Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c29

“Hihihi, even when you’re like this, you didn’t realize?” 

“W-Wrong! This is not me!” 

When Elena shook her head in denial. 

“T-This is too much.” 

“Now, let us go to the market. This time you will take the stage.” 

The trader’s subordinates said those words happily. In fact, it would be fun for him and can’t be helped. 

“Oh please… At least let me bathe.” 

“Don’t approach me because you smell.” 

The trader’s subordinates covered his mouth with his hand and fell behind. 

“Please let me take a bath. Like this—…” 

“I told you to not get close, you smell disgusting!” 

The trader’s subordinates were furious and pushed her with her wooden stick. 

The tip of the stick pierced the stomach, and Elena knelt in pain. 

“Please, please… If I look like this—…” 

“Don’t touch me! You pig!” 

A hit could be heard. The trader’s subordinate kicked Elena. 

“You’re already being an unsold item! Despite being a quasi-noble.” 

“I’m Grafias family—…” 

“As if I care! You’re slave when you’re here!” 

The trader subordinate interrupted Elena’s words. 

“If no one buys you, it would be the end of you this time…” 

“I-I am…” 

Elena regretted from the bottom of her heart that she had acted stupidly. 

She still couldn’t understand the reality. She shouldn’t be stubborn. 

Had only someone bought her as a slave, she might be able to escape. 

Tears fell out of her eyes. 

“Did you finally understand your situation?” 

“I understand. Because I understand…” 

“If you understand, then give up. Besides, what is the difference between you not taking a bath and taking a bath with such a tattered body?” 

How easy it would be for her to say it was his fault. 

However, Elena, as a slave, cannot do that unless she is prepared to get heavy punishment. 

“Please, let me a bath.” 

“Even if you ask, I don’t think they would give you one. Look, get up quick!” 

Elena stood up as the trader’s men start to hit the floor. 

“Go, to the left. Climb the left stairs.” 


Elena staggered up the stairs. 

Even though she hadn’t climbed half of it, her legs were already in pain. 

On the other hand, the trader’s subordinate opened his mouth. 

“I’m looking forward to when the time you end up being unsold.” 


Elena silently climbed the stairs. 

“What? Don’t you interested in what would happen to you?” 

The sound of a stick hitting the wall resounded. 

“I will make you do one last job, so look forward to it.” 

“Last job?” 

When she murmured, he grinned. 

The trader’s subordinate began to laugh. 

“You will kill the useless cattle, right? It is the same with the slave. I will kill you in front of the newcomer.” 

Her whole body begins to shiver. 

Death was horrifying, but the trader’s subordinates spoke of it in a happy tone. 

“I won’t kill you easily. I will make you beg for me to kill you. So, don’t die easily alright?” 

Hahaha, the trader’s subordinate laughed— 

“… You sure are a fool.” 

The trader’s subordinates stopped laughing and muttered. 

“I’m a fool. the other slaves are also fools. But, not as stupid as you. I haven’t seen a slave as stupid as you in a long time.” 

Finally, she climbs the stairs. The moment she climbed, she was on stage. 

Then she heard someone’s voice. 

“Go, hurry up! Go to the center of the stage!” 

“— Khu!” 

The trader’s subordinate uses his stick to pick on Elena’s back causing her to jump out. 

The next moment, the place was silent. 

“… Why is she so dirty?” 

The slave merchant who stood on the stage frowned. 

“Eh, ah—…” 

Even the host was silent. 

Elena then walked with an uncertain gait. Every time she took a step, despair rise in her heart. 

As Elena approached, the men on the venue looked at each other. 

Some turn away awkwardly, while others pinch their noses. Some left the venue. 

“… Ah…” 

She gasped as she walked to the edge of the stage. 

She used to be the daughter of Grafias’s family but, now that was useless. 

No, there was no use for her to think that. 

She now was just a dirty being. Elena Grafias has become filth that only pollutes the stage. 

The tears smeared her vision. She can’t feel her feet as if she was a drunken person. 

Still, she manages to go around the stage, and then turn toward the customers. 

“Introduce yourself!” 

The trader’s subordinates shout from behind the stage. 

He said he was looking forward to killing her. 

Maybe he wants to kill her as fast as he could. 

“Elena, Elena Grafias. I was studying at Free State-City. My special skill is arithmetic.” 

“Start with 10 gold coins.” 

The host declared, but no one tried to raise their hand. 

Her head now becomes numb. Someone was shouting something. 

She couldn’t understand. She doesn’t know what just happened. 

She wished that the bandit had killed her when the bandits broke in. 

She wished she had died when she was sold. 

If she died, she won’t experience this kind of misery. 


The answer finally comes after she asked that over and over again. 

She was a fool. 

She had clung to her status as a quasi-noble, her academics, and her fiances, and so on… 

What good was such a thing in front of violence? 

She should have just hung her head. 

She didn’t understand that, thus she ended up dying as filth. 

The next moment when she begins to conscious of her death—… 


Elena couldn’t hold it anymore and vomit. The feeling didn’t disappear even after spitting out all of her gut. 

Many times she feels her stomach had turned upside down. 

After her nausea subsided—… 

“Please… Please buy me. I’ll do anything. That’s why don’t kill me. Let me die as your slave…” 

Elena lay flat to bury her face on her vomit. 

“Bought! I will buy you!” 


Elena raised her face vigorously. 

A young man, no, a young boy with an eyepatch raised his hand. 

“That’s why hurry—…” 

“… Ah.” 

Elena exhaled in relief. 

The one-eyed youth seemed to be a noisy one but, that didn’t matter. 

She finally can die as a slave, not filth. At least, when she died, she would still be a human. 

Elena cried, cried– then lost consciousness.