Flame Kingdom – 6

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Chapter 6 A certain maid indignation.

Was the person named Kota such annoying person? Well, that was how bank office worker was…

“… Please pardon me. It seems I’ve failed to understand it properly…”

I wonder if we should listen to him more? I, Emily Notesfilt glared at him full of anger.


“Emm, Emily-san, was it?”

“Pardon for my late introduction. My name is Emily Notesfilt, the head maid in this mansion…”

” I’m Matsushiro Kota. I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Whether we could work together depend on your reply after this…

“…Please pardon my rudeness for intervening and borrowing my lord word just now but, what is the meaning the words you said just now?”

“My word just now?”

“About ‘Have you ever thought of making the unattractive place become attractive?'”

Hearing my words, Matsushiro-sama opened his eyes wide. What’s wrong with that face.

“… Please forgive me. I would like to apologize if it has offended you.”

What did he say?

“… What do you mean? Didn’t you say ‘Have you ever thought of making the attractive place become attractive?’ furthermore, you said ‘even as a joke feudal lord’ in the end. Was that an insult toward my lord, Erika Orlenfeld von Flame? By saying that my lord didn’t do her job as feudal lord properly?”

“No, I have no intention of doing that but…”

After saying that Matsushiro-sama once again said ‘I’m sorry’. –

“Apologies is fine and all. I want to hear the reason.”

… Did he think I would forgive him with just such cheap apology?

“Terra is a land facing the sea, and the sea breeze blows toward it. Such sea breeze does not have a good effect on crops, thus making the harvest to always bad. In addition, the city was previously an unknown desolate fishing village. There are no sightseeing spots that could attract tourists. It is thanks to my lord protection and guidance that the citizen of Terra could enjoy a better daily life.”

… That’s right. Only I know…

“… You who don’t know anything, I cannot forgive you for what you said as the maid of this mansion.”

… What did he think he knew.

“… I offered you my sincere apologies. Despite being a maid, my behavior was rude.”

No matter how rude he was, he was still a visitor. I had said too much. What he said aside, I should be the one who asks for forgiveness…

“… Skill in management is indeed necessary, but there is something more important than that. And that is ‘the intention to do it’…” <TLN: Will and Act.>

… What?

“In my world,


“Whether it is a big company, or a small business, a public enterprise or a business run by the family… Of course, whether it is a country or territory, one thing stands the same. No matter how good the territory is, or how attractive the tourism resource you have, if the manager who deals with the management don’t have any motivation, then everything is meaningless.”

After saying that, I sighed.

“… If you’re the managing director, you should never think ‘because the city didn’t have any attraction’ and turned away your eyes. That was what I meant.”

… It was a miracle that I didn’t flare up on the spot due to anger.

“You, despite not knowing anything… How dare you saying that?!”

Who do you think you’re?

“As the sister of a Queen, as a member of Flame royal family, as a duke, how much heavy burden Erika-sama has, do you even understand all of that?!”

“No, I don’t. That was why I apologized for the things I said.”


“But still, if you asked for my opinion, then the story is different. I think there’s always a problem, and risk in territory management but, do you have the willingness to think a measure to solve them?”

“… What do you mean?”

“For example, I was told that the profit of the agricultural crops was bad. So then, why did you keep insisting doing agriculture?”

… Why did he ask?

“The story about your harvest keeps failing is true right?”

Matsushiro-sama… No, Matsushiro stared at me this time…

“Why don’t you quit agriculture production and change to something else?”

“Are you saying we should let the citizen starve?!”

“No. However, agriculture needs a hard labor. And the crops is difficult to handle… In other words, the result didn’t equal the hard labor given. You too, are you trying to starve the people?”


“It is the foundation of management, to decisively withdraw from the so-called unprofitable business division. Furthermore…”

Saying that I looked around the room. Then I stopped my gaze.

“… For example, that painting. I’m not familiar with arts, but since that art piece is placed in a guest room then it should have a good price no?”

“That is a painting made by a famous painter some two hundred years ago. To be frank, we don’t know the exact price of it. That is the heirloom of this Duke household-.”

“Then sell it…”

“–…. Huh? What? Sell?”


“You bastard didn’t you listen to what I said?! This is the heirloom of Duke of Terra, it was something the previous king had given directly to Erika-sama!”

“It has such anecdote? Splendid. Then the value would be higher…”

“That is equal to family treasure! You, do you want to insult duke of Terra?!”

“You don’t have to feel insulted no? After all, you have no money.”

“What did you say?!”

“Pride, arrogance… All of that is fine, but did all of that fill your stomach?”

“You bastard!”

“The time when you could choose your own method already over, no? Now is the time to sell the unnecessary urgent assets. I don’t know how much that painting would cost but, why not sell them?”

“Like I said!”


Erika-sama’s word stopped me from talking further.

“… Kota. That is not something I could sell away.”

“Even if it could improve the finance of this territory?”

“Yes. Even as you said that pride won’t make your stomach filled. That alone is true but… We’re royalty, we’re the nobility, for our pride is also an important ‘nutrition source’… To maintain the ‘land’, and ‘title’ that is…”

“… I see. Then, that painting cannot be sold.”


Saying that I nodded in understanding.

‘… But, if it is something I collected personally then I could sell it.”


What are you saying, Erika-sama?! You’re the elder sister of this kingdom Queen, you’re the closest family to the current ruler!

“Does that mean Erika-sama going to sell your own jewels and painting? There’s no reason to do such things!”

“Oh, my? Why not? Just as Kota had said, if it is jewels and painting that nobody going to see, is there even a reason to keep it? Why not sell it?” What was it called again?”

“An urgent asset?”

“Right, that’s it. Then I also think it would be better to sell it faster.”


A royalty, A duke, selling jewelry and paintings because she has difficulty with money? Something like that is…

“That’s wrong… That’s just wrong, there’s no way we could do that?!”


“Besides, I know, all this time, Erika-sama has always done her best!”

… That’s right.

Erika-sama always did her best.

She was born as a royal family without any inconvenience.

Yet, she was forced to migrate to the remote land where crops didn’t grow well, but despite all of that, she always worked hard for territorial management without any complaints.

“Above all else, the other feudal lord would talk bad behind Erika-sama, then Erika-sama could lose the others’ recognition!”

Enough already. Erika-sama had already struggled enough. Why was Erika-sama had to suffer soo much?

“… Thank you, Emily. But… It cannot be helped.”

Erika-sama who smiled fleetingly said that. Looking at that figure, my eyes were blurred by tears.

“… Kota.”

“… What is it?”

“Doing that… If we sell all the unnecessary paintings and jewels I have…”

… Could Terra become a better territory?

“… No.”

Like that, Kota poured cold water toward Erika-sama’s wishes.

“You bastard!”

“If we could change the situation that easy then, no one would struggle when doing management. After all, that was just a temporary cash obtained by selling unnecessary urgent assets. After we used it up, we need to perform a second sell. Since what we get is a hard cash. We used it up, and we need to sell again. Eventually…”

There was nothing left to sell.

“Then it is meaningless to sell them in the first place!”

“I guess so… There is no meaning if there’s nothing change. However, we could get temporary cash by selling those assets. And because cash is called current assent it could be diverted to anything!”

… In other words.

“We could nurture new business with it.”



“… If… If such new revenue could be made, will Terra become a better place?”

“I wonder. If you could support the new revenue division and make it the pillar then, yes Terra condition would probably improve…”

“… I see.”

Saying that Erika-sama sighed.

“… I guess… Kota, will you help me?”


“Keep silent, Emily. It was impossible for us to think up selling the jewelry and paintings and convert it into money.”

“Of course! Think about common sense, a noble selling their assets…”

“That thought is what made this Terra suffer you know?”


“… Kota.”

Saying that Erika-sama gazed at Matsushiro. Ah, Erika-sama… No good… That alone…

“… If I were to help you then. I would like you to provide me with clothing, shelter and a living place.”

“Alright then… it is a deal, [Hero-sama]” <TLN: She said, Yuusha-sama.”

Saying that they both then shake hands.

…Erika-sama. That man was no Hero… He was the demon king.

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Arthur Andersen.

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