Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c15

“General, where should I put this statue?” 

“It’s fine if you arrange them in the way that it would be easy to see…” 


Mino put the nude statue of a woman in the entrance hall. 

Although it was a full human-sized statue, compared to Mino, it was small… 

“Is this the last one?” 

“Yes, this is the last one from the treasure chest…” 

“But still, we do accumulate a lot…” 

Chrono looked around the entrance hall. Arts, crafts, weapons, magic items, were lined up here, and there. All were the previous Marquis Erakis collection. 

“Is there anything wrong?” 

“Somehow I just feel there’s no sense of unity between these goods…” 

Collectors usually collect things related to a particular genre or series. At least, there should be a direction… But, he could not feel any unity from the goods in front of him. He can’t help but feels that the previous Marquis Erakis had collected them just because he had the money. 

Well, it doesn’t matter what the previous Marquis had thought, with this— Chrono turned his eyes to his men, Mino, Lizardo, Horus, Leo, Shiro, Haiiro, Goldy, and Leila… 

“Thank you for everyone to come…” 

“There’s no need for any thanks… Besides this is a good chance to move around my dull body…” 

When Chrono thanked them, Mino replied. 

“General, we’re going to do it but, are you sure this is a fine thing to do?” 

“Yeah, Tyria had appointed me as the next Marquis Erakis…” 


“Which means, right now, I am Marquis Erakis.” 


“But, there’s still a continuation…” 


“I don’t have any money…” 

*Acha—*, Mino facepalmed… 

“General, that’s bad don’t you think? Without money, it’s the same as not having a head.” 

“That’s why I decided to sell the previous Marquis collection to make some money.” 

He didn’t tell them that we don’t have any money to pay the unpaid salary because he didn’t want to wake up a sleeping demon. 

He didn’t like how petty he was but, there was no other way this time around. 

“I understand why the General wants to sell the collection, but why are we lining them up here?” 

“If we want to sell them, we need to at least make an inventory…” 

“I think these goods would be sold fast though?” 

“I just want to keep tracks what kind of things we had and how much it sold…” 

“Well, if you say so…” 

What he did was necessary when one wants to sell something but, Mino somehow still not convinced… 

“Leila, help me make the catalog…” 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

Chrono offered a writing instrument— A parchment, a board, an inkwell, and a quill pen, but Leila didn’t accept them. She pulled back and appealed… 

“What’s wrong?” 

“General, Leila can’t write.” 

“I’m sorry.” 

Mino answered, and Leila looked down… 

“Is that so?” 

“Not many people are able to write and read sir…” 

“How did you guys perform shopping then?” 

“We might not be able to read, but to do daily things, it was not so hard…” 

“Then, what about the numbers? Can you guys count?” 

“Well, if it’s number counting then…” 

*Muu*, Chrono groaned… They couldn’t read and write, but they can count. Letters were not closely related to their life, but numbers did huh? That was what he thought. 

“Someone who can write, read, and count, raise your hand!” 

“I can.” 

Goldy raised his hand without fear… 

“How did you learn them?” 

“Before this, I’ve been working as a blacksmith. I can write and read to some extent, if not, I could get fooled by the merchants.” 

“I see it now.” 

The literacy in this country might be around 10 percent or even lower. 

He hadn’t been aware of it until now, but now he realizes a good human resource was hard to get in this world. 

“Goldy, nice to meet you then…” 


Chrono handed Goldy a set of writing instruments and went toward the nude statue. 

“One, nude statue. Second, a vase. Third—…” 

“The first is a nude statue, second is a vase, and third—…” 

Chrono said the name of the item, and Goldy writes it down on the parchment. 

“… Twenty, Pole Ax?” 

“Chrono-sama, this is a magic item made by a Kanuchi.” 

As Chrono looked unsure, Goldy explained it to him. 

“Kanuchi is the way to call a blacksmith in the olden day no?” 

“Kanuchi is a blacksmith school sect.” 

“I see…” 

Unexpectedly, there might be many people being transported to this world. Although the survival rate was pretty low. After all, it was as good as being stuck if you don’t try to understand the language the moment you come here… You would also be stuck if the moment you come here, you meet a bad guy as the first person you met… 

Only those who were lucky enough to survive and been socially successful where they could leave their own mark in history like Kanuchi. With that in mind, Chrono was incredibly lucky. Although it could also be called a stroke of bad luck, since if he called a good luck, he would not be teleported to this world in the first place. 

“Kanuchi made weapons which were very expensive. And when it comes to magic item, the value is immeasurable..” 

“Do you know what kind of power this weapon has?” 

“There should be some kind of a box with instruction on how to use it.” 

*That can’t be, emergency manual?*, That was what crossed Chrono mind as he looked at the pole ax. It has total length exceed 2 meters. The ax part is large on on side with double edged blade, and the tip of the spear look like a spearhead. The weight attached on the spear could crush someone skull. 

“Mino-san, can you use it?” 

“Well, of course, if it is just this much…” 

Mino lifted the pole ax lightly. 

“Then, I give that to Mino-san.” 

“General, are you serious?!” 

“It is better to use that thing as a weapon…” 

Perhaps due to feeling impressed, Mino body was shaking. 

“Next… A glass? No, lets call it watery crystal?” 

“Chrono-sama, this is a magic item that allows you to speak to a distant partner.” 

As Chrono gazed at the twenty or so spheres in a wooden box, Leila explained. 

“How far is the range?” 

“You can talk to someone anywhere within Hachel.” 

“Why the previous Marquis didn’t use it if it was this convenient…?” 

“That because it was expensive…” 

“Ah, I see…” 

The magic item for a long range communication was not a common item but collector items. 

It seems it had become the previous owner pride, thus he decided not to use it. 

“I will give everyone later…” 

“Is that okay?” 

“I’m not a collector…” 

Chrono shrugs his shoulders lightly. 

“Next is a bow huh?” 

Chrono grabbed the bow and looked carefully. 

Apparently, it was a bow made by combining various materials… 

“This is a composite bow huh?” 

“It’s amazing isn’t it?” 

“It has a good range and power that can’t be compared to a long bow…” 

“Hee, is that so?” 

Chrono gazed at the bow. 

“Can we mass produce this thing?” 

“I think you can do it if we have a workshop…” 

“A workshop eh?” 

He wants to control the expenses but, if he could supply his subordinates with a high quality goods, his subordinates would be less likely to die. 

Then if that was the case, the answer was simple. There was no need for him to worry further… But, there was still one problem..