Kuro no Senki – 4

(The proprietress and the Flower Girl)

At the time Chrono woke up, he saw Leila slept by his side while using his arm as her pillow like usual.
Just like usual… Since the day Chrono and Leila establish a relationship, they had slept in the same bed every day, as for Chrono, such thing had become part of his daily life.
Well, it was not so nice for those people whom Tyria had appointed as Marquis Erakis residence’s guard. Since in spite of properly guarding the residence, Leila was still able to sneak into the residence every night.
Thanks to that Tyria and her retainer gaze toward Chrono was a bit severe. That was because he had brought the half-elf into his bedroom every night.
However, when Tyria maidservants wash the sheet where the half-elf and Chrono had slept together, they found that the sheet was not dirty. ‘Perhaps, he was not that strong in bed?’, their gaze turns into sympathy instead.
Actually, Chrono had brought Leila to his room every night, but the frequency of them doing sexual activity was not that high.
The numbers aside, he did it at least twice in two weeks, whether it was a lot or not, Chrono was not sure.
Chrono then gazed at Leila’s chest which seems to have grown a little bit since two weeks ago.
The change on her body was not limited to her breast, her hair had become glossy, and her brown skins had increasingly looked fresh.
Other than Leila, the other soldiers also had their body become more healthy, and their hair looked better.
Perhaps it was because of the deal with PICS firm, the soldiers live had improved.
Was it because of Nicolas a good merchant or it was because the previous one overcharged the price?
Chrono thought it must have been the latter, but it was just the intuition of a young brat less than 20 years old.

“Still, I should believe in his attitude…”

“… Believe in what?”

“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

“No, after all, I soon also need to get up…”

Then Chrono left arm accidentally touched Leila’s waist

“Woah! I’m not trying to touch your ass okay?”

Chrono’s body becomes stiff but Leila only showed a blank face.

“I’m Chrono-sama’s lover, so please do whatever you want to me.”

“Well, that’s true, but…”

Despite protesting, Chrono didn’t resist the desire to touch Leila’s butt…
Chrono placed his fingers on Leila’s butt, and enjoy the delicate feel of her skins.

“… Chrono-sama?”

“To be honest, are you feeling troubled?.”

Leila smiled shyly, and Chrono laughed with a dry voice.

“You seems to keep some distance, do you not love me anymore?”

“I do love you. Of course, in my own way…”

Chrono wondered if Leila will let him touch her hair and ears if he presses here…

“Because I was told to study, isn’t that because Chrono-sama didn’t love me anymore? If that is the case then…”

“About that, well, we don’t have too much time after all…”

Chrono glanced toward his desk. Several books placed there, books that were used to read stories for children.
At the beginning of her studying, she didn’t show any interest, but lately,

Leila had begun to ask “What story will you tell me today, Chrono-sama?”

“But, studying is fun, no?”


Chrono asked her, and Leila body trembled in surprise.
“Yes, it is fun…”
She responded happily.


*Clang*Clang* Sound of hammering could be heard from one of the towers surrounding the Marquis Erakis residence.
Inside the tower, there was a furnace, anvil, charcoal being pilled up like a mountain, and the dwarves who busily moving around.

“Oh?! Chrono-sama, we’ve been waiting for you!”

“Captain, there is something I would like you to hear, but is there something?” <TLN: The author use olden rank such as, “one hundred men captain, 10 men captain”, thus I thought I should use modern army ranks?, I will try this as an experiment, will let the editor decide which sounds better.>

Chrono looked up toward the tower while wondering what the dwarves wanted to say.

“Thanks to Chrono-sama, we’ve managed to build a nice workshop.”

“Well, we did use almost 1.000 gold coins for this…”

“Hahahaha,” both Chrono and the Dwarf captain laughed.

“So? How is the composite bow?”

“… We did get the material but, when it comes to making it…”

“I don’t mean I want the result now, but I do build this workshop not just for playing okay?”

Chrono stared at the Dwarf captain while thinking whether his words were too severe or not.

“I will definitely meet your expectation, sir.”

“Very well…”

The Dwarf captain didn’t seem to be lying. It would be a lot cheaper to make the weapon in this workshop, and if they managed to develop their own stronger weapon and armor, fewer soldiers would’ve died.

“Chrono-sama, in fact, I have some idea when I was young, but…”

“I don’t mind… Of course, since this will be related directly with people’s lives, if after the durability test it is shown improvement, then I have no problem switching with the new type…”

“Yes! We will start immediately.”

Chrono watched the Dwarven captain with all of his enthusiasm.

“Chrono, it seems the treatment of demi-human have improved while I was not looking huh?”

“Oh? Tyria…”

“What’s wrong if it is me?!”

Tyria stood with a depressed expression next to Chrono and turned her eyes toward the workshop.

“Giving the demi-human weapons enchanted with magic arts, creating a workshop for them, e-every night, you bring a half-elf into your bed… A-Aren’t you spoiling the demi-humans too much?”

“I do only have demi-humans as subordinates though?”

Chrono then wondered where his co-worker and the human soldiers under the previous Marquis Erakis went.

“Especially the half-elf, you need to restrain yourself a bit more… I don’t know what you think by doing l-l-lewd act with a half-elf, but you should not do that since half-elf are a creature that is not a human and not an elf. While whispering words of love, they will, without doubt, aiming at your property. Do you understand? Chrono!”

“Sorry, I could only hear half of it…”

“I’m saying this for your sake, do you even understand that?!”

‘Did you implying that I might get marriage fraud?’ Chrono stared at Tyria.
However, thinking how half-elf had been treated all this time, it was normal for them to do that kind of thing…

“If you understand then, just give that half-elf some cash then kick her out…”

“… Tyria, I have no intention of kicking out Leila.”

“Eh?” Tyria opened her eyes wide.

“But well, I can understand if Leila at least has a bit of self-interest. But, Leila who has given up many things in her life have asked for me. I think in itself, such decision need a tremendous courage you know?”

“Isn’t that just your imagination?”

“Right, that might be true too… Just like Tyria said, Leila might’ve deceived me, but I’ve decided to trust her…”

“… You…”

Tyria Face distorted.

“You fools! I thought you’re a bit stupid, but you are indeed a moron!”

“Wait, Tyria…”

“Don’t touch me!”

Getting hit by Tyria, Chrono fell down backward.

“Listen alright? I’m busy… I cannot be away from the imperial capital for too long. That’s why hire some new servants quick and let me return to the imperial capital!”

Turning her back, Tyria went inside Marquis Erakis residence with violent steps.

“Chrono-sama, are you okay?”

“… It seems I bite my tongue a little…”

“It seems you’ve cut your lips a bit as well…”

Chrono frowned when the iron taste spread inside his mouth.

“Chrono-sama really do love Leila…”

“In my own ways that is…”

After wiping the blood from his lips with his military uniform, Chrono stood up.

“Where are you heading, sire?”

“Since Tyria said she wanted to return to the Imperial capital, I want to think about the employee…”

‘Although the prospect looked bleak,’ Chrono thought of that and gaze up toward the sky.


Since management was important, Chrono wondered as to how many people needed to manage the Marquis residence.
He tried to remember his adoptive father’s household, but he could not remember it at all…

“For now, I should ask Mino-san whether some soldiers want to change jobs… Today, he should be training outside of the town, I guess I will start here…”

Chrono had said that he was going to recruit some employee, but Chrono himself didn’t think that he could hire someone easily without any connection.
With that being the case, he changed his military uniform to casual wear which he usually wore during city inspection.
What he wore now were a commoner-like tunic and a hemp trouser. However, from the commoner point of view, he looked very neat, which they might mistake him as a young man from a well-to-do family.
After buying dried fruits at the stall, and wander around aimlessly for a bit, he negotiated with a peddler to let him ride.
In the Marquis Erakis town business district, the public order was rather good, but there were still exist some vagrant and thieves, of course, there were also prostitutes.

“… There are a lot of vagrant children isn’t it?”

“Marquis Erakis had shut down the institution that helped the poor. But then, they are like that because they were not working hard enough, so you don’t have to worry… ”

Hearing Chrono’s muttering, the peddler said those words without trying to conceal his sense of contempt.
His words were right.

“I see…”

Well, if all people thought like him, the number of vagrants in this world won’t decrease.

“The yellow temple seems to have distributed some food but, when they were given such free food, then it might cause people to become lazy…”

“Well, they are religious people after all…”

Because Chrono didn’t want to get kicked out of the carriage, Chrono replied suitably.
Yellow Temple… It was one of the temples of the six pillars God, they believed in “Mother God who controls the harvest.”
Besides that one, there was Deep Crimson temple which worships the God of Destruction, Blue temple which worship the Goddess of Life, Green temple which worship the God that govern the afterlife, then the ancestor one, the Pure White temple which worship the God of Order, and his wife, the Black temple which worship the Goddess of Chaos.
Why did they use such tedious naming, the people said that it was considered taboo to call the name of the Gods and Goddesses directly. Taking the opportunity, some people make the Divine Arts user who was declared as the proxy of God and Goddesses to be the only one who knows the name of God and Goddesses.
Cepheus Empire also believed the Six Pillars of Gods, but the influence of the temple was weak there. That was because the first emperor thoroughly suppressed them, by saying “The temple should not get involved with worldly desires!”.

“Up until here is fine…”

“Alright then, see you another time, boy!”

When Chrono jumped off near the gate, the peddler spoke farewell words roughly.

“Now then, the training ground is…”

Chrono tried to recall the location of the training ground.
Fortunately, open field surrounding him, only trees stakes leftover could be seen. Thus he quickly found the training ground.
It seems because they just came out of the hospital, the training today was only practicing magic and bow with a partner.
When trying to create an actual battlefield for training, one can gather 100 men to do the training, but without cavalry and the bows, such training would’ve been pointless.

“Unn, such amazing force…”

The combination of werewolf and Lion man was strong, but it was Minotaur’s and Lizardman who was the best when paired up.
Probably noticing Chrono presence.
His adjutant left the supervisor job to the Lizardman and walked toward Chrono.

“General… Your lips seem to get hurt…”

“I fell down…”

“General is also very careless it seems… Do you come today for Leila?”

“I’m thinking of hiring employees, and I was wondering whether there are people who want to retire from the military or not…”

*Bofu*, His adjutants breathed out…

“Because the service in the military has improved, for those who still can move, I don’t think they will retire… However, there were those whose still wounded due to the after effect of their injuries…”

“How many of them?”

“Elves and Dwarves, around 20 people. Well, only the Dwarves men trained in blacksmith decided to retire and join the workshop. Thus only the Dwarves women and some Elves left…”

“Tell them, although the salary would be smaller compared to the army, I’m willing to hire all of them.”

“Is this true?”

“Well, I can’t throw them out just like that either. By the way, how many elves?”

“All of them women, so you can relax.”

It was true that he wanted to hear the ratio between the men and women, but that was not what he wanted to hear, Chrono glared at his adjutant.

“General, how is the situation with your workshop?”

“Well, the original goal changes a little bit, but I think it was a happy miscalculation…”

Had I knew from the beginning, I would’ve increased their budget…

“You’re not coming here for Leila, General? She’s just right there I think?”

Looking at the direction pointed by his adjutant, he could see Leila was practicing with a bow.
She loose arrows in rapid succession, hitting the mark several meters away.
If he excluded all of the elves, Leila would be the best archer.

“Leila is great when using the bow don’t you think?”

“Her magic arts is also the best. I’ve been saved many times by her magic arts, ability wise, it won’t be weird if she becomes an adjutant.”

Because she was a half-elf is it?, Chrono narrowed his eyes.

“Of course, my subordinates and I also think that it was right for Leila to be a lieutenant.” <TLN: Commander of fifteen men.>

‘That’s why, did they think I come here to check Leila?’, Chrono was strangely unable to voice his disagreement.

“I cannot help but feel happy see…”

“I understand…”
Eventually, Chrono left without meeting Leila.


Because he felt hungry, Chrono decided to drop by the inn where Leile being treated with medical treatment.
The dining hall was deserted… There were no other customers other than Chrono, and the owner lady currently wiping the counter with a rag cloth.

“Oh, Baron-sama… What’s with that appearance?”

“I’m trying to inspect the town while being incognito.”

“Hahaha… Well, then maybe I should not call you Baron-sama then?”

“That’s right… Now then, please call me Chroー” “Young master” <TLN: The young master used here is “Botchan” not “Waka,” meaning he was a young master from a well to do family, not a nobleman.>

Chrono sat down on the seat while wondering why she looked depressed.

“There are only bread and soup are you really alright with it?”

“Uhuh, Itada…” “Don’t do that, you’re currently a young master…”

He did have the intention of inspecting the town incognito and didn’t have the intention of doing it for playing a wealthy young man but…

“It’s hard to keep the attitude… proprietress-san, the soup, and the bread please!”

“Yeees, young master…”

The lady nodded playfully, then putting the same black bread and vegetable soup like the last time…
Chrono felt the saltiness a bit lacking, but he didn’t complain about it and kept eating.

“Proprietress-san, how is your business going?”

“It is not good… Since the marquis have been replaced, the strange taxes has increased. Such as stove tax, firewood tax… a small place like mine would continue in deficit. My husband is already dead, if this continue, I might need to close my store.”

It was a heavier content than he initially thought, Chrono chewed his bread in silence.

“It was not young master fault, so please don’t look like that… Also, there’s good news. I heard that the Marquis Erakis has been caught for embezzlement and a new lord has been appointed…”

“Hee…”, Chrono tried to gloss it over by pretending to be impressed.
Although some rumors seem to have spread, it seems him being the new ruler was still kept secret.

“Come to think of it, how is that half-elf girl doing?”

“Leila? She’s fine…”

“Heee…”, Okami-san showed a mischievous smile.

“After all, it seems young master is a bit obsessed with that girl…”

“To be frank, I ended up making her my lover…”

“Oh my, I can easily see you doing that indeed…”

Chrono thought the lady answer was a bit anticlimax.
But since the more one denies this kind of thing, the more people press on it.

“If I was 10 years younger, I might as well want to be your lover…”


Since he felt an intense gaze, Chrono hurriedly drink up the soup.
His weak-mind was sensitive to this kind of thing.

“Neee~, young master.”

The proprietress speaks like a spoiled baby while moving her body and sit next to Chrono.
Such a sweet voice caused Chrono’s carnivorous heart to roar.
Even by only looking at her chest, it felt like he was being grabbed by a beast claw.
Chrono tried to distract himself by eating, but unfortunately, he dropped his bread.
His arm that was trying to pick up the bread was being caught.

“… Ne~, young master?”

“Y-Yes? What is it?”

The proprietress then presses Chrono’s hand to her breast.
Although it was not as springiness as the one Leila had, the proprietress size was overwhelming.

“Are you the type that makes a woman feel ashamed?”

“Why are you sitting on my lap?”

The proprietress was sitting on Chrono’s lap with a captivating smile on her face.
When I met her, I guessed her age to be around the thirties, but now that I looked closer, she looked younger.

“… You may do anything you want, you know? That’s why be my pat ‘no way'”

Eh? The proprietress looked puzzled when Chrono cut her words before she finished.

“Like I said, you can become my patro- “No””

Funn~, The proprietress then returned to her seat while looking disappointed.

“Young master, you’re a noble right? So I thought you could help…”

“Well yeah, indeed I’m a noble…”

There were more than 23,000 gold coins left inside Marquis Erakis safe, though Chrono could use it to some extent, it was money the marquis obtained by levied heavy taxes from his people. Thus he could not easily use it.
And if we talk about the truth, Chrono had actually received a regular salary as an officer, not to mention he also received an allowance from his foster parents, he did have free money to spend freely.

“But I don’t want to act like a lewd old man.”

“Like I said, I do not care about such thing.”

Chrono then leaned close to the proprietress and gaze at her eyes.

“If I started relationship using the money, I will become someone bad.”

“… If I can save the store then…”

“First, I will place you inside a dungeon.”

Eh? The proprietress was frozen when she heard that.

“Then I would put a collar on your neck. Ah, of course, the chain and whip are the default. I will make you walk on all fours, and spanked your ass with the whip…”

“Scary! What are you planning to do?”

The proprietress pulled back while hugging her own body.

“Proprietress-san, how much is your debt?”

“Eh? If you going to give me just like that, then I refuse!”

Tsk, Chrono clicked his tongue.

“So, the debt?”

“… 100 Gold coins.”

“I cannot be your patron, but I can introduce you to a good job.”

“A job? Ah, for the record, I don’t want a work where I’m being kept in the basement!”

The proprietress pulled her body back while looking warry of Chrono.

“Being a cook in marquis Erakis household.”

“Don’t be silly! I don’t want to close the shop my husband left me!”

“I think working as a cook and paying the debt off would be a good way to protect the shop though?”

*Ugh*, the proprietress chocked her voice.

“Would you mind giving me time to think?”

“Alright, I want the answer tomorrow or the day after. Once you’ve decided your answer, come to Marquis Erakis mansion. I’m called Chrono Crawford, if you say my name, the gatekeeper should let you enter.”

“.. Understand.”
The proprietress replied with a small nod.


I might end up being disliked by the proprietress. That was what Chrono thought as he walked back home.
In a sense he wanted her to forgive him since she also had tempted Chrono for monetary reason.
“The proprietress would come I think, but the problem now is the accounting?”
Chrono dropped his shoulders while chewing some dried fruit.
Giving the literacy rate of Cepheus Empire, it would be difficult to secure people who could do accounting randomly.
I didn’t want to pull it from someone else place, and I didn’t want to create unnecessary enemies either.
“I guess thinking like that is unrealistic huh? Although I don’t want to hire, at least I should consult with Nicolas.”
When I was thinking about such a thing, I saw a girl selling flowers.
She tried to sell them to the people passing by, but due to the heat her step was delirious and the people she offered the flowers ignore her.
The girl who was being refused then tried to move to another people, but when she was about to cross the road, a carriage suddenly moves with amazing speed.
Chrono ran toward the girl with all his might.
“Damn it!”
Fortunately, Chrono manages to save the girl while rolling on the ground.
It was amazing that he didn’t hit his head.
“Are you alright?”
“… Uh? H-Huh? Ah, the flower!”
Escaping from Chrono arms, the girl tried to save the trampled flowers scattered around.
“It’s dangerous!”
“B-But, I have to sell all the flowers!”
The flowers selling girl body began to shook, and she chewed her fingernails as if she was in withdrawal.
Chrono mind was immediately remembered the story of “match-Selling girl.”
“I will pay for the flowers.”
Without waiting for the girl’s reply, Chrono drew the girl away from the middle of the road.
The skin of the girl was pale, while the body was very thin.
Her foot was also covered in mud and blood.
“Ah, Chrono-sama!”
When I turned around, I saw Nicolas jumped off from a wagon.
Apparently, the wagon carriage which about to run over the girl belonged to the Pics firm.
“I’m very sorry, Chrono-sama.”
“it is fine, I have no injuries anyway…”
Chrono smiled while trying to reassure Nicolas.
“At least, let me treat the scratch.”
“I said I’m fine, then how about you treat this girl as well?”
Nicolas then turned his gaze at the girl and narrowed his eyes.
“Yes, of course…”


Pics firm had branches all over Cepheus Empire, and in Marquis Erakis territory, the Pics firm branch was located in a commercial zone.
Although the size of the building was inferior to the other firm, the customer service was more advanced.
After secretly investigate, Chrono had decided to buy Leila clothes and underwear there.
The Pics firm Nicolas lead had become very neat.
“Then, Chrono-sama.”
“Take care of this girl wound first…”
“Are you sure? Vel, Vel! Bring the first aid kit!”
Vel then came out from inside bringing the first aid kit.
“Vel, treat this girl injuries…”
“Yes, branch Manager!”
Vel let the girl sit on a chair then she treated the girl injuries with an awfully practiced action.
Though it was only treatment by using water and bandages…
“Then, next would be the Baron…”
Vel then wrapped a bandage over the scratches on Chrono’s forehead.
“In some way, you’re a refreshing girl aren’t you?”
“I’m sorry. Vel just becomes an apprentice of mine, she still lacks the manners. Oh right, how about some tea and sweets?”
“Ah, sure…”
I was expecting golden sweets but, it was turned out a normal tea and sweets.
The girl nervously drinks her tea and eat the cake.
“You can eat my cake as well…”
“T-Thank you…”
Chrono slowly enjoyed his tea while looking at the girl who was eating the sweets eagerly.
When he looked back on the desk, there was a bunch of paper being placed.
“… Paper huh?”
“It should be rare around here, but as expected, Chrono-sama truly knowledgeable.”
“I saw some inside Marquis Erakis house, but is it really rare?”
“Yes, this paper was imported from the Free City State, and the production method was being kept secret.”
“Can we make them in our workshop I wonder?”
If it were made in Cepheus Empire, the price would become cheap since there was only the production cost and transportation cost, and Marquis Erakis territory would become rich as well.
“Chrono-sama, what do you think about our jobs?”
“Ah, the soldiers’ food situation has been improved, and the workshop also great…”
*Fuuh*, hearing my answer, Nicolas breathed a sigh of relief.
“This is just a personal matter but… I have some management problem, is there anyone who can do accounting?”
“A person educated enough and trustworthy then?”
Chrono then looked up.
“There is only one way if you willing to do any means…”
*Uhum* Nicolas cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable…
“A slave sir. However, we’re not one who sell slaves. Thus we could only be a mediator…”
“Is educated slave exist?”
Education and Slave, those were two words that Chrono could not relate.
“There are many reason people fell into slavery…”
“Alright then, I will let you mediate…”
Chrono was not so enthusiastic about it but, it seems Nicolas also uncomfortable with this subject as well.


The day was almost over when they finished exchanging details and left the Pics firm.
“Where do you live? I will escort you.”
The girl took Chrono’s hand and began to walk.
Because Chrono had not yet paid the flowers money, the girl might think he would run away.
“Who do you live with?”
When Chrono asked, The Girl responded briefly.
“Why are you the one who work?”
“… Because mother is sick. I need to work hard so that we could eat.”
Did the girl notice that Chrono was a nobleman? Her behavior becomes strange…
The girl continued to pull Chrono’s hand to the outer edge of the city.
“Onii-chan… Ah, I mean, Are ‘you’ a noble?” <TLN: She called him Onii-chan at first, but then correct herself by using “anatta”, a very polite form of You.>
“You can call me Onii-chan. That’s right, I’m a noble.”
The girl frowned when she heard his reply.
“Do you hate nobles?”
“I hate them! Ah, but-, I like Onii-chan, you bought all of my flowers too…”
Chrono grinned when he heard the girl replied.
“Then, why do you hate nobles?”
“Mom, she previously worked in Marquis Erakis residence, but she was sick when she gets kicked out..”
When Chrono speak with the people in town, only bad things he had ever heard about Marquis Erakis.
“I hate the soldiers too… Ah but, I like the dog soldiers. They were white and fluffy, always helping us.”
Good job, my men! Inside his heart, Chrono praised his subordinates.
When the sun already got dark, Chrono finally arrived at the girl’s house.
It was a humble house, looked like barracks, and the houses around it also similar to that.
“… The security here is bad isn’t it…”
“Yoo, brother…”
His anxiety was being answered in a mere three second.
It was a thug.
“Stop! we don’t have money to give you!”
“What’s wrong with your little kid!”
Why did she pour oil on fire? Thinking that Chrono tried to intervene…
A dull shock strikes his chest.
Chrono should be able to deal with him with his bare hand, but it seems impossible if he did it while protecting the girl.
“Oi, somebody!”
People were coming out of the dark, I wonder if all of them were actually thugs.
Protecting the girl, Chrono tried to use the magic arts he hates.
Kagura Dance of Tensu was too powerful…
The moment the thug tried to attack, a single arrow struck his feet, and white wind went through by Chrono’s side.
It was a White-haired, Werewolf soldier.
The Werewolf soldier in a blink of an instant, he threatened the men that were coming out from the dark.
The man that was hit by the arrow tried to stand up.
“Shall I kill them, General?”
“No need to kill them if they willing to turn back…”
Hearing Chrono’s words, those people scrambled off the place.
“Leila, I’m saved, thank you…”
While wary of the situation, Leila cuddled up Chrono to protect him.
“Chrono-sama, this neighborhood is bad you know?”
“Yes, I’ve experienced it myself…”
Cold sweat ran down the spine.
“Mino-san, Leila… I have something to take care…”
“If that is General’s order then…”
“Go secure the vicinity.”
Like this, if even the hoodlum were attacking, we should be fine.
“Could you let me meet with your mother?”
“Sure, but why?”


When we entered the house, I saw the girl’s mother was doing needlework in bed, but when she saw a bandage around the girl, she immediately jumped out off the bed.
“Arisu! What did you do to come back this late?”
“I was almost hit by the wagon, but Onii-chan helped me.”
Arisu’s mother then turns her gaze at Chrono.
“I don’t know you but, thank you for helping my daughter.”
“No, I did what I need to do…”
After he said that, the conversation was ceased, then Chrono was looking around the house.
The wall was dirty, the ceilings were leaky, and the furniture was minimal.
Mother and Child family… Although the mother that should support the household sick, nobody tried to reach a helping hand.
Far from helping, just like the hoodlum before, some people even tried to steal their money.
“Right now, I’m looking for a servant.”
“I’m very thank full, and would welcome the offer but, right now I’m sick…”
Arisu tightly clings to her mother.
“I will pay the cost of the treatment… You may pay me at a reasonable pace. If possible… Although it is awkward to make a child such Arisu work, I want both of you to work in my residence.”
The mother seems to be at lost hearing the exceptional offer, but she didn’t have any other way other than to believe in Chrono.
“… I understand.”
Thinking for a while, Arisu’s mother finally accepted Chrono’s offer.


Soon, After packing up, Chrono took his deputy, Leila, Werewolf soldier, Arisu and her mother to the Marquis residence.
Chrono held Arisu hand, while his deputy took care of her mother.
Leile felt Jealous when she saw Chrono held hand with Arisu, but she kept her mouth shut.
Before long, Leila noticed the commotion in front of the Marquis household.
“Chrono-sama, someone is yelling at the gate.”
“The proprietress maybe?”
Chrono’s premonition was correct.
The proprietress and the gatekeeper were having an argument in front of the residence gate.
“That’s why, I said, I was called by Chrono.”
“Don’t tell me lies! Baron Crawford would never call a woman like you! Go Home!”
“Then at least, tell Chrono that I’ve come!”
The proprietress was actually an aggressive person, inside his heart, Chrono makes a huge impression change toward the proprietress.
“Ah, you guys…”
“Baron Crawford!”
The gatekeeper immediately straightened up.
“That woman is right. I think I’ve already told Tyria but, I’m currently looking for servants.”
‘See? I told you! I was called by Chrono.”
“Shut up, woman!”
“Wha?! How about apologizing a little?!”
Before anything goes wrong, Chrono immediately gets in between the proprietress and the gatekeeper.
“So, do you have your answer?”
“For the sake of protecting my husband’s shop, I will become your cook or lover!”
It seems she did that to provoke the gatekeeper, thinking the future, Chrono hung his head.
Ah, I wonder if the road ahead would be rocky one…