger, the proprietress sighed in dismay. 

“Is your head just a decoration? If you have nothing, then think of another way to get revenge…” 


Elena began to see the meaning behind the proprietress words. 

She might lose everything, but the knowledge she had cultivated was still there. 

There was also her position as a slave of a noble person. 

“So, how about eating?” 

“I’ll eat.” 

Elena stood up and sat at her desk. 


“… I shall live through this, remember it…” 

She squeezed the spoon and spit out her grudge.