Kuro no Senki LN – v1-c1

Western calendar, February 2019— When Hisamitsu opened the door, he could feel the cold and dry wind. 

The moment he went out of the door, his view went blank. 

His field of vision returned immediately but, what appeared on his view was a slanted view. 

He had lost consciousness. It should’ve been a momentary event. 

However, in that short period of time, he had lost his standing posture. 

If he was someone who had learned martial art then he might’ve been able to recover his posture. 

No wait, even with that it would’ve been hard. After all, Hisamitsu was someone who had never exercise his body outside of physical education. 

That was why, even if he mastered any kind of martial arts, it would be no wonder if it already turned rusty. It would be worse if he was an amateur… 

*How unlucky*, such words crossed Hisamitsu’s mind. 

Today– He was about to take the high school entrance exam, but as soon as he left the door, he fell down. 

If that was not being unlucky, then what else. 

However, he feels there could not be helped. At least, he should pray he won’t get injured. 

Thinking that far, Hisamitsu realized that the time flow soo slow. 

*If it is like this, then I might be able to do something*, thinking such a thing, he tried to reach his bicycle ahead of him. 

His fingertip caught on the basket but, that alone could not support his body. 

The bicycle slowly tilts and the door tile becomes bigger and bigger… 

Hisamitsu immediately closed his eyes but even when he waited, the sense he had hit something didn’t come… 

And then—… 

“It hurts!” 

A light shock penetrated his body, and Hisamitsu immediately opened his eyes. 

“… This is?” 

When he opened his eyes and looked around, he was in the middle of cultivated fields. A small sprout was peeping out of the soil, indicating something had just been seeded there. And as far as he could see, it spread all over. 

“Why am I in the middle of the field?” 

Hisamitsu murmured as he stood up. The school bag slipped off his shoulder. 

When he unconsciously looked at the ground, the bicycle was laying down there… 

“… What should I do, I wonder?” 

Hisamitsu exhaled and looks up the heavens… 


The Empire calendar, year 430, the fifth month, early ten days of the month– Chrono walked following the wheel track… 

There was part of it hidden by the grass but, the wheel track continues deep into the forest. 

If what people, horses, and carriages pass was called a road, then this was definitely a road. 

However, it was not a road that a feudal lord maintained. It was the so-called shortcut road. 

The roads managed by the lords were relatively safe and maintained, but to pass that road, one needs to pay a toll. 

Of course, the more you walk on the road, the more one’s need to pay. 

It was a big burden for peddlers and commoners. So, they find a way to save money and avoid paying the toll. 

“I don’t think the money is worth the risk though…” 

But then good people won’t do something like that in the first place, Chrono sighed… 

When he thought that, something moved in the back of the forest. Reflectively he squeezes his sword and looks around, but he could not see the enemy. 

*I guess that was natural huh?* Even the enemy was not a fool. If they noticed him, then they would’ve hidden behind things. 

*There’s nothing?* He talked to himself while holding the handle of the sword. 

Chrono who had just graduated from the military academy had no experience in real combats. 

At the very least, if he gets good grades, it could cheer him up. 

But unfortunately, Chrono had bad grades up until his graduation. 

Of course, he put his efforts, but he could hardly master the skills needed for a fight. 

That was why he wondered if his sword could work against the enemy if it comes out. But then, even before that, he needs to question himself whether he could kill another being or not. 

As Chrono gaze deep into the forest, an audacious voice could be heard.

“General, what’s wrong?” 


Looking back, a big man with Pole Ax standing there. 

But no, looking at the person carefully, one should wonder whether the man could be considered as a big man. He had steel muscles with a height that exceeds two meters. 

If we gathered one hundred people, most of them would definitely refer to him as a giant. 

But the reason why the people won’t call him human was that he had a cow head as a head. 

He was indeed not a human. He was a beast-men tribe known as the minotaur. 

His name was Mino. A soldier with over a decade of career, currently he was working under Chrono as his adjutant. 

“General, what’s wrong?” 

Because Chrono didn’t give him any answer the first time, Mino repeated his question. 

“Something is moving inside the forest.” 

“I can’t see anything you know? Maybe you’re mistaking it, General?” 

“I wonder?” 

“General, please look around.” 

As Mino told him, Chrono looked around while holding the handle of his sword. 

Around him, he saw his subordinates mow down the trees, and processing them. 

“How many people?” 

“I’ve checked in advance, around 700 people.” 

“Most of them are beast-men tribes with sharp sense. There is no way for them to not notice anything if there’s an enemy in front of us.” 

“In other words, it was just my mistake was it?” 

Chrono then took off his hand from the sword’s handle and wipe his sweaty hand on his military uniform. 

“Well, everyone would be nervous if they did something for the first time.” 

“First time huh?” 

Chrono could feel his stomach started to hurt. 

“Are you alright?” 

“Sorry, I feel like I’m about to leak…” 

“To think you want to join the army with such a mind.” 

“My father told me that aristocrats should attend a military academy. And besides, back then, I never thought I would fight against another country you know…” 

“At the eastern border, The Holy Argo Kingdom, it is normal to have some skirmishes against them.” 

“I know that..” 

The Holy Argo Kingdom was a religious country north of the Kepheus Empire. 

Between them, they had hostile relations, which cause a lot of skirmishes along the border. 

For all that, the national border on the east was under Emperor Nouji’s direct control. 

“I’ve never thought one could use the primeval forest as advance route…” 

“Of course that would be most likely…” 

Mino nodded his head while crossing his thick arms. 

Between the Cepheus Empire and The Holy Argo Kingdom, there was primeval forest. 

It was because of that forest the scale of the skirmishes were limited. 

“Besides, isn’t it weird that the Marquis Erakis with justifiable distance didn’t help? Furthermore, they asked us to fight against 10,000 men with only 1,000 men, I believe we should joint all of our force if we want to win against the enemy.” 

Chrono then drooped his shoulders. 

“At least, if the support army comes…” 

“I think, it would be better if we give up on them.” 

“I guess so…” 

Chrono exhaled. Even if they wanted to call asking for reinforcement from Marquis Erakis, they won’t respond favorably. 

“Rick and the others as well, they didn’t return. Was it because I didn’t lend him money? Damn it, had I know this, I would lend some of my money….” 

“It was easy to think that he was able to escape just by lending money. General, from your standpoint, Isn’t it better for you to run away?” 

“Why do you think that?” 

“Well, of course, since it would be more beneficial for you, General.” 

“No no no, it would be definitely a loss if I run away now. It would be better for me to fight than run away.” 

One might choose to run away if they come from a famous family but, Chrono household, the Crawford family was a new noble household. The house won’t be able to escape from punishment if he were to run away. 

“Also, I can’t just leave everything on my subordinates and run away.” 

“We’re just *demi-human*, there are no profits in being kind to us.” 

Mino said that while emphasizing on the demi-human part. 

Demi-humans was a term to refer the elf, dwarf, beast-men, it was almost like a universal name. 

They suffered discrimination and prosecution, often being the target of harm, and in some countries, they make a demi-human eradication as a policy. 

“I’m not particularly being kind here…” 

“Then, why did you stay?” 

“I said it a while ago, It would be better for me to stay and fight.” 

“I don’t understand why General thinks that we had the chance to win but…” 

Mino stared at the forest. At the end of his gaze, he was looking at the fence being build surrounding the road. 

“Do you think the fence could stop the enemy? Won’t they be able to get rid of the fence?” 

“I think it would be hard for them to do so since we had inserted the stake deep into the ground.” 

“Isn’t it better for us to perform guerilla fight instead?” 

“Emotionally, I wish I could reduce the enemy number even just a little.”

Chrono muttered while looking at the bleak future.