Kuro no Senki LN – V1-c16

“But, Goldy alone would make it impossible to mass-produce the item right? Do you have some craftsman with you?” 

“It is fine…” 

Goldy said those words with confidence. 

Chrono was a little worried but decided to trust him…

“I understand. Let’s build a workshop then…” 

“A-Are you sure?” 

“Sure, but, I will only going to build the workshop if you guarantee the craftsman…” 

“I-It is fine! I will do my best with all of my might!” 

“Then, let us continue the talk later, for now, we need to finish the inventory.” 

Chrono returned the composite bow back and resumed the inventory listing. 

“Vase, vase, vase, plate, plate, painting, painting… Great Hammer…” 

“Is that something that can be used for blacksmithing?” 

“Which mean, magic item eh?” 

The length of the great hammer was similar to that of the previous pole ax. 

It seems to be something that an ordinary person like him won’t be able to use it. Though he wishes that he at least could raise it… 

As he glanced to the side, he feels like he locked eyes with Lizardo. 

“Then, The Great Hammer, I will give it to Lizardo…” 

“… Thank you very much.” 

Lizardo turned to Chrono and placed his right first on his left chest. It was the imperial style salute. 

“Vases, Paintings, Palm-sized nude statue… 50 Great Swords… I guess this one should be handed to the smiting as well?” 

“Chrono-sama, You’re truly discerning…” 

“Two types of weapon decidedly goes to the research academy… The long sword should go to Leo.” 

“Thank you very much. I shall do my best using the sword.” 

Leo grabbed the long sword and saluted toward Chrono. 

“Carving, two swords… Is this also a magic sword?” 

“That’s right.” 

Chrono then picked up the sword as he muttered ‘this might be useable for me’… 

*Jiii*, But, Shiro and Haiiro gazed at Chrono intentionally… 

“… I guess these two should be for Shiro and Haiiro.” 

“I’m, happy!” 

“I will meet, Chrono-sama’s expectation!” 

Chrono was healed by Shiro and Haiiro innocent replies, then he continues to count the products one after another to complete the inventory. He feels fed up when he starts to count to fifty vases, but, when he thinks that it was almost done, he pumps out some spirit and continues working. Although Goldy had complained that his arm hurting so they took a few breaks—… 

“Six hundred and sixty… The last is a sword huh? Is this also a magic sword?” 

“That is not a magic weapon you know?” 

“Hnn? There’s an emblem on it though?” 

Chrono tilted his head, as he thought he had seen it somewhere before—… 

“Ah, that is the emblem of the imperial family. As expected, we can’t sell that.” 

“I think our head will fly if we sold that…” 

“Then, I will use it…” 

He thought it would be useful somehow since it has the imperial emblem. 

“Goldy, how is the inventory status?” 

“Please wait a moment.” 

Around 10 minutes pass—… 

“It’s done! The total items are 660 pieces, consists of 200 vases, 300 plates, 50 paintings, 10 large statues, 50 small statues, and 50 other beautifully decorated items…” 

“That’s a lot. How much we can get from those I wonder?” 

“I’m not sure.” 

“Goldy, you’re not sure as well?” 

“My specialty is making things after all.” 

Goldy frowned, looking troubled. 

“If we don’t know the market prices for it, those merchants might trick us and get it for dirt cheap eh? Any good ideas?” 

“Chrono-sama, may I?” 

“Leila, do you have a good idea?” 

“How about gathering some merchants and made them make estimation?” 

“Good idea.” 

“N-No, it was nothing much.” 

Leila shyly hides her face, but for him, it was indeed a good idea. 

He decided to gather multiple merchants to make prices estimation after he moves to the mansion. 

It was true that this method would cost them some money, compared to selling the item outright. 

However, it would be more likely the items would fetch for higher prices than the expenditure… 

But, Chrono wondered whether there was still a better choice… 


PICS Firm was a big company with various branches throughout the Kepheus Empire. Nicolas was a veteran merchant and a member of the firm branches in Marquis Erakis territory but, he lacked the talent for business. He took more time to get promoted to manage a branch, thus when he finally made it, he couldn’t really boast about it. 

That was because the branch in Marquis Erakis was a last-place that had been prepared for a person like Nicolas. It was as if being told that the good thing about him was being old. However, even with such an environment, he still seriously do business. He didn’t discriminate against anyone, and he also took care of the trouble of his apprentice. It was one evening, that a couple of men and a woman come to Nicolas Pics Firm. 

The age of the man was no more than 20 years old. The body was firm, but there was a vertical scar run from the right forehead to the cheek. He seems to have lost sight in his right eyes and closed the eyelid. Looking at the way he stands, he seems to be a military man. 

The woman was a half-elf. She seems to be over 20 years old, but that was just a rough estimation due to her appearance. Elves were said to have twice to five times as much as human life span, and half-elves whose draw blood from them also had the same life expectancy. 

She has a rather slender body shape– slightly malnourished- and was wearing shabby clothes. He wondered whether the military man bought the girl to have fun. 

“Do you have anything you need, sir?” 

“I want to look at some clothes for this girl.” 

Nicolas responded with a sales smile as he heard the request. 

From the way the request was spoken, he judged the man in front of him had received a high degree of education. 

Probably a nobleman officer. He judges the man in front of him might have a connection with Marquis Erakis. 

“Then, how about these clothes, sir?” 

Nicolas offered a deep blue indigo colored shirt, and beige tunic, and a skirt vest with the same colors. 

“Can she try it first?” 

“Of course, please enter the fitting room. Beth, please guide the customer.” 

Nicolas called out Beth, his apprentice merchant. 

After a while, the man opened his mouth… 

“Emm, also, I actually troubled with something and want to ask for some consultation, may I?” 

“Of course, what is it?” 

“I was ordered by a noble person to sell some work of arts, but I didn’t know the market prices…” 

“Oh, I see… If you’re fine with me, then I don’t mind listening…” 

It was a sincere word coming from him. Of course, he has some profit consideration for the firm, but if he didn’t help now, he might be scolded by Marquis Erakis. 

This was like helping a child to stop and not jump out to the road when there were a lot of carriages move fast… Thus it was natural for a person to help. 

“Then, may I start?” 

“Of course…” 

*Ah*, Then the man raised a small voice… 

“Is there something wrong, sir?” 

“I’m sorry for my late introduction. My name is Chrono. I’m the son of Baron Claude Crawford…” 

“Ah yes, I know…” 

If you’re at the same age as Nicolas, then you probably heard Baron Crawford’s name at least once. 

“Excuse me. My name is Nicolas.” 

Nicolas then exchanges a handshake with Chrono. 

“May I get the consultation immediately?” 

“Sure, no problem.” 

“That’s good then…” 

Chrono then smiled while looking relieved, but Nicolas soon regrets his words. Because he was actually had to identify the prices of 660 pieces of arts, and the sale was the next day.