Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c23

Chrono reported to Tyria when he returned to his residence with Alyssa and Alice. 

The next day, we made the decision to reconstruct one of the towers surrounding the Marquis residence and turn it into a workshop. 

————– Leila Intermission —————- 

At the end of the fifth month, year 430, the empire calendar– Leila has finished her day training and heads back for the barracks. 

Since she was just finished training, her body was hurt all over, but she also could feel that her sense was sharpened. 

When she grabbed her fist to regain her sense, voices echoed from left and right. 

“”Leila, you look tired!”” 

Looking at the left and right, there was a twin-elf- Arded and Deneb. 

She had known them since they had been assigned to the Marquis territory but, she still couldn’t tell them apart. 

Since not only their appearance was similar, their hairstyle was similar. 

“Thank you for your hard work.” 

“Now, let us go home early and eat!” 

“I want to fill my stomach, morning, day, and night!” 

Perhaps they were in a hurry, they run around a little ahead of Leila. 

“”By the way, Leila!”” 

“What is it?” 

“Recently, your chest and butt seem to be tight?” 

“Do you have some problem?” 

“It is tight.” 

“”We’re glad!”” 

Seeing the two responses, Leila also stroked her inner chest as if feeling relieved. 

Recently, she was worried because her military uniform became tight, but it seems that she was not the only one. 

Suddenly the two stop walking. 

“By the way, Leila!” 

“What are your plans for the future?” 

To ask something like that. 


“Ignoring me, isn’t that a bit too much?” 

“Salt? Is this the salt response?” 

As Leila passed silently, the two chased. 

“Eat dinner and bath in the barrack—…” 

“Are you going to Chrono’s room today?” 

“I think you’re looking forward to it last night and the day before yesterday…” 

“… Well, yes.” 

Leila replied with a murky tone. For the time being, they sleep in the same bed, but they haven’t done anything since the first time. Right now, what she did in Chrono room’s was studying. Perhaps, because of that, now she was able to read and write a simple sentence. She also has mastered addition and subtraction. 

She can feel that she was being cherished, but making love and study was not equal. 

“I’m not impressed with the morning trip every day but, you seem enjoyed what you’re was doing. Was Chrono-sama that persistent? Or is he the type that pushes hard?” 

“I think that kind of question is too high of a hurdle. We should lower it a little bit and ask, was he kind or not?” 

“… I think he is kind.” 

“Is that so? But I could see some sadness in Leila somewhere.” 

“Well, I feel similar.” 

The two laughed and smirked. 

“Leila, if it’s a burden to do it every night, and if he likes non-human, please do recommend me.” 

“I want to be a winner in life, living as a mistress of a nobleman, after being a captain of fifty people.” 

Leila stroked her inner chest. 

Apparently, they both still think that Leila had been appointed as a captain of fifty people because of her ability. 

“I don’t think you can be a winner but…” 


“Please tell me the reason!” 

The two stared at Leila. 

“Because Chrono-sama had instructed, even with the relationship you can’t use it to look down on other people.” 

“It is a tough response to say that love is the only reward.” 

“But that’s why I want to become his mistress. After all, I already like a shadow to begin with…” 

The two deliberately covered their faces. Leila then goes down the alley in darkness. 

Arded and Deneb screamed as they arrived at the barracks. 

“Well, there is someone in front of the barrack!” 

“He’s someone from PICS firm!” 

They saw a cart parked in front of the barracks. Apparently, he came to deliver food. 

Confirmation works began after PICS Firm took over the food delivery. 

Her Imperial Highness Princess’ tutor begins a humble cheat magic class. Niclas rushed in when he noticed Leila. 

“Leila, I came to deliver the food, where is Chrono-sama?” 

“Please wait.” 

Leila took out a magic item for communication from the pouch. 

“Chrono-sama, Nicolas from PICS firm is coming to pay for food.” 

“Leila, can you do it for me?” 

“Eh, me?” 

Chrono’s voice echoed from the communication item, and instinctively Leila asked back… 

“Because it is a simple task to check if the delivery notes match the actual numbers.” 

“… Simple task.” 

That may be the case for Chrono-sama, Leila grumbled inside her mind. 

“Also, I have something to talk to Nicolas-san.” 

“… Sure.” 

Leila nodded while still in bad mood, and handed Nicola the magic item for communication. 

“Chrono-sama, yes, yes, I understand. Well then, excuse me. Leila-sama, thank you.” 

Nicolas exchanged words with Chrono and returned the magic stone for communication. 

“Then, Leila-sama, I will support you, please check.” 

“W-Wait, Leila!” 

“Is it fine?” 

“… It is Chrono-sama command after all.” 

Leila took a deep breath. 

This was Chrono command. She needs to get it one with confidence. 


“Ah, thank you.” 

Leila received the delivery note and exhaled relievedly. 

Only product names and numbers were written there. 

“Then, first is wheat.” 

“This is the middle one right?” 

Nicolas pointed to the cart with his palm, Leila then stared at the hemp shack filled with wheat. 

“Does the number match with the delivery note?” 

“Yes, it fits.” 

“Then, the dried meat—…” 

Nicolas pointed to the item using his palm once again, and Leila stared at the delivery note and the item. 

While thinking if she made a mistake, it would be bad… Sweat trickling down her forehead. 

She didn’t know if it was long or short… 

“Thank you for your hard work. This completes the confirmation.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

‘Then, please sign here Leila-sama.” 

“Y-yes, I understand.” 

Leila wrote her name on a piece of paper presented by Nicolas. 

It was messy handwriting, but Nicolas whispered with satisfaction. 

“Then all is completed—…” 

“Wait, Leila!” 

“When did you learn to read and write?” 

Arded and Deneb interrupted Nicolas’s words. 

“… Chrono-sama taught me.” 

“Chrono-sama and Leila always busy, when did you find the time for that?” 

“Are you saying you guys have been studying every night?” 

Leila moaned a little. 

“Two young people in a room and they spent it studying, I thought that was impossible?” 

“Leila, did you properly ask him?” 

“I did, but he always asks me to study. Chrono-sama said that I would need it in the future…” 

“Is Chrono-sama a weirdo?” 

“I don’t understand, why studying?” 

“Nonono, Leila-sama is deeply loved by Chrono-sama huh?” 

“… Eh?!” 

Leila took a breath and turned her gaze on Nicolas. 

“Do you understand the meaning of what Chrono-sama do? Please tell me!” 

“It is just a guess but, is that okay?” 

Yes, Leila nodded. 

“This is just an example, but let’s say, Leila, quits the army and looks for another job.” 

“No, we can’t find a job so easily.” 

“The only way to make money is to sell your body, stealing, or exchange it with life…” 

“If that is the case, it would be hard to remain uneducated, right? However, if you can read, write, and do arithmetic, the story would change. If you have the minimum academic ability, you can be hired as an apprenticeship at the Marquis Erakis branch of my PICS firm.” 

Nicolas replied resolutely. 

“It would be difficult at first, but if you achieve a good result, no one will complain. It would be not impossible to be assigned a branch office or to start your own trading company independently. In addition, you may also have the option of opening a private cram school.” 

“Waah, just by being able to read and write, it could be so different.” 

“I see, I should be able to teach my study.” 

The two of them sighed.

“… That is Chrono-sama’s love.” 

Leila put her hand on her chest. She was thinking not only now, but ten years and the years to come… 

Her heart throbbing due to Chrono’s gentle love…