Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c10

As Chrono entered the Marquis office, he saw Tyria sat down on the chair waiting for him. 

“You’re slow, Chrono.” 

“I’ve come as soon as I could you know?” 

Chrono closed the door behind him and moved toward the center of the room. 

“By the way, where’s Marquis Erakis?” 

“I left him in the primeval forest.” 

“Is that okay?” 

Because he has to watch over in case another invasion happens again…” 

Tyria replied… 

“So, why do you call me?” 

“I haven’t told you the reason why I told you to return to Marquis Erakis territory, no?” 


Chrono tried to silently turn his heels. He had a bad feeling about this meeting. He might be rude but, he was sure he would be forgiven for this time. 

“Don’t run away!” 

At that moment, something grazed his cheek and pierced the door. It was a quill pen. 

Rising steam could be seen from the pen as well. She definitely used a Divine Art. 

“Oi, is it fine to use Divine Art for something like this?” 

“This is important after all. So I believe the Gods would forgive me for my pure method.” 

Seeing he couldn’t escape, Chrono then turned his body once again. 

“So, for what reason?” 

“I’ve some information that Marquis Erakis has been embezzling military expenditure. I came here to investigate that.” 

“Embezzlement of military expenditure?” 

Chrono asked back involuntarily… 

Military expenditure meaning soldiers’ salaries, food, and equipment were covered by imperial taxes. 

Such a policy was built to reduce the burden of the lords, but the real purpose was so that those lords won’t create their own military faction. 

To do that, the Empire had set the monthly salary of the soldiers at two gold coins. 

It was the amount of money that a decent craftsman could make in a month, but for those who aren’t, the amount was quite extraordinary. 

That amount was the minimum wage for hiring private soldiers. 

Given the fact that being a mercenary in the Empire was regarded as a non-legitimate job, one could say they have achieved some success with that salary. 

Of course, such a policy would become a huge burden on the Empire. 

The Empire spends nearly half of its tax revenues on military spending to maintain a standing army. 

Which means, they don’t want any form of a warlord in their territory even more. 

If Marquis Erakis really embezzling military expenditure, then death would be inevitable. 

“How are you going to prove it?” 

“That includes in my investigation this time…” 

“Isn’t that dangerous?” 


Tyria didn’t reply. If the embezzlement was true, marquis Erakis would not let any evidence pass. He might use all of his connections to escape the hanging. 

“If something happened to you, I believe I can immediately start investigation though?” 

“Scary! We are friends, were we?” 

“I think you’re a friend but…” 


“It doesn’t mean it would stay like that forever?” 

“Don’t you dare fooling me by saying something cool!” 

Chrono said those come back as he saw Tyria cynical smile. 

“Joking aside.” 

“So it was a joke.” 

Chrono stroked his chest. 

“Of course. I won’t put you in danger you know?” 


“How a distrustful guy you are… In the first place, Marquis Erakis should already realize the merit and demerit of killing you by now.” 

“I wonder if I should believe people who did embezzlement?” 

He thought Tyiria’s idea was reasonable but, he couldn’t help but worry. 

“I do know he had hired some hoodlums as well, though I was also thankful it turns into a certain military might…” 

“We can’t go with that alone.” 

“Why? There’s testimony too right?” 

“We can’t move with testimony alone either. We have to go through the process, no matter how desperate you are…” 

Tyria said those words with a fed-up tone. 

“… Chrono…” 

Tyria then stared at Chrono. 

“Would you like to cooperate with the investigation? Of course, I would reward you handsomely for it.” 

“… Sure.” 

Chrono nodded after a short pause. 

“As expected of my friend!” 

“I’ll make some effort but, don’t expect much…” 

“Your fault is that self-esteem of yours. You’ve won against General Ignis of the Holy Argo Kingdom, be more dignified a little…” 

“If I’m that confident, I won’t win in the first place…” 

Chrono sighed as he responded with those words.