Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c30

The awakening was ambiguous. It was not clear when she began to regain consciousness. 

When she noticed, she had laid on a bed and gaze at the ceiling. 

“… I’m alive.” 

Elena muttered in a daze and coughed lightly. Her throat hurts like burning. 

“I’m glad. You finally wake up.” 

Turning toward the voice, she could see a young boy with an eye-patch was sitting on the chair near her bed. 

Besides that, there was a maid on his side. A woman wearing a maid outfit with a wide-open chest. 

“I was wondering whether or not you would wake up… sorry.” 

“You don’t have to apologize.” 

Elena turns her words with a bitter smile. 

“You’ve bought me, right?” 

“You remembered?” 

“Yes, I remem-Keho keho!” [TLN: That is coughing sfx] 

When she coughed lightly, and iron taste spread in her mouth. 

“Are you thirsty?” 

“Yes. Can I raise my body?” 

The young man stood up and Elena got up with his help. 

Even with that, she could feel her body hurts all over. 

“Here, some water.” 

“Ah, then— Keho keho…” 

She wanted to thank the maid but, she coughed again. 

“I don’t need your thanks, just drink the water.” 


Elena received the cup from the maid and drink it with the help of the young man. 

She drinks the warm water as if devouring it. 

“I don’t think it was that good of a drink?” 

“… Ah.” 

After the cup separated from her mouth, she leaked a voice. 

“Lie down.” 

“It looks like I’ve become a grandmother.” 

She lying on the bed once again with the help of the young man. 

After she exhales her breath and touches her arms covered with scratches and bruises. 


“Elena right?” 

“Yes, Elena Grafias.” 

The moment she gave my name, she felt a sense of relief in my heart. 

She feels like she was able to regain her humanity. 


“My name, Chrono… Chrono Crawford.” 

“Not going to call yourself Erakis?” 

“Crawford sounded better for me.” 

When the maid said that teasing him— And the young man- Chrono replied stuffily. 

“This is the territory of Marquis Erakis right?” 

“Marquis Erakis’s city, Hachel.” 

As Elena remembers, the Marquis Erakis was located at the north of the Cepheus Empire. 

It was a long way from her parent’s house, but it was better than in other countries. 

“It is a big request, but could you return me home?” 

“I understand. I’ll ask a merchant and ask him to try asking your parents’ house.” 

“Thank you. By the way, I have a request…” 


“I want to take a bath. Also a letter…” 

“Sure. I’ll call some people, so wait for a minute.” 

Chrono left the room and come back with Minotaurus. 

“Are you sure it is alright for a Minotaur to carry her?” 

“It was impossible for the proprietress alone after all.” 

Minotaur was a hardworking subordinate but he was supposed to not touch aristocrats, especially a lady. 

He wanted to say that but he couldn’t say it out front. 

“General, you can call the elves or dwarfen.” 

“You don’t have to worry that much…” 

“Well, if the general says so…” 

Minotaur lightly picked up Elena and carried it to the dressing room on the same floor. 

“From here on, it is my job. Men should go out.” 


The maid, called the proprietress kicked out Chrono and Minotaur. 

“Come, can you stand up?” 

“Lend me a hand.” 

“I’m not a child, so I will walk alone.” 

Elena dragged her aching body and took off her negligee. 

When she sees my body full of scratches, she worried that it won’t return. 

When she entered the bathroom while holding back my tears and took a bath. 

In order to remove the dirt as soon as possible, she approached the hot water in hurry—… 

“Wash your body first!” 

“I know.” 

Elena scooped the hot water in the bathtub and gently rinse her body. That alone hurt her heart. 

“… It’s hurt.” 

“It hurts to prove that you’re alive…” 

Elena sprinkled hot water, enduring crouching and humiliating. 

The red-black hot water stains the tiles, and the unbearable smell rises. 

“That some smell. How long have you didn’t take a bath?” 

“I don’t know…” 

“I’ll wash your hair, so turn your back…” 

Elena sat there and turned her back, and the proprietress poured hot water over her head. 

The hot water dyed red and black as before, but as they repeated it, it becomes clear. 

“That man, who is he?” 


The proprietress stops moving while holding the stone soap. 

“Isn’t he a strange aristocrat?” 

“That didn’t answer my question.” 

“Well, I don’t know, so I can’t really answer.” 

“Are you kidding?” 

“As I said, I told you, I don’t know either…” 

With that said, the proprietress began to wash Elena’s hair.