Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c14

When Chrono entered the Marquis office inside the mansion, Tyria was already sitting there. 

Only several minutes had passed since the last time they saw each other. 

“You sure late…” 

“I do come here as fast as possible you know?”

“O hou? I thought you’re flirting with that Half-Elf though?” 

“What do you mean?” 

Cold sweat rain down on Chrono’s back, but he keeps calm and asked… 

“I received a report from my subordinates…” 

“Maybe they are wrong?” 


Tyria exhaled a small sigh… 

“But, a half-elf is a no go.” 


“Because of the difference in status. Anyway, love affairs between different status tent to be glorified but, the reality is not…” 

“Do you have such love experience Tyria?” 

“There’s no reason for me to have it, no? That is a common-sense after all…” 

“I see, then?” 

“In case of status difference, oftentimes, the other side is not looking at you but the gold behind you. In the future, Baron Crawford’s household would be succeeded by you after all…” 

“Tyria, you sure are amazing…” 

“Of course… After all, I am a princess.” 

It was mean to be a touch of sarcasm, but Tyria proudly puffed her chest. 

“Do you understand why Half-Elf is a no go?” 

“Yes, well, I understand…” 

But, he decided to keep following his own heart. As Tyria says, Leila may have aimed for his fortune but, she had given up on everything just because she was a half-elf, and she still decided to pursue Chrono. 

Which he believes it would need a lot of courage from her to make such a decision. Of course, that was just Chrono’s imagination, but he still wants to believe in Leila, who says “My love is yours.” 

Well, Tyria would be angry if he said that, which cause Chrono to sigh… 

“So, what’s wrong?” 

“Umu, actually… There’s a piece of good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?” 

“Bad news first…” 


Tyria nodded. 

“Well, then… the bad news is Marquis Erakis is dead…” 

“I see…” 

“Your reaction is too dull don’t you think? Be more surprised would you?” 

“I would be surprised if he manages to escape, but, he’s dead instead…” 

When someone who had killed many people died, he believed he could only reach that much… 

“What is the cause of death?” 

“Death by poison. Apparently, he had hidden the poison…” 


“Do you want me to say, I killed him? Will that make you happy?” 

When Chrono doubted her, Tyria replied with a sulking tone. 

“I don’t believe you did that but, it is also true that many people would wish to seal his mouth…” 

“That is very unlikely…” 

“Why do you think that?” 

“Because I’ve ordered some people to keep close eyes on him…” 

“I see…” 

“I’m not so careless to the point of leaving him unguarded…” 

“I can understand that Marquis Erakis has committed suicide but, anyway, you sure can relax sitting there?” 

“Hnn? Ah, the chair is it?” 

Tyria leaned against the chair… 

“It is a comfortable chair to sit.” 

“You don’t feel repulsive or anything?” 

“If I do harbor such feeling just because of this, we need to burn the entire mansion…” 

Tyria said as she looked stunned… 

“So, the good news?” 

“We have decided the replacement for Marquis Erakis…” 

Tyria grinned, and Chrono could feel once again cold sweat rain down… 

“Can I go home?” 

“Not a chance. Or rather, why always going home?” 

“Not always… Only when I feel unpleasant hunch…” 

“When talking with me, are you saying you have a bad feeling?” 

“Well, roughly…” 

“Unfortunately, that premonition is wrong…” 

Tyria said that while looking proud… 

“Then, I’m not the replacement of Marquis Erakis, yes?” 


When Chrono asked while looking terrified, Tyria was silent… 

“How, did you know that?” 

“As I said, I have this bad feeling…” 

Tyria groaned as Chrono sighed deeply… 

“Anyway, you’re the successor. From today onward, you are Marquis Erakis.” 

“Can I decline?” 

“Why decline?” 

Tyria asked back with a serious tone… 

“It’s impossible for me. I’m amateur when it comes to territorial management, and one day I have to succeed Baron Crawford household in the future…” 

Baron Crawford territory was south of the empire, on the other hand, Marquis Erakis was near the northwestern edge of the Empire. 

If the territory was close there might be a way, but like this, it would be impossible. 

“It would take many years until you succeed Baron Crawford’s house, in the meantime, why not think what to do for now?” 

“I guess so but, Tyria, is it fine for you to decide that?” 

“Not really but, this is emergency after all. That’s why my father approves it.” 

Tyria said those words while frowning. 

“I want to ask, why me?” 

“… Fumu.” 

Tyria folded her arms and pondered. 

“– It’s difficult to say it into words but, anyway, I’m counting on you…” 

“What you asked is a hard thing to do you know?” 

Chrono pretended to be calm but he was actually nervous due to the unexpected surprise. 

“But, that is my honest feeling. You might not have much experience but—…” 

“How harsh…” 

“You think so? I thought I had expressed my feeling pretty mildly though?” 

“Which part of any of this mild?” 

“Don’t you think the way I convey it makes it feels like I’m hopeless? Don’t you feel that’s a little cute?” 

“No, not really…” 

“Is that so?” 

Tyria looked sulking for some reason… 

“So, what are you going to do?” 

“Fine, I’ll do it.” 

“That’s good then…” 

Tyria smiled happily this time… 

“By the way, how many budgets do we have?” 


Tyria immediately replied. 

“Maybe my hearing is bad but? Let me ask again, how much does the princess going to donate?” 

“Like I said, none. I have used all of the coins inside Marquis Erakis vault to pay the severance pay for those who he previously hired…” 

“Did you actually fired even the servants?” 

“We have no use for them even if we keep them around… That’s why it would be better for us to pay retirement money and let them quit… Or are you saying we should just throw them out without any payment?” 

“No, well, but no money, no people, how am I going to manage this territory?” 

“If you can get through until the 10th month of the year, we can collect tax…” 

“The problem is how am I going to get through until then…” 

Chrono sighed, and begin to think he should’ve declined the over… 

“In regard to taxes, I need to have administrative official…” 

“If it’s administrative official then, you can use some of my subordinates…” 

“Are you sure that is fine?” 

“In the first place, the reason why I bring talented human resources with me was for that. So you don’t have to worry about administrative officials…” 

“For the time being, I will check the situation…” 

“Then let’s talk about another report…” 

Tyria then pulls out a parchment onto the desk… 

“Based on the report, it says there are 60,000 gold coins of unpaid wages…” 


Chrono shouted… 

“If we subtract the number of dead soldiers then, we still need 39,000 gold coins…” 

“That’s still a huge amount. What do you expect me to do by telling me about such debt?” 

“Oh come on, since a while ago you’re complaining about money, money, money all the time…” 

“If Tyria didn’t carelessly paid severance pay to the servants and fire them, we won’t have this kind of problem in the first place…” 

“No, well, I do feel that was my bad…” 

“Ah, fine. I’ll just manage the budget myself…” 

Chrono sighed and left the office.