Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c18

“I’m tired—….” 

Chrono fell into his bed as soon as he entered the room. 

It was not a hospital room but a room on the third floor of the Marquis Mansion. 

“As expected, I’m not suitable for this—…” 

He thinks being a lord was not suitable for him, but when I think back to these past two days, my mouth loosens without myself knowing it. 

“I’m going to sleep slowly today…” 

Chrono closes his eyes up— but then a clicking sound could be heard. Someone knocking the door. 

He gets out of the bed and heads toward the door.  When I opened the door, Leila was standing in the corridor. 

“W-What’s wrong?” 

“Chrono-sama, I wish to receive your love…” 

When Chrono asked, Leila shyly replied. 

“If I’m being a bother then—…” 

“No, you’re not bothering me…” 

Chrono invited Leila into the room and closed the door. 

Looking back, Leila was sitting in the bed. Her eyes were slightly moist. 

When Chrono sat down, Leila nestled closer… He then holds her shoulders and then begins to touch her breast from above her clothes. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

“W-What’s wrong?” 

“I’m glad Chrono-sama loved me…” 

“I’m also…” 

To be able to love the beautiful Leila. He was happy. 

“Emm, Chrono-sama?” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“I’m sorry I cannot help you this time…” 

“No, you don’t have to worry about it.” 

“Thank you…” 

Leila exhaled… 

“I love you…” 

“Me too…” 

Chrono slowly unbuttons her clothes. Her body then laid bare… 

Suddenly, a question rose up inside his mind. 

It was great that he could hold Leila. 

But, was it really love? Was it possible for him to reward the love of this beautiful lady? 

He started to feel that he didn’t give back enough… 

When such a question comes up, an idea appeared… 

“Leila, you can’t read and write, yes?” 

“I’m sorry…” 

Leila said, exuding despair. 

Chrono was about to raise his body, and Leila grabbed his sleeves. 

“Did I do something wrong? If I do, then—…” 

“No, that’s not it. Come over here.” 

Chrono walked to the desk and pulled a chair. 

“Sit down.” 


Leila sat on the chair with a confused look on her face. 

Chrono wrote twenty-six alphabet-like characters on parchment with a quill pen. 

“… Chrono-sama, you’re not going to love me tonight? 

“I’m going to teach Leila writing and reading… tonight.” 


Leila frowned as she could not understand his aim. 

“I was wondering, what could I do to give back Leila’s love…” 

“Then, it is studying?” 

“Yeah., if it is money then… I can’t do it right now…” 

“No! I don’t need money! I’m satisfied just by letting me by your side!” 

“Thank you.” 

Chrono expressed his gratitude with a straightforward feeling. 

“Well, That’s why I can only teach you for now… And if we think about the future, this is necessary.” 

“I understand. Thank you.” 

Chrono patted his chest. 

“First, I will teach you the basic letters. Read aloud, then practice writing…” 

“… Yes…” 

Chrono began reading the letters one by one. 


The day after the auction- Chrono woke up and Leila was not by his side. 

Last night, after he taught her letters and they sleep on the bed together as usual… Of course, they didn’t do any naughty things… 

“Did I overdid it? No, I think this is the right thing to do…” 

When Chrono awoke his body, he heard the sound of pounding on the door. 

He could feel a bad feeling, but he had no choice but to open the door. 

“Wait, I will open it….” 

When he got out of the bed and opened the door, Tyria was standing in front of him.


“Do not close!” 

Chrono silently tried to close the door, but Tyria squeezed in the door gap like a poor salesman. 

“Close, close, close!” 

“Just what are you doing?!” 

Chrono tried to slam shut the door, and Tyria screamed with her face red. 


“I want to praise you for the auctions. Well done.” 

However, Tyria continues… 

“However, what are you thinking bringing the half-elf inside the Marquis mansion?!” 

“No such fact.” 

“You sure you can talk! I chase away that half-elf from your room!” 


“It was your mistake to not be on alert without any guard…” 

Tyria was proud. 

“Did you keep watching?” 

“Of course.” 

Tyria answered Chrono’s question immediately. 

“I told you, love with a different status is a mess, no? Not to mention weird rumors, your dignity will be affected too. I’m asking you, be firm.” 

Tyria frowned as she glared at him. 

“What’s your answer?” 

“I will do my best.” 

*Guh* Tyria groaned. 

“That’s all you need from me?” 

“Of course not? I want to listen to your report and progress…” 

“What progress are you asking?” 

“About recruiting subordinates? 

As Tyria says that, she stunned… 

“It can’t be, you haven’t done anything?” 

“I couldn’t help it, I need to make some money first.” 

“Kuh, that is indeed a valid reason but…” 

Tyria groaned as her fist shook. 

“What kind of personnel should I gather, I wonder?” 

“Other than the secretary.” 

“That means, maid, cooks, accountant, ah, I also promised to make a workshop.” 

“A workshop?” 

Tyria leaned her head. 

“Yeah, I’m thinking of making a workshop to make weapons and armors.”

“I don’t mind that, but what about the craftsmen?” 

“Goldy said he has some good ideas…” 

“Have you really confirmed that?” 

“… Well, probably it’s fine…” 

“I understand. Tell me if you manage to secure craftsmen. I will instruct Sitter to build a workshop.” 

“Thank you. By the way, how am I going to collect, maids, cooks, and accountant?” 

“Don’t ask me.” 


Chrono exhaled a small sigh. 

“For the time being, I think it would be fine if you look outside.” 

“How such a piece of easy advice.” 

“You should act rather than being lazy staying inside the room…” 

“I guess I will take a walk.” 

“Well, isn’t that healthy of you…” 

He was not sure if he could be healthy just by doing that but, at least he wants to change his mood.