Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c13


(How did this all happen?), Chrono pondered as he gazes at the ceiling. 

Last night, he embraced Leila with all of his might, and in the end, he was unable to solve the misunderstanding. 

He wondered if it was fine to do something like this. 

As he thought that, his gaze wandered and he saw Leila sleeping peacefully by his side. 

A beautiful woman that he would only dream of in his previous world now sleeping by his side. 

With that in mind, he feels that the current situation was not bad. 

What was done is done… He decided to face tomorrow and not looking back. 


Leila moaned and her eyes slowly open. 

“… Chrono-sama?” 

“You can sleep a bit more you know?” 

Leila then nodded and rubbed her head on his chest like a puppy. 

“Slightly raise your head.” 

“Eh? Sure…” 

Leila while confused raised her head and Chrono slipped his arm underneath. 

“You can sleep on it.” 


“It’s fine…” 

Leila hesitantly put her head on Chrono’s arm. 

“Emm, won’t this troubled Chrono-sama?” 

“If anything, I’m happy…” 

As Chrono played with her pointed ears, Leila squinted her eyes. 

“I’m sorry. I feel like I won’t be able to find happiness if I let go of this opportunity… I’ve lost my mind…” 

Leila who looked embarrassed caused Chrono to start to lose his calm. 

“You’re happy now?” 

“Yes, I’m happy. It was my first time to experience something that gentle…” 

“That is good then…” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Well, I thought you’ve guessed but, that was my first time you see…” 

When he remembered last night, his cheeks feel hot. 

He had been studying about it but in the end, all of that was still fiction. 

“… I’m sorry. Emm, for your first time to be with me…” 

“No, there’s no reason for you to apologize for that…” 

Leila then moaned as Chrono scratched her cheek. Besides, he believes his virginity should be discarded not protected. No matter what people think about equal exchange. 

Still, Leila was so cute last night, that was what Chrono thought. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

Leila looking down— At Chrono’s groin which was in a good spirit. 

“… I know it is in the morning but…” 

“Y-Yes, please leave it to me!” 

“Thank you very much.” 

Chrono woke up and tried to cover Leila with a cover when the sound of the door being knocked come… 

“What kind of timing is that?!” 

“Chrono-sama, it might be work after all…” 

“Khu, damn it…” 

Chrono gets out of bed and put on his pants. 

“Leila, cover yourself with the futon.” 

“Yes”, she responded and cover her body with the futon up to her shoulders. The sound of knocking on the door resounded once again. 

“Yes~, Please wait a moment!” 

Chrono opened the door and there he saw Tyria standing in front of the door. 


Chrono silently tried to close the door. The sound of the knocking resounded once again, and he tried to open the door gently… 

“Why did you close it?” 

“I was wondering if I saw the wrong person. So, what’s wrong? Why are you here, Tyria?” 

“Umu, I had something to tell you.” 

“To come personally in this kind of time, don’t you have someone to sent instead?” 

“Umu, I’ve left Sitter to organize the documents. That is why I have no choice but to come by myself.” 

Tyria proudly said those words. 

“My talk will be a bit longer but, can I go in?” 


“Why, what’s wrong?” 

Tyria tilted her head. 

Of course, he couldn’t say that Leila was sleeping on his bed—… 

“Ah well, because the room is in a mess!” 

“I don’t mind about that you know?” 

“I mind! I know I am a man but, I still don’t want to show my messy room to a girl!” 

“I don’t understand well but, somehow you’re being too insistent. Then, I will wait for you in the office.” 

“I shall come immediately!” 

“Umu, I’ll wait.” 

Tyria nodded and turned her heels. 

Chrono after confirming Tyria had gone down the stairs, he closed the door. 

“… Chrono-sama.” 

“It seems I have to go to the office immediately. Leila too, as usual, no? Also, I know we have a relationship between a man and a woman but, you should not flaunt it and take an arrogant attitude about it, alright?” 

“Of course.” 

Inside his mind, Chrono patted his chest. He doesn’t want Leila to take an arrogant attitude toward the others just because she had a relationship with him, like a co-worker in a part-time job who becomes like a boss after going out with the manager.