Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c28

Why am I in this kind of place? Elena held her knees as she ponders. 

Her field of vision darkened, and even if she tries to squint her eyes, she still cannot see her surrounding properly. 

No, what will happen if she couldn’t see? 

Elena was in a cage where she can’t even spread her arms and stand. 

The despair in her might become deeper if she knew why she was in this situation. 


She didn’t think the voice that had leaked was her own voice. 

It was the question she had asked repeatedly. 

Why am I in such a place? 

Why do I have to encounter this? 

If this was my punishment, what kind of a crime did I do? 

Elena— Elena Grafias was a quasi-nobleman from Cepheus Empire. 

Her bloodline can be traced back to the dawn of the Empire. 

Her ancestors opened up the forest, expanded the fields, increased the population, and then armed some soldiers to protect the land. 

Even the Emperor cannot build such a force back then. 

She might have sinned, but she should not be punished like this. 


Elena scratched her head. 

Although her father was a conservative, he was also the one who understood Elena the most. 

When she said she wanted to enroll in the Free City-States, he kindly agreed.

It was much harder for her to persuade her mother. 

She chooses Imei as her study destination. It was an exchange point of the East-West civilization, as the gateway to the east. 

She learned foreign languages, customs, cultures, and much more, but arithmetic was the most interesting for her. 

“Why do I become a slave?” 

*bites* She pondered while biting her hair. 

The trigger was her father’s death. 

When she was informed of her father’s death, she returned to her own country without bringing anything. 

It would be a lie to say that I didn’t feel anxious about returning home for the first time in a few years. 

However, Elena’s worries didn’t go beyond that. 

Philip who was about to get married to her welcomed her kindly, and her uncle also took care of her. 

The incident happen when I began to think it would be okay to bury the body as it was…

Thieves attacked our house and trashed the house. The servants were killed. And her mother might not survive either. 

And Elena was sold to a slave trader. 

Under the slave trader, there were many kidnapped girls like Elena. 

At first, those girls still had some feelings. 

However, due to the violence each time they try to resist, they started to lost the will… 

But, Elena didn’t break. 

Of course, it was not something easy. Every time she tried to rebel, she received punishment. 

Pains were all over her body. It was painful. 

Still, the reason she manages to endure—. 

“… Phipps, help me soon.” 

She believed that Philip will come to help her. 

Philips had told her he had been training as much as possible to become a knight from an early age. 

He had just graduated from military school, so she thinks he could get rid of the slave trader escort. 

“Please, come to help me soon.” 

Otherwise, her heart might break. 

Even if she had a rebellious attitude, the reason why she didn’t get hurt more than necessary was that she still has value. 

However, if her value was lost, the trader might kill Elena. 

No, it might be worse than that. 

Suddenly, the light comes through. 


“Ha? Did we beat her up so much that we make her went insane?” 

Standing there was the trader. 

The trader’s subordinates frowned as he unlocked the cage. 

“Don’t come closer! I don’t like it!” 

“Shut up! Get out of the cage!” 

The trader subordinates shouted at her and repeatedly hit her with a stick. 

Every time the stick hit, she feels she was out of breathing. 

“Do you understand? If you understand, get out of the cage, now.” 


Elena clenched her lips and crawled out of the cage. 

Staggering trying to stand up. Her legs were weak. 

Still, the trader didn’t help her to stand. 

“Hurry up, come over here. Go straight down the corridor.” 

Elena was then led through the corridor. 

After a while, she noticed someone was standing on the stage. 

She approaches the person slowly. 

It was a badly wounded young woman. Her body was smeared with blood, vomit, excretion, and dirt. 

Her hair was unkempt, her skin was bruised and darkened, and her left eyes were swollen. 

She thought she was a ghost at first. 

“You have some impression about that? 


Elena gasped when she heard the treader mocking voice. 

“Ah, Aaaah!” 

Elena was gasping. The trader subordinates suddenly stand beside the ghostly girl. 

In other words—–…