Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c2

Hachel city was a city half a day from the primeval forest. Tyria was receiving a report from Marquis Erakis inside his residence. After listening to the report—… 

“What did you say?! You bastard, are you saying you’re running away?” 


When Tyria shouted, Marquis Erakis screamed and prostrated himself. 

His body seems to shiver in fear, but in his eyes, the light of rebel could be seen. 

It seems he thought she didn’t have the right to tell him that as a girl who didn’t know anything, and such thought seems to have transmitted to him. 

Of course, she was angry at him but, she also could not help it but admit that she was still a greenhorn. 

The reason why she was allowed to shout at Marquis Erakis who was far older than her was that she was the daughter of Kepheus emperor, Ramaru the fifth, and also bears the title of the first heir to the throne. 

“B-But, with this, they could save us some time. I-I think it is a cheap price to pay to hold down 10,000 enemies with just 1,000 people…” 

“You, are you really a commander?” 

Tyria was amazed at Marquis Erakis’ remarks. 

Thirty years ago,, Kepheus Empire fell into a turbulent time. 

The confrontation over the throne had developed into a civil war which also led the invasion from the independent city-states and the barbarians. 

The aristocrats at that time could not cope with such rapid abnormal development, and the Empire was on the verge of extinction. 

The Empire would’ve been destroyed had her father, the Emperor, didn’t borrow the strength of the mercenary people. 

At that time, at the brink of destruction, the Empire should’ve learned a good lesson. 

“Are you saying Chrono is also included in that cheap price of yours?”  

“Your Highness, are you an acquaintance of Chrono-dono?” 

Marquis Erakis asked the question while raising his face. 

“Chrono and I was a classmate at the military academy. As his boss, you don’t know that?” 

“P-Please forgive me.” 

When Tyria coldly responded, Marquis Erakis prostrated once again. 

She feels irritated with his behavior but, there was nothing she could do right now. Right now, she didn’t even have time to curse at someone… 

“How many days?” 


“I’m asking how many days reinforcement would come from the surrounding territories?! Are you saying that we’re not going to help them fight?” 

“I-I will try to confirm it immediately!” 

Marquis Erakis stood up and fled out of the room. 

“… Chrono, you stupid. If it’s like that, there’s no different than being left to die…” 

Tyria throws a curse a little. 

“… No.” 

Tyria shakes her head and reminiscent of the event that made her aware of Chrono. 

It was half a year ago. In the military academy exercise, they performed defensive battle with flag. 

Tyria team who had advantages position immediately dominated the battlefield. 

When they were confident of victory, an attack team attacked them in reckless abandon.  

At that time, it was Chrono who was standing on the battlefield and led the attacking team. 

Tyria welcomed the last battle by charging at them with her whole army, aiming at crushing them completely, but the result was that her entire army got decimated by an ambush and she lost all of her flags. 

The enemy attacked as if they were in reckless abandon but turn out, it was a feint. 

“There’s still a chance.” 

Based on common sense, it was impossible to win a battle against an army ten times the numbers but, if it was Chrono then— Such thought crossed her mind. 


Chrono took Mino and looked around the field camps they had built. Their subordinates were sitting on the ground, probably exhausted because of the rapid work. 

However, he also still could see dwarven inspected the fence, and some of the beast-men acted as watchmen. 

“This feels like it has become a field encampment huh?” 

“True, out of desperation that is…” 

“You don’t have to say it that way, though it is true that our future looks bleak.” 

Chrono tried to laugh it off bitterly. His words that seem to accept death feel amazing. 

He might look too relaxed but, in this situation, some people may actually jealous of him for being able to do that. 

“… How’s everything going?” 

Chrono called out a lion beast-man. 

His figure who currently tried to sharpen the spears looked intimidating. 

His name was Leo— one of the commanding officer(a captain) who led one hundred infantrymen. 

“… No problem.” 

“Leo! Who do you think—.” 

“It’s fine, Mino-san.” 

Chrono holds Mino’s back. 

“There’s no problem if he understood my words.” 

“It’s not just the tone that I’m talking about…” 

“If you guys fight as ordered, I don’t care about anything else. Leo, you sure you understand everything, right?” 

“… I understand.” 

Leo’s body trembled and he answered Chrono. 

*What’s going on?*, Looking back, Mino just stands there with his back straight. 

“I will be expecting a good result alright?” 

“I will try to meet your expectations.” 

“Then please do it as ordered…” 

Chrono then taps Leo’s shoulders lightly and went toward the fence. 

“Mino-san, what was going on just now?” 

“I didn’t do anything. He was freaked out by you, General.” 

“Huh? By me?” 

Chrono inquired back. 

Leo was also a veteran soldier like Mino. If Chrono was told that such a person was terrified of him, it was natural that Chrono could not believe it immediately. 

“General, sometimes, you have cold eyes on you.” 

“I wonder if I should try to fix it?” 

“I think that was a good thing though.” 

“But, to have a commander shows one’s own emotions is a bit.” 

He thinks the commander needs to be cool. 

“That is something  hard to do for someone who just becomes a commander two days ago, you know?” 

“If you say that, then Mino-san is also the same right? You’d just become my adjutant two days ago.” 

Two days ago, Chrono held the rank of officer cadet, and Mino was appointed as his aide. 

“Well, the title is the one that changes, the way I see General didn’t change at all.” 

“You sure could say something rude huh?” 

That said, it was true that Chrono couldn’t do anything. It was only due to his aristocrat title that he becomes a commanding officer. 


Chrono noticed one Minotaur’s crouches down near the fence. 

“Is that Horus?” 

“Indeed, that is right.” 

Chrono was glad that he didn’t mistake. Horus was also a commanding officer but, his personality was quite mature. If Mino’s head looked like a fighting bull, then Horus’ head looked like a dairy cow. 

“I wonder what happens?” 

“Maybe he’s inspecting things like you, General?” 

“Let’s go there and talk to him for a bit.” 

As Chrono walk closer, Horus turned his head. 

“It seems you’re in a bad shape, are you having diarrhea maybe?” 

“N-No no no, I’m just scared…” 

Horus answered while her body trembled. His appearance was definitely humorous. 

“I’m scared too you know?” 

“Chrono-sama, you don’t look scared at all.” 

“No, I’m being honest here, I’m scared.” 

Chrono smiled bitterly.


“It is true.” 

Horus gazed at Chrono and exhaled. 

“I understand. I will also do my best then.” 

“That is the spirit.”

Chrono then tapped Horus’ shoulder and then looked at the dwarf inspecting the fence. 

“Godly, you sure are diligent. huh? How is the fence holding up?” 

“It is in perfect condition.” 

The dwarven commanding officer– Goldy turned his head at Chrono. 

“Have you checked everything?” 

“Yes, since this is my habit…” 


“That’s right. I’m someone who could not calm down if I don’t do anything…” 

“I see, then, please do it moderately.” 

“I understand.” 

Chrono then tapped Goldy’s shoulder and passed through the fence. 

Right after he passed the fence, he saw a demi-human with body big enough that could be said rivaled the minotaur. 

He was a Lizardman. A one hundred men commanding officer, Lizardo.

“Lizardo, how are you?” 


Lizardo responded in silence. He looked down, and upon seeing Chrono, his tongue sticks out like snakes. 

Sometimes, it made Chrono wondered whether he saw him as food or something—… 

“Lizardo, are you alright? Are you hungry?” 

Chrono asked Lizardo while doing some gestures. 

“General, why are you speaking with such polite words?” 

“No, well, I unconsciously…” 

“… The enemy.” 

Lizardo murmured and Chrono immediately turned his gaze at the forest. 

FIve cavalries appeared from inside the forest. They were wearing leather armors. 

“… General?” 

“I don’t want them to bring back information, I’ll go…” 

“My legs also trembled in excitement.” 

“Are you sure your legs trembling because of excitement?” 

Chrono headed to the cavalry unit with a slow walk. His stomach started to hurt once again. After he left the fenced area, he stared at the cavalry. 

“… My-My name is…” 

His voice trembled soo much that he started to feel sorry toward himself but, after coming this far, there was no way for him to turn back.

“My name is Chrono! Baron Kurodo Crawford’s first son! I see that one of you might be a famous knight! To fall against an ordinary person’s scheme would always become a shame, that is why I ask for a one-on-one battle!” 

When Chrono removed his sword, one of the knights come forward. 

“My name is Aucrisia! I will answer your request!” 

Saying that the enemy cavalry, Aucricia rushed with speed. 

The next moment when the maximum speed reached, Aucrisia was struck from the back of the head. 

Perhaps, the person will never know what had happened to himself. 

He was trapped— A rope was stuck on his throat. 

“Y-You, disgraceful cheater bastard!” 

“For a nobleman to do something like that while offering one on one battle, what kind of a demeanor is that?!” 

“Your sin is worth death!” 

“We will tear you up with our own hands!” 

The four shouted, and rushed toward Chrono. They manage to avoid the rope— 

“Do it, now!” 

As Chrono shouted, countless piles jumped out of the ground. 

The stakes pierced the four cavalries without any effort. Soon enough they would die. 

“Shiro, Haiiro, thank you for your hard work.” 

When Chrono said his thanks, two beast-men appeared from the bushes. One was white, and the other one was gray. Needless to say, which was it. Those two were from wolf beast tribe—. 

“Chrono-sama, we’ve worked hard, and do our best.” 

“I’m the most, who work hard.” 

They looked at him with bright eyes like dogs. 

Chrono wished for them to behave more like a commanding officer but, having them followed order properly was enough for him for now. 

“Thank you for your hard work.” 

“I understand.” 

“We’ve done our best.” 

That was what the two said, they were being given the order to hide the traps. 

“… Fuh.” 

“What are you doing?” 

As Chrono exhaled, Mino calls out. 

“We’re saved thanks to your both hard works, Shiro, Hairo…” 

“Honestly, I thought General would challenge the enemy for real.” 

“I’m not that stupid.” 

“I was expecting a twist where you’re going to die proudly as an aristocrat.” 

“Sure, I think a fight like a nobleman is cool, but to die just for that? That would be foolish.” 

If one could win just by using pride, then there would be no difficulty in life. 

“What are we going to do with their corpses?” 

“I want to freak out the enemy, so for now, we can just leave them be…” 

“Aren’t you worried about exposing our hands?” 

“It would be favorable for us instead. If the enemy thinks we have spears anywhere, we could control their movements.” 

“Will it be that easy?” 

“At that time, we will adapt.” 

Chrono then once again stared deep at the forest