Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c20

“… I have not many acquaintances but, at least I do have good adjutant.” 

Chrono walks along the castle wall, remembering his conversation with Elaine. After a while, the training ground entered his view. Even though it was a military ground, it was nothing more than a normal place except the rough soil. 

There were some subordinates divided into a few groups and engaged in a practice battle. The sound of crashing could be heard, the angry roar making the place like a real battlefield. The most powerful among them were the Minotaurus and Lizardmen. Their arms were as thick as a log. 

If a normal human being received that attack, the person would be dead. 

“Oh, General, what’s wrong?” 

As Chrono was overwhelmed by the aura of the practice battle, Mino approached him. 

“I’ve come to see you. How is everyone?” 

“As you can see, they are in great shape.” 

Mino answered while sighing. 

“They eat a lot and sleep a lot.” 

“Eat? Oh yeah, the food has arrived huh?” 

“Hei, I was amazed when the food arrived this morning.” 

Remembering that, Mino smiled. 

“It was great, it manages to heal those who were hungry and crying. However…” 

“However, what?” 

“Is it really alright to have three meals a day?” 

“Be careful not to overdo it though…” 

“I’m sorry for doubting you.” 

Mino scratches his head looking shy. Well, it was normal for him to doubt, after all, usually, they only have one meal per day and that was the norm. 

“I’ve come due to another problem, I wish to have a consultation with Mino-san.” 

“It would be a lot easier if you do everything however you like you know? Although I say that, I’m happy that General seeks me despite the limited knowledge I have…” 

“If Mino-san says that, I would feel bad though…” 

Currently, it was Mino who manages the army. 

If Mino didn’t have much knowledge, Chrono would be in trouble… 

“It is easy to do something like I do, if you have years of military experience. So what should I do?” 

“I’m thinking of hiring maids, to works in the mansion.” 

“That would be easy… Or rather, I had thought to talk about that already…” 

“is that so?” 

“Yes, there are some who have wounds slow to heal, and some even have their heartbroken…” 


“Those who got heavily injured, and might not be able to fight anymore, they lost their mind see?…” 

“Is this a PTSD case?” 

Chrono tilted his head. PTSD- Post-traumatic stress disorder, usually caused by a life-threatening event. 


“No, nothing…” 

Chrono then gaze around the practice ground. 

“I’ve let them rest in the barracks. I’m sorry for telling General this late…” 

“No, that is not a problem.” 

He judged that was a situation best to leave to the commander of the army. 

“How many are they?” 

“Half-Elf, and some Dwarf, around 30 people. The ten were Dwarven who had been trained in blacksmithing, they want to be hired in the workshop.” 

“Of course, I can hire them all…” 

“Is this true?” 

“Can’t waste them… However, there would be a difference in salary between blacksmith and maids…” 

“That is natural…” 

“Thank you for the understanding…” 

Chrono patted his chest. 

“Nn? By any chance, that Goldy…” 

“Yes, the ten people I told you before…” 

“What about the remaining 20?” 

“All of them are women, you don’t have to worry…” 

“Unn, well, it is true that I want to hear the gender ratio but…” 

I was relieved for a different thing… 

“Anyway, with this, I can gather the maids… No problem for the craftsmen either. Next is the chef huh?” 

“General, why not call for Leila?” 

“I let her train, it would be bad to provide her with special treatment too much…” 

Chrono directed his gaze at Leila. 

“Over there…” 

Looking at the direction Mino pointed, Leila was pulling a bow. She shots arrows in succession- at a speed that makes him realize the meaning of a professional. 

The other elf was currently resting but, even without comparison, he knew Leila was a good archer. 

“Leila is good with the bow eh?” 

“Her magic ability is also amazing. With this, it would be no problem to promote her to become a commander of a hundred men.” 

“I understand. Let us make her the commander of the archers. In terms of the number of troops, around 50, but her ranks should the same as the commander of a hundred men.” 

“Thank you very much.” 

Mino bowed his head. 

Chrono left the military field after watching the training for a little while longer…