Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c21

“With this amount, I think I can find a cook soon.” 

Chrono headed for the landlady’s shop in the residential area. I thought she would introduce him to a chook if she had been in business for years at Haschel. 

“Oh, Chrono-sama. Welcome.” 

When I entered the store, the landlady called out from the counter. Even though it was noon, there were no customers. 

“You’re open now, right?” 

“Well, they don’t like it or maybe the taste is to backwater…” 

“I’m just asking you to know…” 

Chrono slumped his shoulders and sat down at the corner. 

“May I eat?” 

“Other than meals, what do you want me to do?” 

“Every day, the quiet cuckoo is singing, it would be normal for me to check, no?”  

“The business isn’t going well, you see…” 

“I see, that means, the cuckoo would sing when the economy is in recession eh?” 

The proprietress sighed and went out of the counter. 

Chrono wondered what she going to do. 

“With the help of the lord, I might be able to look a bit better though…” 

The proprietress exhaled a little and rest her head on Chrono’s shoulder. 

Nee, the proprietress started with a flirty voice. 

“You’re the lord now, right? Can you help this goddess who comes from the same town?” 

“Same town?” 

As he asked back, he realizes his heart beats faster. 

“I’m from the southern frontier too. Well, ten years ago, when I was three, the Crawford family still has no child.” 

“Are you going to threaten me now?” 

For legitimacy sake, Chrono was the Crowford biological child. 

As for how his adoptive father did that, it was a mystery for him. 

He was never told to kept silent, but he also knew it would be bad if it was spread. 

“I don’t mean that. I just want you to be my patron…” 

“Are you in debt?” 

“… That’s right.” 

The proprietress said in a low voice, then fell silent. 

He was nervous since she brought his relationship with his adoptive parents but, it seems he still can take the initiative here… 

As soon as he knew that, he feels better. 

“How much debt do you have?” 

“… 100 Gold coins…” 

The proprietress stood up while pouting… 

“That sure is a lot…” 

Is this building really worth 100 gold coins? Chrono checked around. 

Then he looks at the proprietress. 

“… Will you be my patron? At this rate, I would be sold to a brothel. Of course, I’m not saying it’s free. If you want, you can do anything to my body—…” 


“Y-You sure, bite hard to it…” 

As Chrono leaned forward, the proprietress retreated. 

The reason for that was because he had the potential to protect the store.

“By anything I want, for example, moving your hips like XXX, or doing OOO position, right?!” 

“You sure you can say that, you fiend!” 

The proprietress’s face’s turned red as she shouted. 

“You, what are you thinking?” 

“I think that much is normal though?” 

“… Normal.” 

The proprietress muttered suspiciously and shook her head violently… 

“It’s not normal! Not at all!” 

“Then, what is normal for the proprietress?” 

“That is of course…” 

The voice became quieter, and the proprietress turned her face down. 

“I couldn’t hear it, but if it is that much then it is not ‘as I like’ no? If we have to make it worth 100 gold coins, at least we have OO and XX—…” 

“T-There’s no way I could do that!” 

The proprietress raised her face and shouted. 

“S-So, are you going to become my patron?” 

“OO Right?” 

“As I said, I can’t do that!” 

Blocking Chrono’s words, the proprietress shouted. 

“I want to protect the store.” 

“Have you not received a sense of realizing yet?” 

The proprietress glared at Chrono. 

“I want to save my husband’s shop. It is a store that we got after many hardship. My husband is dead, and now everything is gone?” 

“… This is just a suggestion, but if the proprietress work as a cook at the Marquis residence, you can take over the debt.” 

“If I cook at the Marquis House, I will end up closing the store.” 

“In the meantime, if you rent out the store you can repay the debt faster…” 

The proprietress bite her lips and glared at Chrono. 

“I don’t think it was a bad deal though…” 

“Is it really useless? For me hoping you taking over the debt…” 

“You asked me to become patron because you thought it is impossible right?” 


The proprietress was silent, but she had no choice but to accept Chrono’s proposal. 

“… I understand.” 

After a long silence, the proprietress opened her mouth. 

“So when I should start working?” 

“I want you to work right away.” 

“I have to decide what to do with this store, so that’s impossible.” 

“I understand. Then come at your convenience…” 

“Thank you. I will do my best so that I could work as soon as possible.” 

The proprietress said with a sigh.