Flame Kingdom – 3

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1-3 (The Banker Need to Leave)
Lotte Baumgarten was the first commoner who became the prime minister of Flame Kingdom. 
Lotte was born as the third son of a commoner family after he graduated from college he found a job in the royal palace… 
His story was not some kind of tearjerker story. 
Although Lotte was born as “commoner”, he was born into a merchant family, thus he had never had a problem with money. 
Lotte who had graduated as the top student from the government department in his college was appointed as a royal government official. 
Lotte who was a wise child since he was young, he immediately distinguished himself in the royal government. “His head is first class. However, somehow there’s this feeling where it feels like he looking at his co-worker and superior as stupid people.” that was how his senior officers view him at the time. 
Lotte himself when looked back at that time he knows that he was childish. However, he will do the same thing if something like that happens again. 
Despite being incompetent, his boss would often use “age” as his defense. 
Despite being incompetent, his boss would often use his “superior parentage” as his defense. 
Despite being incompetent, his boss would often use his “connection” to defend himself. 
To be frank, Lotte himself had no patriotism to the country. Lotte house was a merchant family, one who trade business with other countries.
He might be born a commoner, but he was more familiar with other countries compared to the masses, thus he often felt like “it’s not like this was the only country out there”. Lotte yearned to be a nobleman just like his boss. 
In Orkena social circle political marriage or consanguineous marriage was normal, although it might be last in the line, some people had even one or two successions to the throne. 
At least, from Lotte point of view, there were no people who were doing their professional duty because of patriotism. And Lotte took that as something natural. 
“You’re thinking something funny aren’t you?” 
The one who gives such rotten Lotte an opportunity to raise was the previous Flame Kingdom’s King, King Goerge. At that time, great famine often occurred within the Flame Kingdom, and Lotte who was a commoner write a full measures policy to solve the problem caught Goerge interest, then George started to greet Lotte personally. 
From there, Lotte road to success was set. 
George might be not a benevolent ruler, but he was also not a foolish ruler who would value the system more than anything. At least, George gives Lotte discretion and power to shine, while also said he will take responsibility to calm the nobles who sat with him. 
No one knows what the necessary requirement for a wise ruler but… 
In any case, Lotte who was then appointed as “a counselor who had direct control to policy measures” immediately launched many policies. It can’t be helped he felt intrigued with his work. 
Being a young man was not an age where one should devote oneself to the political works, but when thinking that his thought, his policy, his vision could move a country, and whether or not it would change the country to the better, it was a feeling that he could not be described. 
While using his spare time to sleep, Lotte brought new proposals every day, which caused George’s evaluation at him rises even further. Lotte position also raises up proportionally along with that, and before he noticed it, he was at the top of the state administration. 
… For the first time in his life, Lotte thought he loved the “Flame Kingdom”. 
Like a child loving its toy, he gave a great care to the country. The order of this country, this country prosperity, this country peace,  soon after the thing that disturbing the country itself, he gradually but definitely could not forgive. 
“Lotte! What did you say?!” 
… That was why. 
“Have you not heard what I said, your majesty.” 
… People who disturbed this country was not necessary. 
“Have my ears gone bad? I heard you said to Matsushiro to “get out”, am I wrong ?!” 
“I did say that, so?” 
Even when what he did anger Liz, it didn’t concern him. Lotte turns toward Kota and gazed at each other eyes. 
“How about it Matsushiro-dono?” 
“May I ask the reason?” 
Before getting angry, one should ask for a reason. As expected, this man was smart was what crossed Lotte mind. Lotte kept speaking since he thinks that his previous thought was correct. 
“My country was one step away from waging a war against Westeria located on the west of my country.” 
“I see…” 
“Although somehow we manage to keep the diplomatic relations, the relations itself is managed on top of uncertain balance. I do wish for a war potential but… My country was at disadvantages. Of course, I won’t let them get to the royal capital but…” 
Lotte could not say that in the end, they might need to perform one or two territory cessions. 
“… In such dangerous situation, what do you think the other kingdoms would think if we “summoned a hero from another world”?” 
“… For the neighboring country, I would become a threat equal to that of a demon lord is it?” 
“After all, you’re the [hero].” 
“Won’t they think of me ask fake instead?” 
“That would be so. However, you’re being summoned is a fact. And the truth will always come out sooner or later. That is why, before the hero is ready! let us invade the country! they might start to think like that.” 
It sounded like a fairy tale but… A hero had appeared in a country that one own country cannot say as a friendly country. They might not know what kind of power, magic or wisdom the hero possessed. That was why, they might start to think “well before he was ready for war, let us start the war first”… 
“I see, so that is the reason?” 
“There is one more. Her Majesty, This one would involve Liz…” 
“Huh? Me?” 
Liz tilted her head to the side when her name was mentioned. Kota smiled at her unexpected gesture, despite being the Queen of a country with long history, the flame kingdom. 
“… In the Flame Kingdom, a new wife must be a virgin.” 
“… Hah?” 
Her smile froze, and a huge question mark floated above Kota’s head. ‘Huh?, Just now, what did Lotte-san said?’ was crossing inside his mind. 
“L-Lotte! Y-You! Wh-What are you saying here!” 
Liz was looking more confused compared to Kota. Feeling of embarrassment and anger mixed as one… Caused her face to become red. 
“From what I see, Matsushiro-dono age is around 20… Not yet 30 years old right?” 
“W-Well yes… I’m 26 years old.” 
“Liz-sama is 17 years old. It is the age where a woman is regarded as most ‘fresh’. Well, a healthy adult man and an adorable maiden. If these two live under one roof then…” 
“… The scandal would fly around huh?” 
“L-Lotte! It’s not like we’re going to sleep in the same room you know?! That’s why–” 
“You’re too naive…” 
“–There’s no problem… Eh?” 
“Whether or not something happens is not the problem. The problem is if the rumor “something might’ve happened” fly around. And rumor is something that cannot be stopped with power alone. If it spread to the population it would without a doubt spread to the other countries.” 
Her Majesty the Queen of the Flame Kingdom was a ‘used goods’… 
“U-Used goods you say?! That’s sexual harassment!” 
“Now, that was rude of me.” 
Lotte bowed to Liz without changing his expression. Somehow he looked like an expert when it comes to doing that. 
“Do you understand, Matsushiro-dono?” 
“… In short, it would be awkward if she had a bad reputation before her wedding.” 
“To be frank, yes…” 
“Well then… Let’s see… Should I leave the royal palace and live in the town?” 
“Although that would solve the first problem, the second problem the title of “hero” has not yet being solved.” 
“… I guess so. Well, what should we do then? As expected, you can’t possibly tell me to die isn’t it?” 
As confirmation, Lotte shakes his head in denial. 
“Of course, I won’t ask you to die. Well, although it would be the fastest if we go that road…” 
“I’m just joking, your majesty.” 
“There are good jokes and bad Jokes!” 
This time Lotte easily dealt with Liz anger. Looking at both figure, Lotte and Liz looked like a comic relief combination. 
“That was why, Matsushiro-dono… Please not just leave the royal palace, but leave the kingdom as well. Of course, let me deliver you to the place that I can trust.” 
“Is that so? Fine then…” 
“Matsushiro-sama! See, it is obvious that he ref- Huh? Why?” 
“Well… It’s fine if I go to that place that you can trust right?” 
“Well, yes…” 
“Wait! Wait a moment!” 
“… What is it, Your Majesty?” 
“Don’t what is it me! Lotte! What are you doing telling the person we had summoned without his permission to leave the castle?! That is too much  you know?!” 
“Well, Matsushiro-dono had accepted it, you know?” 
“That’s too!” 
“Which one?” 
“Matsushiro-sama too! Do you know what kind of position you’re in?” 
“Well from the many people viewpoint here… A nuisance?” 
“Why did you arrive in that conclusion?! You’re the victim! The victim you know?! You should’ve said “take responsibility”! or something like that!” 
“Your majesty, even if you told him to ask us to take responsibility, in fact, our side could not take responsibility you know?” 
“Just figure of speech! Anyway! When you are being told you only nodded your head agreeing with everything! Do you even have belief, pride or even your own thought?!” 
“No no… That is not it but… I’m sorry.” 
“That’s it! Why are you apologizing for?! Do you understand?! I’m currently speaking unreasonably! This is where you should be angry!” 
“You do understand that what you said is unreasonable…” 
“Lotte, don’t pick on my words! Now then, Matsushiro-dono! Get Angry!” 
“Errrr… I’m sorry.” 
“That’s why I said, why are you apologizing?!” 
“In your disposition… Lotte-san’s proposal is great no?” 
“Great, indeed, it is great! In fact, if you accept it, then I’m grateful! But, don’t just easily agree with it! It makes me feel more guilty!” 
“I only feel guilt when I summoned you though.” 
“Lotte, just shut up! Now, Matsushiro-sama! If you don’t want it, just say you don’t want it!” 
Kota diverts his gaze from Liz whose breath had becomes rough. Her lovely face had turned into a Yasha-sama, somehow scary… 
“… Your Majesty, actually, I’m not really against it you know?” 
“What did you say?!” 
“Just in case, let us think about it if I stayed in this palace… I would only trouble Lotte-san and becomes someone lazy because I had nothing to do.” 
“T-That is true but!” 
“Since I can’t just go outside to shop, I would only stay inside the palace all the time, which made me like some kind of an outcast…” 
“If that is the case then, isn’t it much better to live peacefully somewhere if I get some freedom?” 
What he said was indeed reasonable. But, even though it was reasonable. 
Somehow, she could not easily accept it. 
“Does that mean you don’t want to be with me?!” 
“Why the story turns toward that direction?! Or rather, isn’t this weird?! Wait, does that mean your majesty want to be with me?!” 
“That’s not it, but since you’re easily said “sure, I don’t mind”…” 
… ‘Despite, calling me an exceptional beauty earlier’, crossed her mind. 
“It somewhat feels unpleasant, as if my charm as a woman being denied!” 
“Since earlier, your majesty is the one who always said something unreasonable! Or rather, I’m leaving the royal palace not because your majesty is not attractive–.” 
“Or rather, Lotte-san too! You’re breaking your character here!” 
“No, forget about him! So, how is it, Matsushiro-sama?!” 
“Your majesty, what are you trying me to say?! Wait wait a minute!” 
“There, there Liz-sama! Push him down!” 
… Getting back to the subject. 
“… Please forgive me.” 
“… No, it’s fine.” 
“I thoroughly enjoyed it.” 
“… Lotte.” 
“Yes. I will keep silent.” 
After the three performed their slapstick comedy, the three of them sat down, only Lotte had glossy face while the other two showed tired face. It was chaos before. 
“… Silence won’t let us advance our discussion. Since Matsushiro-sama had agreed with it, then let me relly on that kindness. So then, Lotte? Who is this “Trusted” person you’re talking about?” 
After several seconds, he answered Liz question. 
“It is Erika-sama…” 
The moment Lotte answered, the temperature of the room freezes. 
“Lotte… You!” 
“If it is Erika-sama, even if she knows that Matsushiro is the Hero, everything should be fine… And Erika-sama territory is quite far from the royal capital. Furthermore, Erika-sama personality is bright and gentle. Won’t Matsushiro-sama  then be able to spend time more easily?” 
“T-That might be true, but still, but still!” 
“Is there something wrong? Matsushiro-sama?” 
“That Erika-sama person… Is that person would be the one who took care of me?” 
“Yes. She’s very friendly… In my eyes, she’s a very funny person, I guess?” 
“The way you said funny give me this slightly uneasy feeling but… What kind of a person is she?” 
“Let’s see, she’s a woman. Erika Orlendfeld Von Flame. Previous King George Orlendfeld Flame’s princess…” 
Then he took one breath before continuing. 
“She can be said, Liz-sama’s elder sister.”