Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c27

“We’ve arrived.” 

“This place?” 

Chrono got out of the carriage and looked up at the two-story building in front of him. 

In front of the building, two-men dressed in black stands in front of the building. 

“My store is in a commercial area.” 

“Which means, a brothel?” 

“You sure cute aren’t you… Is this your first time coming to a brothel?” 

Indeed, Chrono nodded his head. 

He did spend two years living in the entertainment district where many brothels were at the imperial capital but, he didn’t do anything. 

At the time, he was desperate to keep up with the military school, so he has no time for that. 

And even if he was invited to come, he would refuse it at that time—. 

“You don’t have to be so tense. In fact, a brothel is actually a social gathering place for the gentlemen.” 

“Still, the substance didn’t change, no?” 

“It will change. It makes me feel a little better if I say that I’m not selling my body but providing daily healing.” 

“Is that the thought of the people who work in that line of work?” 

“It is important for both sides to think like that I believe.” 

It sounds like an excuse but, it may be different for those who have to face the fact that they sell their body. 

“Let’s get in…” 

Led by Elaine he starts walking. They entered the store without being stopped by the black-clothed men, and pass through the lobby which was lined with expensive furniture. Beyond that was a relatively huge hall. There was a full-fledged counter bar, and there were many black leathered sofa. It was a place that makes people want to dance. 

“This way…” 

Elaine stopped in front of the sofa near the stage. 

“Sit down.” 

Chrono sat on the sofa as prompted. 

“What about alcohol?” 

“No thank you.” 

“How unfortunate, I do have a good drink you know?” 

Elaine grumbled and sat down next to Chrono. Her body was very close to him. He wanted to keep a distance but he couldn’t resist the temptation of the bare chest and thick tights. 

“How about this seat?” 

“It is a good seat.” 

“I’m entertaining the lord after all. It is natural for me to prepare for the best. Still, I’m glad that you like it.” 

Elaine giggled. 

“This is the first time I bought a slave.” 

“If that is the case, I’ll explain the procedure. First, slave traders will show off their slaves on the stage.” 

“Slave trader?” 

“Yes, I’m just providing a place for them to buy and sell. I charge them with usage fees but, that was all.” 

Elaine explained that to Chrono. 

“At the end, the size was almost the same as the auction that you did.” 

“You know about the auction as well?” 

“You can’t completely seal people’s mouths after all. Especially for men, their mouths get lighter on the bed.” 

“I should’ve imposed a confidentiality obligation.” 

“I guess so…” 

Elaine giggled again. 

“Do you think you can beat me?” 

“I haven’t take a root but, no one really could beat you I guess?” 

“You sure have no self-confidence.” 

“Next time I will take the necessary arrangement.” 

Elaine smiled a little. 

“… It seems we’re surrounded eh?” 

Elaine whispered, and Chrono gazed around. 

Before he noticed the seats inside the room was already half full. 

“It’s about to start.” 

When he raised his face, he saw a girl being taken to the stage. 

She was wearing a piece of cloth that makes it easier to understand her development. 

As the man jerked his chin, the girl begins to slowly walk. 

Every time she walks, her cloth swayed, and once could see the bare chest that still in development and her butt. 

The men raise their voices as they lean forward. It looked like a show but the girl’s eyes only reflected despair. 

The girl went around the stage and stopped. 

“… Name is Shia. I’m from the territory of Baron Bowties. My special skill is I could do all housework.” 

Immediately after that, the men lost in their laughter—. 

“It’s the end of the introduction!” 

A man who seems to be the host jumped out. 

“Lady Shia might not have much of technical skill but, she is still a pure lady, let us start with a gold coin.” 

“Healthy pure lady eh?” 

Elaine grumbled. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“That was what the trader said, right?” 


“Slave merchants sometimes lies. The buyer knew that too, so it is hard to raise a mere healthy pure girl.” 

“I see…” 

Chrono confirmed while looking at the men. 

“… 10 gold coins..” 

“… Alright, someone has bid 10 gold coins! You can overtake the bid if you put even one more brass coins!”  

The moderator raises his voice, but no one bid more than ten gold coins. 

It was exactly like what Elaine had worried about. 

“No one else? Alright, 10 gold coins it is then!” 

The host declared, and the girl looked as if she was relieved. 

The girl and the trader then disappeared from the stage. 

“Now then, next item!” 

The host shout, the next trader and the next girl appeared on the stage. 

The girl this time has a huge breast. Because of that, the clothing she wore got pushed and her lower body couldn’t be completely hidden. 

“Only young girls huh..” 

“There’s no need for a male slave being traded here…” 

A girl with a big breast walk on the stage. 

it was painful to see her desperately shaking her hips trying to appeal to her sexiness. 

“What happens if she becomes an unsold item?” 

“If there’s a chance, she could stand on the next city stage.” 

“What if it doesn’t work in the next city?” 

“Sometimes I pick them up via my broker and hire them to work with me, other than that I don’t know. But, I’m sure it is not a good one.” 

“Do you know the name of the girl that meets the condition?” 

“Yes, I heard she had studied abroad at the Free City-State, under the name, Elena.” 


Chrono rolled her name in his mouth.