Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c12

When Chrono entered the hospital hall, Leila was surrounded by her friends. 

She wears her old clothes and only brings a single bag. Perhaps, that was everything she has on her. 

“… Leila.” 


When Chrono called her name, Leila opened her eyes wide. 

“Why do you suddenly want to leave the military?” 


Leila kept her mouth closed. 

“…Also, what do you mean I can’t be proud of you?” 

“Who told you that?” 

She must’ve noticed that Shiro was the one who told him. As Leila glared at Shiro. 

“I want you to tell me the reason… Otherwise, I can’t accept you leaving…” 

“… I, was someone from the imperial capital slump. I was a child born between a mother who was a prostitute and her customer. I’ve been violated many times before I joined the army, and even after I came here… That kind of me, how can I feel pride by your side, Chrono-sama?” 

Leila smiled sadly. Chrono understood that she had experienced a lot of painful things. 

And she might’ve convinced that because she was a half-elf born of a prostitute, it was something natural for her to experience painful things many times over. That was why Leila wants to make Chrono given up on her by letting him learning her past. 

Hearing her words, Chrono couldn’t say anything. He has to say something. He knew he won’t be able to stop Leila unless he says something. But no words come out of his mouth. 

He was proud of Leila. That was his true feeling. If he were to lie about that then everything in Chrono’s life would be a lie. But even those words could only hurt Leila. 

How can he stop Leila? What should he do? As Chrono’s thought spinning, Leila walked away. 


Chrono reflexively grabbed Leila’s wrist. 

“Let me go! I’m happy that Chrono-sama had called me beautiful! But, I’m not a good girl! That’s why I can’t believe it! I won’t believe in words that have no proof!” 

“… The…” 

As Leila shouted her words, Chrono muttered his words softly. 


“The universal declaration of human rights!”

As he fell into a panic, Chrono remembered what he learned during junior high school. 

“Well, everyone was born free… and equal in dignity and rights, no? Anyway, that is the basis of the human rights declaration.” 

“I’ve never heard of the universal declaration of human rights.” 

Leila answered while looking confused, Chrono panicked once again.

“Ah, well, to tell you the truth, I was from another world.” 

“Are you trying to tell lie?” 

“No, I’m not! In the world I was in, I was taught that there were no commoners or nobles, and I should not discriminate against anyone. That’s why… Emm…” 

Chrono desperately tried to speak his words but, the more he speaks the more incomprehensible he was. After all, to say he had come from another world, no matter what, it was too absurd. It won’t be weird if everyone thought he was stupid if he says that. 

“Why are you trying to create such a lie for my sake?” 

“I’m not lying… Ah, well, you don’t have to believe in the fact that I came from another world but… There’s no lie in the feeling that I want to stop you.” 

“Can I be beside Chrono-sama?” 

“Of course.” 

“I’m a half-elf, the daughter of a prostitute, and I’ve been violated many times over…” 

“How you are born and grow are irrelevant. Also, Leila is just a victim as someone who lived in a slum… I’m sorry that, I can’t do anything about it…” 

“I understand.” 

Leila then wiped her tears. 

“Chrono-sama, please give me some time to sort out my feeling. I want to think carefully and then respond to Chrono-sama’s feeling.” 

“Take your time, and think slowly…” 

Leila then responded with nodding her head. 



“I’m tired…” 

Chrono sat down on his bed in one of the hospital rooms and exhaled a small sigh. 

“Leila, will she stay?” 

He wants her to stay, but in the end, it was her decision to make. He can’t force her. 

“I hope she won’t do anything rash…” 

When he mumbled those words, the sound of knocking on the door was heard. 

“Who might that be?” 

Chrono stood up and opened the door. 

There, he saw Leila stood in front of him. 

“… Emm, Chrono-sama.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

He was trying to use a gentle voice but, it caused Leila’s body to stiffen. 

She looked like a child being scolded. 

“For you to come at this time… Did you sneak in?” 

“… Yes…” 

When she nodded her head, footsteps could be heard. Apparently, a patrol was about to pass by. 

“For now, come in…” 


Chrono invited Leila to come inside the room and closed the door. 

“I told you to think carefully, so I thought it would take more time.” 

“I’m sorry. But, after that meeting, I was thinking desperately…” 

Then Leila suddenly jumped into Chrono’s chest. 

“I-I think I love Chrono-sama too!” 


“Was I a nuisance?” 

“No, I’m happy…” 

(Wrong! What’s wrong with this situation?!), That was what inside Chrono’s mind while hugging Leila. 

Anyway, he decided to find a way to dispel the misunderstanding. Chrono then separates himself and let Leila sit on the bed. 

“Sit properly alright?” 

“… Yes.” 

Leila shyly sits down next to Chrono. Suddenly sweat gushes out on his back. 

Looking next to him, Leila also looked anxious. 

Her ears were slightly down. Seeing that Chrono immediately averted his gaze forward. 

How long have they been sitting on the bed? Suddenly he could feel soft feeling was being pressed against his arm. 

Looking again next to him, there a pair of golden eyes gazed at him. 

“Chrono-sama, I don’t mind being one of your mistresses. Please let me stay by your side. My love is just for you…” 


That was it… Chrono pushed Leila on the bed. 

“… Chrono-sama, if possible, please be gentle…” 

“I-I understand.” 

Chrono then gently kissed Leila.