Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c11

When Chrono left the main gate of the Marquis’ house, Mino walked up to him. 

“General, thank you for your hard work…” 

“Uh, I’m really tired…” 

Chrono exhaled a small sigh. 

“If you’re tired, let us go back for today.” 

“No, there are still some subordinates who waited for me–…” 

“They won’t be able to take a peaceful rest if the General always visited them…” 

“As expected, did they got confused with my doing?” 


Mino didn’t answer. But for Chrono, that alone was enough as an answer. 

He thought that they should say so if they feel confused… 

“General, you’re indeed a weird one.” 

“I’m just a normal person, you know?” 

“No, you’re especially weird when compared to the others. After all, you put your life on the line for the demi-humans, and even arrange hospitals for them…” 

“Thanks to Tyria for that hospital.” 

“It is easy to know that the Imperial Highness won’t move unless the General advised her…” 

“You think so?” 

“I’m sorry to say this but, I might be someone who chooses to work even when the pay is only a single gold coin. But, I believe the Imperial Highness wouldn’t care about such a thing…” 

“That… Wait…” 

Chrono tried to deny Mino’s words but, he then realized… 

“Did you say a single gold coin?” 

“Yes, as I told you…” 

“Do you know that the monthly salary for the soldiers is 2 gold coins?” 

“We know, but this much is already a common thing. Besides, it is already good that we got paid a single gold coin…” 

Hearing that, Chrono groaned, for him, Mino sounded like a salaryman working for a black company. 

Even if there was a crackdown to prevent fraud, if no one even knows how to process the procedure, then it would be useless… 

In any case, it seems the embezzlement of the military expenses seems to be a certain thing. Now, the rest was for him to get the evidence. 


“What’s wrong?” 

Mino becomes worried when Chrono suddenly being silent. 

“Mino-san, actually, I was asked by Tyria to find any evidence of embezzlement of military money…” 


Mino screamed and looked around. 

“What are you going to do if someone hears you? If you get betrayed again like before then—…” 

“I trusted you besides, if I got betrayed again then I just have no eyes for people…” 

“I see, so you trusted me is it?” 

“Well, it is natural for me to believe in my own adjutant, no?” 

*Bufu*, Mino exhaled through his nose. 

“May I ask you a question?” 


“Where is the benefit for the General?”

“Well, at least Tyria will owe me one.” 

“In my opinion, the General doesn’t seem like someone who interested in a successful career. Yet, whey are you doing something like this?” 

“I’ve been asked by Tyria to do it, and I have no reason to protect Marquis Erakis. And I also hope by doing this the treatment of Mino-san and the others would be better…” 

Then Chrono continued… 

“I want to be someone my parents can be proud of…” 


Mino pondered quietly… 

“I understand. I will follow the General…” 

“Alright! Then, let us break into the accounting office now!” 


Mino opened his eyes wide. 

“Strike while the iron is still hot, no?” 

“No, well, doing something like this, don’t you need a bit careful about it?”

“Thinking too much would only bring nothing you know?” 

If they let more time goes by, the accounting office might be asked to hide the evidence even if they were being tortured. 

Besides, if something goes wrong, he believed that Tyria would be able to do something about it. 

Chrono with Mino once again entered the Marquis house. 

Entering the residence, they immediately move… 

No one could stop them, and they finally reached their destination— The accounting office. 

“Chrono-dono, what’s wrong?” 

When he entered the room, the accountant stood up and approaches him. 

The person in charge of accounting was a man with no particular style. He had a medium height and looks like a serious person. 

Though it was hard to say that when he might be involved in the embezzlement but—… 

“By any chance, the previous salary—…” 


When Chrono was asked, he immediately kicked the one in charge of the accounting while raising a weird shout…

The person in charge of the accounting was then being knocked down. 


“W-Wait, p-please stop!” 

Chrono gives another kick to the accountant… 


“Hyooo! Hooo!” 

As he shouts weird sounds, he continues to kick the accountant until he becomes like a turtle. 

“Why, why did you kick me?” 

“Take it out.” 

“Take out what?” 

“… Fuh…” 

Chrono sighed and kicked the accountant once again. 

The person in charge of accounting talked back while glaring at him. 

“The bookkeeping, you know what I meant, yes? I know Marquis Erakis is embezzling his military expenses…” 

“I don’t know anything about such a book.” 

“Mino-san, let us break one of his fingers…” 

*Yes, sir…* Mino then grabbed the accountant’s neck and extend his arm… 

“General, he clasped his fist.” 

“It’s fine…” 

Chrono then jumps and kicks the accountant’s fist. 

The sound of broken bones could be heard as the accountant screamed. 

“We can just open his fist like this…” 

“It would be troublesome to clean you up, you better start talking…” 

“Damn it, Damn it! Don’t joke with me! I told you there’s no secret accounting book didn’t I?! I was only told by Marquis Erakis to copy and be silent—…” 

“If you continue spouting lies, we will set your house on fire you know?” 

“— Khu!” 

When Chrono shouted those words, the accountant gasped… 

“M-My family has nothing to do with those things!” 

“As if I care!” 

Chrono kicked the accountant’s face once more. It caused the accountant to lose some of his teeth. 

“Do you think the injustice would go unpunished?” 

“Let me tell you something, her highness the princess won’t even help you… Even if your family dies a tragic death…” 


“Want me to prove it?” 

When he saw Chrono’s smile, the accountant froze. 

“If you cooperate, I won’t mind helping you, you know?” 

“What kind of a reward?” 

“If you give me the secret accounting book, I will let you and your family go…” 

“How can I trust you?” 

“I’m telling you, I will give you a chance to start over in a new land.” 

The accounting eyes then started to wonder—… 

“… I understand. I will give you the secret accounting book.” 

He speaks those words after a long silence. 

“… Mino-san.” 

“Yes, sir, I understand.”

When Mino let him go, the accountant stood up. 

He walked toward his desk and took out a bunch of parchments from the drawer. 

“What are you guys doing?!” 

Looking back, an angry man was standing there. It was Marquis Erakis. Tyria said she had left him behind but it seems that didn’t mean he would stay there. Marquis Erakis then approached Chrono not knowing that his luck has run out. 

“Chrono-dono, what are you doing I wonder?” 

“I just want to pick up the evidence of embezzlement.” 

“W-What are you saying. I’m not doing any of such a thing…” 

“Hou, you sure can talk, your face has turned pale you know?” 

As Marquis Erakis turned around, he saw Tyria stood there… 

“Your Highness! This must’ve been a misunderstanding!” 

“I have evidence of the injustice!” 

When Marquis Erakis shouted his plea, the accountant raises his voice as he raised his hand holding the accounting book. 

“Y-You bastard! are you going to betray me?!” 

“I’m not going to die a double suicide with you! Your Highness! I want to present this evidence! Of course, I will also give my testimony! Please save my life!” 

Chrono then looked at the accountant involuntarily. 

It seems after he realized that he couldn’t escape, he decided to betray Marquis Erakis. 

“I-I’m the head of the marquis household, which has been in existence for seven generations!” 

“I know.” 

Tyria said those words while looking disgusted. 

“My father, my grandfather… My relatives have died to take your father to the throne! Is this how your highness going to pay our loyalty with?!” 

“That is why I have placed you, a lord, as a battalion commander! Do you know, something like that hardly happens?!” 

Tyria yelled back at Marquis Erakis. 

“My father… The Emperor, you’re the one who betrayed his majesty trust first! I shall make you atone your sin!” 


Marquis Erakis groaned with his face turn red. 

“At least, I will show you some mercy. I will personally listen to your confession so that no one could use it to make a false accusation.” 

“I-It’s over…” 

Marquis Erakis crunched down as he held his head. 

“… I guess we’ve finished our first stage eh?” 

“No, well, I’m not sure what to say…” 

Mino seems to have given up on commenting but, with this at least everything would be fine… 

At that time, Shiro jumped into the room. 

“Chrono-sama, emergency!” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Leila, army, she’s going to quit she said!” 

“Eh? Why?” 

“Leila said, she cannot become someone that Chrono-sama could be proud of. Though, I don’t understand what she means by that…” 

“Eh? Wait, stop her right away, and wait for me!” 

Chrono made the decision despite feeling confused. 

“Where is she?” 

“Hospital hall, currently we’re trying to stop her.” 

“Why, the hospital?” 

“We thought Chrono-sama was there.” 

“… I see.” 

Apparently, Leila thought Chrono was back in the hospital so she went there to say farewell… 

“No, I guess this is not the time for me to think too much!” 

Chrono then jumped out of the room.