Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c26

*Clang, Clang* The sound of Hammer echoed in the garden of the Marquis residence. The sound comes from the four-tower surrounding his house. To be exact it was actually the tower being remodeled as a workshop. About ten dwarfs were working there. 

Gordy approached as Chrono looked silently… 

“Are you visiting, sir?” 

“Uh, I’m wondering how the workshop is doing.” 

“I’m still at the stage of research and development, so there’s not much problem.” 

“Good then…” 

Chrono stroked his chest. 

The amount of money being invested in this workshop was not small. If it didn’t work, it would be hard to recover. 

“Kurono-sama, this…” 

Goldy knelt down on the spot and offered him a sword. 

“This is?” 

“This is the first weapon made from this workshop. As I’ve promised, I shall give it to Chrono-sama.” 

“Thank you.” 

Chrono received the dagger and pullout. The blade exposed showered by light. 

The quality was completely different compared to the mass-produced one. 

“I think it could cut really well…” 

“The blade itself was made using a new manufacturing method. We make not only a sword, but also long sword, spears, pike, and armors.” 

“Good. If there’s no problem after your research and could begin producing for the long term, we will replace the old equipment with the new one…” 

Chrono put his sword in the scabbard, and hang it on his sword belt. 

Providing high-quality items would provide your subordinates from dying. It was exactly two birds with one stone. 

“By the way, what about the production of the composite bow?” 

“We have all the materials, so we just need to make them. However…” 


“It seems the strength of an Elf won’t be enough to use them…” 

“I didn’t think that far…” 

Many elves were greatly talented and delicate, maybe it was their characteristic. 

Chrono, who thought that the longbow and the composite bow were the same was wrong. 

“Can you make sure if the elf truly couldn’t handle it?” 

“I understand…” 

“Is it fine for you to agree easily like that?” 

“It is the job of the blacksmith to develop a new technology after all…” 

Goldy’s tone made him feel confident somehow. 

“Do you have some good idea?” 

“I do have some idea.” 

“Then, I’ll leave it to you…” 

“I accept your request.” 

Goldy stand up and left toward the workshop. 

Suddenly, he remembered that Tyria had used a napkin during mealtime.



Goldy rushed toward Chrono. 

“You said it was the blacksmith’s job to develop a new technology but, can you make anything other than weapons and armors?” 

“Depends on the item, sir. What do Chrono-sama want to make?” 

“It is a paper…” 

“Paper is it?” 

Goldy had difficulty to understand. 

It was a natural reaction because the method to make a paper has not been transmitted to the Empire. 

Currently, one has to import paper from the Free City-States. 

“It will take years to develop from scratch.” 

“For the time being, I will tell you, I know how to make it.” 

“What did you say Chrono-sama?!” 

Goldy opened his eyes astonishingly. 

“Peel the bark of the tree, simmer it in the ashes of the plant, then beat it until it becomes cotton-like. Then soak it in water and use the wooden frame to mold it? I guess that how it was…” 

“Chrono-sama, that is a bit too rough don’t you think?” 

“Well, I only saw it once.” 

Chrono scratched his head as Goldy dropped his shoulders. 

It was difficult to make a paper if the knowledge you get was from the elementary school social studies. 

“But, if we know that much, at least we should be able to try a few methods and make it.” 

“You can?” 

“I can’t make a promise that it would success but, I can try.” 

“That sounds irresponsible but, do your best.” 

“I understand.” 

Goldy struck his chest and gaze toward the main gate. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“The wagon has stopped.” 

When he saw the main gate, there was a wagon stopped in front of it. 

The door opened and the woman with high exposure dress come down— The person was Elaine. 

The dress has no sleeves and the clothes only cover 60% of her chest area. 

Her skirt was so short that you might be able to see her underwear. 

If she sits in front of you or climbs the stairs, you would definitely be able to see it. 

laine approaching him while shaking her sexy hips. 


“Oh my, it is an honor for me to welcome me.” 

Elaine stopped and smiled at him. 

“Do you come to pick me up?” 

“Yes, I came to pick you up because the slaves that meet the conditions will be exhibited.” 

“Then, I will go and get the money.” 

Just after he turned his heels, the wind blew. 

The sweet scent pierced his nose, and the soft sensation was pressed against his upper arm. 

It was Elaine entwined her arms with his. 

“Since we don’t have much time, shall we go immediately?” 

“I don’t mind just a bit but, bringing no money is no good, no?” 

“I’ll let you borrow mine, for the time being, so don’t worry. Of course, I won’t take any interest. So let’s go immediately?” 

“No, wait…” 

He lost the reason to argue and Chrono couldn’t shake his hand free. 

Before he noticed, he was already aboard the carriage guided by Elaine.