Flame Kingdom – 27.3

Kota pointed out… 

There was the figure of Erika who stands and put her hand on her hips, and Sonia who sat in seiza with moistened eyes… 


“… What is it?” 

“E-Emm, my legs…” 

“Legs? What happened to your legs?” 

“…Emm, that… It feels numb…” 


“S-Seiza… C-Can I…” 


“… Emm…” 


“… Errr…” 




“… There’s nothing.” 

“… Good.” 

The amount of tears on her eyes increased as Sonia keep listening to Erika. 


“…Eh? Ah! Kota! I’m glad you’ve finally woken up!” 

Looking back at Kota, Erika showed her biggest smile. It was a beautiful smile, but… Due to the situation right now, he only could say nothing… 

“Sonia’s seiza, how about end it now?” 

“What are you saying? We need to scold someone who did a bad thing, right?” 

“No, well that is true but…” 

“I won’t hold back just because she is Sorbania Princess, you know? It is an adult duty to discipline children.” 

“Well, I know that but…” 

“… You’re really sweet, aren’t you? Well, fine then… Look, Sonia. You can quit the seize. Do you have anything to say to Kota?” 

In response to Erika’s words, Sonia stands up with trembling legs as if she was a newly born deer. While it seems to be painful, she still tried to walk step by step to Kota’s bed. 

“… I’m very sorry.” 

She said that and bowed her head deeply. 

“… I regretted what I did that harm, Kota. I’m very sorry…” 

Kota then gently put his hand on Sonia’s shoulder, who was currently bowing her head. 

“It is fine, Sonia-san. I just got punched once…” 

“But still!” 

“Truly… I went along with the momentum and was collapsed because I let myself relax. I’m really fine..” 

Amateur judgment may be dangerous but, Kota himself feel there was nothing wrong with his body… 

In the first place, he could not say ‘I can’t say anything since I haven’t done proper examination’… 

After all, the precision examination could not be done here. 

“… Is that true?” 

“Yes… That’s why Sonia-san doesn’t have to worry…” 

He then pats Sonia’s head. Looking at Kota figure, Sonia glanced with her gaze, while Erika looked dissatisfied with something and said ‘Geez,’ and Emily was looking at everyone with a wry smile. 

“… Sonia-san doesn’t have to worry, ‘here’…” 

…That’s why… 

“… Eh?” 

She was unable to figure out what was happening until Kota’s right hand landed on Sonia’s head. 

“What are you thinking honestly?!” 

“K-Kota-sama? Eh? Huh?” 

“Do you think it is fine to just walk out in the middle of the night alone like that?! This time we make it in time, but what are you going to do if we don’t?!” 

“B-But… Kota-sama… I thought you’re not angry…” 

“I’m not angry that I got beaten! It is a cheap price to pay if it helps to save Sonia-san. However, what I’m angry about is you going out without permission! I told you!” 

“Eh… Eh?” 

“W-Wait Kota! What are you doing?!” 

“I’m angry!” 

“Angry you say, furthermore, to hit such a small child…” 

“It does not matter if you a small child or a big child! It is natural to get angry if they did a bad thing! Besides, I don’t want to hear someone say that from the person who makes the said child perform seize!” 

“Ah… Yes.” 

Due to Kota’s intense attitude, Erika immediately shut her mouth. 

“…E-Emm, Kota-sama?” 

“What is it, Emily-san?” 

“I-I know you’re angry but… Hitting her head, I think that is too much?” 

“It is education!” 

“N-No, but still…” 

“It is punishment filled with love!” 

“… Yes.” 

Emily, sunk… Punishment without love was abuse, but loving punishment means guidance. That was what inside Kota’s mind. 

“… Lies…” 


“You’re lying!” 

“About what?” 

“About that ‘love’ you said! To me… You don’t even care about me!” 


“In truth, Kota-sama must’ve thought of me only as ‘annoyance’! And think that I shouldn’t exist! Worried? Sure, you are! After all, I’m the princess of Sorbania, you would worry if I got kidnapped! What kind of trouble, what sort of difficulty imposed! It was that what you’re worried the most right?!” 

Words keep flying in the air. There was no intention for her to stop… 

“There’s no different even if I didn’t exist! For you, who you are worried about is the ‘Sorbania King’s eleventh child,’ not “Sonia Sorbania’! Am I right?! After all, I—…” 

“Sonia-san… I’m someone from ‘another world'” 

“–Don’t care… Huh?” 

“The matter that I’m a big merchant from Yameto is a lie. I’m an ordinary banker summoned by the Kingdom of Flame using the Hero Summoning Ceremony…” 

“… What are you talking about?” 

“It is my ‘secret,’ you know?” 

Due to Kota over the top words, Sonia could not help but looks around… At the end of her sight, she could see Erika was looking at the ceiling with her hand on her forehead. 

“… Is that… True?” 


“Hero summoning, such a fairy-tale thing…” 

“It is not a lie. Right, Erika-san?” 

“… It is true.” 

Erika agreed with a bitter smile. 

“… The Flame Kingdom, somehow, summoned me, as a ‘Hero.’ But, due to the Flame Kingdom’s complicated relationship with its neighbors, it would be bad if I existed. Thus I was kicked out of the royal palace.” 


“Now then, Sonia-san. What are you going to do now?” 

“What am I going to do?” 

“You can report it to Sorbania. Such as saying ‘Matsushiro Kota is someone who was being summoned as a ‘Hero’ by the Flame Kingdom by using the hero summoning ceremony.’ Isn’t that good diplomatic card?” 

“… Indeed, it would be…” 

After all, it was a secret that he needs to keep since he was ‘kicked out.’ If she told the Sorbania King, he was sure it would be used as a diplomatic tool. Perhaps, even Carlos would be happy hearing that. 

“… But why are you telling me that?” 

“That’s right… Well, this might sound bad but…” 

Saying that he scratched her cheeks… 

“Sonia-san, honestly, I don’t hate you. In fact, I liked you.” 

“… Is this confession of love?” 

“No, that’s not it… Or rather, please wait until you’re a little bigger— wait, Erika-san? please don’t look at me like that…” 

*Uhum* Kota cleared his throat and continue… 

“There were many twists and turn, but, we’re living together, no? It is better for us to get along rather than not… Furthermore, you have ‘goodwill’ toward me, no? Or rather, ‘interested’ in me? Anyway, for being interested in me, I’m happy…” 


“Being able to spend time as a happily married couple in the future aside… Isn’t it bad to keep secret when we live together and wants to get along?” 

He thought, ‘I guess I should stop keep the secret…’ 


“Now then, Sonia-san. I told you my secret, yes?” 


“Can you tell me why you did all of this?” 



“… It’s… lonely…” 

“… Yes?” 

“… I want to be seen as ‘Sonia’…” 

“… I see.” 

“That’s why… I want to make you ‘worry’…” 

“… I’m worried a lot, indeed.” 

“… I’m sorry…” 

“It is fine. It was my fault too…” 



“… It’s lonely… You know…” 


“I want to be pampered… I want you to see me as ‘Sonia’. I wanted you to look at me. I wanted to ask many things while sulking… I wanted you to worry about me. I wanted you to love me. I wanted you to listen to my selfish wish. I want you to get angry at me like this…” 

Finally, large tears running down her cheeks… 

“… It’s… Lonely… Hiks… Hiks…” 

Then she continued crying… 

And jumped to Kota’s chest… 

“… I’m sorry I didn’t notice.” 

“Hiks… Goza-sama… You… So mean…” 

“No, well. I said it before, right? That ‘I’m angry at myself.'” 

“Hiks… Yes.” 

“The truth is, I have no qualification to get angry at you, you know? That’s why, Sonia-san?” 

‘You can be angry at me, see?’ He said… 

“… Hiks… Get angry?… Hiks…” 

“Yes. You can get angry or sulk. Such as ‘spend more time with me,’ like that…” 

“But… Emm… is it fine?” 

“Of course.” 

“E-Emm… Then…” 


“T-That… Emm, C-Cake…” 

There’s a delicious cake shop. 

Will you take me there, she asked… 

“… Of course, ‘Sonia’-San…” 

Not a princess, but Sonia. 

“…Ah, Yes!” 

Hearing Kota’s words, she was strangely happy. 

Then Sonia buried her face in Kota’s chest once again.