Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c3

Chrono stands behind while looking at his subordinates. Lizardo and Horus lead a large demi-humans subordinates between the fences, and Goldy stands behind the fence with his subordinates. 

Behind that was beast-men troops led by Leo. By the way, Shiro and Haiiro were hiding behind thick bushes. 

“General, they are coming.” 


When he directed his gaze at the forest, he saw a lot of people coming out of it. Not just humans. They were the enemy. 

A group of invaders wearing armors and bringing weapons. Their line continued deep into the forest. 

Chrono looked overwhelmed but he somehow manages to control himself. 

Before long, the enemy’s infantry breaks into two, and a man on a horse walks out. 

“General, this is bad.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“That is Ignis.” 


“You don’t know the story about General Ignis army?” 

When Chrono asked, Mino, said those words in exasperation. 

“Is he famous?” 

“Ignis Fomalhoud, The crimson break, he was known as the God of War. The battalion that I was used to belonging had suffered devastating damage after we fight him.” 

“Somehow, he sure has such a huge name.” 

“Not only huge. To fight against General Ignis, even before we reach him, we would become ashes down to the bone.” 

“Become ashes down to the bone, huh?” 

“General, it can’t be…” 

“You don’t have to worry, I know how to use Divine Arts.” 

Chrono interrupted Mino’s words. 

Divine Arts were a technique that borrowed the power of the Six Pillars God, fire, water, earth, wind, light, and darkness. 

It was a technique with very high general use, it could do almost anything, from attacking to healing. 

On the other hands, there was also demerits in excessive uses depending on each individual, there was a case where those who believe in certain gods and had healing technique got their individual character’s destroyed because of excessive uses. 

“What are you going to do?” 

“I don’t want to withdraw.” 

“General, are you not listening to what I said earlier?” 

“I know that General Ignis is a dangerous person, but, if we turn our back now, it would be bad. Thankfully, we’re surrounded by forest, and I don’t have to worry about my subordinates get rolled up.” 

Chrono then directed his gaze at Ignis. 

If Ignis was someone who willing to sacrifice his subordinates then Chrono would lose in the next moment. 

Chrono gazed at Ignis for a while. 

Though he only gazed for less than five minutes, Chrono felt it was longer. 

The moment Chrono saw the enemy’s army moved, he feels like he wants to shout inside his mind. Of course, it was also the same for Mino.

“Set up the bows!” 

However, Mino gives instruction as soon as possible, as expected of a veteran. 

The Dwarfs then release their arrows at the enemy. 

Although their skills couldn’t be said as masterful, since the distance was close, it didn’t matter much. 

Following the rain of arrows, the movement of the enemies slowed down but, that didn’t last long. 

The enemy then tried to push as if showing their defiance. 

“You may change it to spears now!” 

Goldy shouted and the Dwarves switched their weapon to spears. 

“Push your spears forward!” 

Following the order, the Dwarves stick out their spears and penetrated the soldiers who tried to climb up the fence. 

Screams escaped the enemy soldiers’ mouths, following with their body fell to the ground. 

Since the enemy starts to think it would be difficult to climb the fence, they started to search for a gap between the fence. 

“T-There’s one here!” 


When Horus and Lizardo raised their club, a short scream as the enemy flew could be heard. 

The two of them and their subordinates also started to slaughter then enemy—. 

“They manage to breakthrough us!” 

Horus shouted. 

Enemy soldiers passed through the gap in the fence. And continue straight toward Chrono. 

Perhaps the soldier had thought that Chrono was a commander after looking at his attire. 

“Leave it to me!” 

Leo threw his spear. The spear then flies and then pierced the enemy’s back. 

The enemy soldier immediately fell to the ground as if a string was being cut off. 

There was no compassion toward the enemy. Among Chrono’s army, there was a strong sense of relief that the fence strategy worked very well. 

Ignis also shouted his order, telling his soldiers to continue with their advance. 

“Go around the fence, and bring it down!” 

Ignis army couldn’t immediately execute his orders. In order for them to go around the fence, they need to push through the thick bushes. And they didn’t know what was lurking there. The horrible sense of fear scared the enemy soldiers away. 


“Argh! I will jump in first!” 

“Please God protect us!” 

“I’ll also do it!” 

After one soldier jump in, other enemy soldiers also started to follow suit. They proceed to advance into the thick bushes. 

“It is fine! There’s noth–!” 

The enemy soldier could not finish their sentence. They were crushed by a falling log. 

No one was trying to rush up toward the fallen fighter, despite he might be still alive. The horror that one might encounter the same fate stopped their feet. 

The horror shock the enemy soldiers immediately and made them stop moving. The air was tense as the enemy soldiers hold their breath. In the next moment, two arms dragged soldiers into the thick bushes. 

“Guh, hiiiii!” 

Screams echoes here and there inside the bushes. 

The enemy soldiers started to swing their spears violently, trying to hit it as hard as possible. Then one of them hit something. 

“I-I think I got something!” 

Those who lurk inside the thick bushes were beast-men led by Shiro and Haiiro. 

If they could think about it properly, they should be able to understand who they face easily but, one should never hope panicking people to be able to think properly. 

“Run Away!” 

The enemy soldiers then started to flee but, some were still managed to get caught. 

Soon enough, the bushes turn dead silent. 

As the bushes rustled, head, feet, hands, continue to fly off from there. 


The enemy soldiers screamed in terror every time they saw a body part fly toward them. 

Before long, the enemy soldiers who tried to break through the fence started to fell back. – 

“The war god that rules over the crimson destruction!” 

Ignis shouted and a huge flame started to swell over the enemy soldiers. 

Although the flame disappeared immediately, that was enough to calm down the enemy soldiers’ mind. 

“Calm down, we’re the one who has the overwhelming numbers here. Don’t be afraid.” 

Ignis spoke in a quiet voice. 

“Push out!” 

OOOOOH! And the enemy shouted.