Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c24

At night- Leila broke out the barrack and took an unpopular road to Houkou’s mansion. 

She won’t be detained even if she was being found by the guards but, what embarrassing still embarrassing. Fortunately, she arrived at Marquis’s residence without anyone finding it. 

Climb over the wall of the Marquis House, and Grab it open. She could feel that her physical ability has improved than before, probably because of the food situation. 

“… Chrono-sama’s room.” 


The next moment Leila started walking, the voice of a man echoed. She might be fine if it was a colleague, but this one was Princess Tyria’s subordinates. If she got caught, she would be thrown into prison. As soon as she gets away from it, she hides inside the tower that was just being rebuilt.

Fortunately, the tower has not yet had workers. That should be but—…

“Do you need anything?” 


Leila took a deep breath and noticed that the voice come from Goldy. 

“I was found by the guard, please hide me.” 

“I don’t mind.” 

With that said, Goldy walks around the workshop. 

“I thought the workshop wasn’t working yet.” 

“It was already on a trial basis.” 

“I see, that is why you’re here…” 

“Well, to be honest, I just want to be here. After all, this is my own workshop that I dreamed of.” 

Goldy said with an excited face. Apparently, both of them were quite similar. 

“What about the guard soldiers?” 

“If you stay inside the workshop, they won’t find you.” 

“Outside! She must’ve run outside!” 

A man’s voice echoes and his footsteps move away. 

“… I’m going to Chrono-sama’s room.” 

“I’ll be here until morning.” 

Leila left the workshop and ran toward the tree. Climb the tree and invade the Marquis residence through the window. 

“… Maybe I should change my intrusion route.” 

There’s a method to lure the guard but, that method would make them vigilant later on. Leila started walking slowly. A magic item for lighting installed on the wall illuminating the corridor. 

“Wait, what are you doing here?” 


Suddenly a voice echoes from behind, then someone tries to grab her. She manages to parry the hand and tried to perform a back fist, but the opponent manages to stop her attack. And it seems there will be no further attack. As soon as she realizes that, she jumped forward to gain some distance. When she turned around, there was—… 

“P-Proprietress?  What are you doing here?” 

“That because I have become I live-in cook, and I was preparing until late at night. You don’t know?” 

“Yes, I haven’t yet informed of such a thing…” 

“Well, Chrono-sama seems to be busy anyway.” 

The proprietress scratches her head. 

“I understand that you’re hired as a cook but…” 

“Nn? You never saw me before right?”  

“Yes, that’s right.” 

“That is natural, after all, I just starting work today. I was going to start working sooner but due to post-processing various things, my work got delayed. Well, there are various things as well, but now I can finally make delicious food for Chrono.” 

“That look?” 

Leila stared at the proprietress. The proprietress was wearing, a very high exposure dress. 

The length of the skirt was short, and the chest cut was large, to reveal about one-third of her chest. 

To be honest, her appearance was more surprising than the fact that she was able to stop her back fist. 

“I’m thinking of doing night crawling on Chrono, what do you think?” 

“How about thinking about your age?” 

*Pokon*, She got hit in the head. 

“Even though I look like this, I’m still around 20 years old. 

“… Around 20 years…” 

Leila muttered in return… 

“But… Since number 1 is here, I guess I should stop.” 

“… Is that so?” 

Leila stroke her chest inside her mind but the unpleasant premonition could not be wiped out. She somehow could see the future where Chrono was entwined with the proprietress. 

She regained her composure and immediately went toward Chrono’s room. After she stops in front of the door, she tried to peek inside. There was only one sign of life… Leila then sneaked into Chrono’s room and exhaled in relief. 

“Welcome, let us start.” 

“… Yes.” 

Leila sat down on a chair as prompted by Chrono and began reading aloud. 

It was about the myth of the Six Pillars of God. Once upon a time— it was a story about the age of the Gods. 

After a while, Leila stops reading the book in a good place. 


“Just a little bit. Emm, Chrono-sama…” 

Leila clenched her fist. 

“Emm… I am finally able to understand Chrono-sama’s love. Chrono-sama is trying to give me a future isn’t it?” 

“I thought that if you can acquire the minimum academic ability, you can increase your options.” 


Leila stood up and jumped into Chrono’s chest. 

Chrono’s body temperature and breathing were transmitted to her. 

“… Chrono-sama. 


When Leila kissed him, Chrono seems confused, but the confused kiss immediately turns into a rough and sloppy one. She strongly realizes what Chrono wants. 

“Emm, Can you love me?” 

“If it comes to this, I’m not going to stop.” 

Chrono smiled and scratches his cheek. 

“… I am a shallow person. Chrono-sama thought about my future, but I’m instead feeling dissatisfied that Chrono-sama doesn’t love me.” 

“Did I make you unhappy?” 

Leila muttered, Chrono then responded with polite language. 

“You see, I am a lord, so I think about the future seriously, but I’m not as great as Leila think.” 

Chrono’s humble appearance was so funny that it almost made Leila laughed. 

“Then, please made love with me tonight…” 


Once again, Leila had a long kiss with Chrono.