Flame Kingdom – 27.2

There she saw a ‘knight’ standing in front of her. 


She felt overflowing joy. 

The small man who received Kota’s fist fell on the ground. Looking around a little, the door that Kota had broken makes a creaking sound. 


“Sonia-san, are you okay?!” 

When she heard Kota’s words, she nodded in response repeatedly like a broken doll. Seeing her reaction, Kota breathes out in relief… 

“What the fuck’s going on?!” 

The tall man who was dozing off, woke up and dumbfounded when he regained consciousness. Soon after that, Kota slowly glanced at the tall man. 


… The tall man freezes up. 


It was an icy stare. 

It felt that Kota’s gaze was filled with all the negative feeling that exists in this world. 

“… I’m angry, you know?” 

When Sonia heard Kota’s voice, her skin shivered even more… 


“… Toward a child to go walk around the night city without thinking of her identity or age.” 

“… Ah…” 

“Toward the sleazebag who wants to use the child for his own desire…” 


“… And more than all of that…” 

He took a single breath before continue… 

“… Toward myself, who left the child behind alone!” 

Killing intent. 

High thirst of blood fills the air inside the small warehouse. 

Sonia’s body trembled even though she didn’t feel cold. 

“… Ah… Ah…” 

A small voices that hardly could be heard leaked from Sonia’s mouth. 


Sonia didn’t know. 

The Matsushiro Kota that Sonia had known was not such a man. 

He was a clever man. 

That even when facing against the strong King of Sorbania, he didn’t take a single step back. 

He was a man with a clever tongue who could overwhelm others with words… Though when a woman was involved, he would be weakened… 

“… Maou…” 

His appearance right now was exactly that of a Demon Lord. 

“…Khu… Damn it!” 

It seems he was not able to stand Kota’s gaze anymore… 

“Stop it, midget!” 

The tall man’s impatient voice reverberated inside the narrow warehouse, but not in time. The moment the little man hit Kota’s cheek. His body was blown into the air as if defying gravity. 

…. Of course, it was Kota’s body. 

“””… Ha?””” 

Several voices overlapped… 


The tall man’s… 

…And even the small man’s voice as well. 


While holding his cheek who was punched, he still gazed with the same killing intent. It was… but… 

“… Errr… B-Bro?” 

“Eh? A-Ah?” 

“Err… He… Maybe he’s weak?” 

Due to the name of efficiency, many administrative tasks have been simplified, and banking practices have become much easier than before. 

Moreover, the headquarter reduced the branch manpower. 

Since the banking business was part of the service industry, they decide to keep numbers of the customer service that couldn’t be done ‘more efficiently’ than what currently exists. 

In other words, despite the number of customers didn’t change, or in fact, increasing, the number of customer service didn’t change. And it was not as easy as increasing the customer service with an additional person. 

The one in charge of the customer service was also human, and it was obvious that the load placed on them were too much that even might cause them to burst out… 

Then what to do in such a situation? 

The answer was simple, the ‘I cannot leave it to you in the past…’ In other words, turn toward the newcomer and make them the ‘person in charge’ of the customers… 

Bankers were kind of a special occupation. 

Compared to other industries, many Bankers had the opportunity to meet the actual ‘president’ of the company. 

Those who were 23 to 24 years old would call the people who were older than one’s parents as ‘from the top.’ 

Thus, though inadequate, the fresh graduate usually being used as the company’s face. Because of that, it would be a trouble if the young bankers said ‘I don’t know.’ 

Naturally, because of that, the young bankers studied desperately. Negotiation was physiological warfare, in the end, those who stay ahead in the conversation would eventually win. 

Thus the bankers wanted their customers had all the information they needed, from the market trends, politics, industry trends, new entering industry, and even some ceremonial even in the region. 

Many people said one should always hold many ‘cards’ as weapons, but when it comes to Bankers, what making them stay at the top was the thought of ‘The bankers know everything.” 

It will be a win if your costumers think ‘Well, I’m sure it’s true after all this person says so…’, Though in a way it sounded like a scammer. 

But in the end, the negotiation partner was also a human. 

Because the knowledge they know were limited, the things that they ‘don’t know’ would come often. And when it comes to things that one didn’t know, most people would deal it using two methods… 

Either lower one’s head and say ‘I don’t know,’ or beg for teaching, making the ‘ah so that’s how it is?’ response… 

And Kota was skilled when it comes to those ‘ah, so that’s how it is…’. In other words, Kota was good when it comes to bluffing. 

Thinking about it, it could not be helped. Kota had been studying since he was young. As a result of that, his physical strength was weak, and he didn’t have any hobby that trains his body either. 

But to be honest, this was his first time being hit since he was in kindergarten. At best what he could do in reality was to make ‘I’m strong’ atmosphere. 

“K-Kota-sama! Are you alright?!” 

It was obvious that he was not okay. 

Unless one had trained their body, or they were a masochist, there was no person exist that would remain okay after being punched. 

“… I’m fine, Sonia-san.” 

But in the end, Kota was a man. Broadly grinning and bold… While pulling his aching cheeks, he showed a smile toward Sonia. 

“Y-You don’t look okay at all though! Your legs! It’s slightly trembling!” 

“This is… The Warrior excitement…” 

“That is a lie, isn’t it? Your legs are actually trembling right?” 

Although he wants to correct her, the reality was ruthless. Unfortunately, Kota was a weak man. 

“You… What are you coming here for?” 

The tall man asked Kota with an astonished air. He was the kind of a human being that was surprisingly calm. 

“Of course, I come to help Sonia, so?” 

“… Is that so?” 

“Yes, it is.” 

“Err, then what? Should you really?” 

“About what?” 

“… Well, I mean, you’re weak enough to fly from that midget punch you know? Can you even say you come to save somebody else like that?” 

“Unfortunately, I’m bad at a violent thing. I have never had a fight, I had no martial arts knowledge either. Honestly, even my hand which I used to punch that small man hurts even now…” 

“Then, what are you going to do?!” 

Due to the tall man scream, even Sonia nodded her head involuntarily. What did Kota come for? was what inside her mind… Noticing her glance, Kota stroked Sonia’s head while having a wry smile. 

“… Well, let me see…” 

Then he takes a glance at the broken door. 

“… To earn time, I guess?” 

“Good indeed, Kota-sama.” 

At the same time as the voice… 



Someone came in and kicked the small man with ‘take this’… The tall man shouted as he watched the small man danced in the air. 

“… It is a bit embarrassing to say this, but… I will leave the rest to you, Emily-san.” 

“Leave it to me.” 

Emily smiled in response and stand majestically… 

“… Ah. This might be bad…” 

Maybe because he felt relaxed… 


As Sonia called his name, Kota lost his consciousness. 


“… Where?” 

An unknown ceiling. Kota muttered those words as he slowly wakes up. 

“Are you awake?” 

“… Emily-san?” 

Following the voice, he saw Emily with her gentle smile… 

“… Where is this?” 

“This is in an inn we’re staying…” 

“… Emm… How about those guys?” 

“I was able to ‘clean them up'” 

“Clean them up you said…” 

“I didn’t kill them. I just handed them to Persena government.” 

“… You sure are strong, huh? Emily-san…” 

“In the end, I’m Erika-sama’s housemaid after all…” 

“… Which meant?” 

“Could a royal guard enter a ‘princess’ bedroom?” 

“… Ah, I see…” 

Being a maid also meant a guard. That was what Emily Notesfilt job. Though it makes it hard to believe that she was a daughter from a viscount household. 

“In the first place, Kota-sama said ‘I leave it to you’… I thought you know my ability already…” 

“I didn’t say I leave it to you, right? I said ‘Please, I leave it to you’…” (-TLN: Hard to explain because both had the same meaning in English, Makasete(任せた) and Onegaishimasu(お願いします), only the later was more formal/polite… )

“… What is the difference?” 

“If I say, I leave it to you, I would’ve run away and left you alone?” 


“Well, when I think about it, it’s not like I could run away with such woman’s feet… Hahahaha, I’m ashamed. Perhaps, I’m also a little bit upset. Since I felt that ‘ah, everything is okay’ when I saw Emily-san…” 


“—That is what I think, wait, Emily-san?! Hand, the hand!” 


Strong yet fleeting… 

“… Never again.” 


“Don’t ever say that you would sacrifice yourself in front of me again…” 


“Please be aware of how important you’re… You’re the person needed to develop Terra, loved by Erika, acknowledged by Sorbania King—…” 

Then, she sighed… 

“… I really do make an excuse, huh?” 


“Please, take care of yourself a bit more… If something happens to you… I would be really sad…” 

Her cheek turns red. 

And Emily’s eyes started to moist. 



“… I understand.” 

“It is a promise, okay?” 

“I promise. I will never say something like that, and I will take care of myself better…” 

“Will you make the promise for my sake?” 

“Yes, I promise for your sake…” 



“… I’m happy…” 

She then smiled just like a girl who had been given her birthday present. 


Kota turned away due to her smile, which seems far away from the usual Emily image. After all, the current smile of hers was so attractive that it makes him wants to see it all the time—. 

“… Emily-san?” 


“‘That’… What is going on?” 

“… Ah.” 

Kota pointed out…