Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c25


It was the first day of the sixth month, year 430, Imperial Calendar– Chrono cut a slice of duck meat into pieces and eat it. 

When he chews the meat, the fat was oozing out. Though, the richness was not only come with that. 

The spicy scent brings out the flavor of the meat, and the aroma of the herb gives it depth. 

This was what called proper meat dishes… It has been a long time— This was the first time he had meat dishes after two months. 

When I looked up, he could see Tyria was eating food across him. 

She cut the duck meat with a knife and bring it to her mouth with the fork. 

The movement was full of grace. 

Perhaps that was the result of education since childhood. 

Chrono stared at Tyria, knowing it was rude behavior. 

Was it delicious? Or not? The food was eaten while showing such a mechanical expression that didn’t make any sense. 

When Tyria stopped, the maid, who was waiting by her side, reverently offered a napkin. 

She received the napkin and wipes the oil from her lips. 

“What? Is there something on my face?” 

“I thought you sure can eat with that straight face.” 

It was the maid who responded to Chrono’s words. She frowned in an unpleasant manner. 

“I don’t mind.” 

“Excuse me.” 

Tyria sighed, and the maid returned her expression to normal. 

“You sure a happy person—…” 

“If you’re happy with just this much, then this must’ve been the limit of the cook…” 

“… Guh.” 

The proprietress broke in and Tyria groaned a little. 

“Chrono, the maid, the maid chief, and the cook, to be able to gather them in a short time, including the opening of the workshop, I’m impressed. Let me praise you. However, about the cook, don’t you think you should search a bit more?” 

With that being said, Tyria glared at the proprietress. 

“Don’t you think you’re too hostile?” 

The proprietress turned toward her on the spot and folded her arm to emphasize her chest. 

The legs and the cleavage of the chest were dazzling. 

“How about you think about your age?” 

“I think I’m still within the strike zone…” 

The proprietress replied with a muffled voice. 

“How about getting fired now?” 

“I’m sorry to inform you. But I and Chrono-sama have an inseparable relationship.” 

“I just repaid her debt.” 

“How much?” 

“100 gold coins.” 

“Was it that much of worth?” 

“The princess might not understand the charm of a mature lady.” 

The proprietress responded as if she was going to challenge her into a war while looking at her with a careless gaze. 

The maid was glaring at her like a demon but, she didn’t care. 

She manages to survive with such a large debt must be because of this courage. 

“Well, fine.” 

Tyria then face Chrono. 

“What about the maid chief?” 

“The doctor says she needs a bit more time to recover.” 

“Is that so, the last one, you need to find someone to be in charge of accounting.” 

“I guess so…” 

Chrono nodded his head as he grabbed the bread.