Flame Kingdom – 27.1

When you were trying to know the princess named Sonia Sorbania, it would be faster to know it by talking about her father, Carlos the First, though it might sound a roundabout way… 

King of Sorbania, Carlos the First was the third son of the former King, King Philippe the Second. Despite being the third son of King Philippe the Second, he was chosen as the successor because he was deemed the most intelligent. Being in turbulent times aside, or like that of Flame royal family where the legal wife and the concubine had a distinct difference in social status, the thought was that since currently, they were in peaceful times, the previous ruler choose Carlos the first as the crown prince, ignoring his older brothers, though in his defense they both born from the same mother. Naturally, the imperial court struggled to accept it. It developed into a political disturbance involving the first son faction, the second son faction, and Carlos faction. That political disturbance would soon be called as ‘The Sorbania royal family ten days of blood.’ The eldest son ended up dead due to illness, and the second son died due to accident, at the end of the turmoil, thirteen nobles families who supported the first and second son ended up with their territory being confiscated by the royal family. Carlos, who was at the time still eighteen years old, learned two things from the political disturbance and decided to make political change. 

The first one was having the eldest son the first priority when it comes to the inheritance, and making that as the standard for future crown inheritance. As soon as his enthronement, Carlos immediately enacted the Sorbania inheritance law. Legally established a detailed order of succession. For Carlos, who never feel he had a bad relationship with both of his brothers, the death of his brothers had cast a dark shadow on one corner of his heart. 

And one last thing. The fact that the royal child was the King’s piece was the truth. Carlos thought it was fine for sacrificing them for the sake of the state development. 

Now, let us talk about the princess called Sonia Sorbania. 

She was the eleventh child of King Carlos, and she had a fifteenth seat when it comes to the right for inheritance. She was a legitimate princess of the Sorbania Kingdom. However, as mentioned above, her right to the throne was fifteenth. Even in this world where medical technology was not yet being developed, the situation where 14 children except Sonia died. Having the fifteenth place, inheriting the throne was nothing but a dream. In other words, Sonia was not expected to play a role in ‘blood pool.’ She was born as a princess, but the moment she was born, she had a mission to live as a tool for Sorbania’s diplomacy. 

Sonia herself knew exactly the role she had to play. She was smart, she recognizes the ‘value’ of being Sorbania princess more than anyone else. The thing that the other countries wanted was the Princess of Sorbania, not Sonia Sorbania as an individual. Despite being ten years old girl. 

The smart Sonia know that more than anyone else. She was indeed far from the word of mediocre, but no one who would think that extraordinary as something ‘plus.’ Many people seek her not for her talent. They only want the title of ‘the husband of Sorbania’s princess,’ and once they get that, they didn’t need any talent. For them, a cute doll would be more convenient. 

She thought since she was born to a royal family, something like that was obvious… But let us ponder over it a little bit more… She was, indeed, a young girl. Furthermore, she was a lovely ‘young’ girl. No one could blame her if she had a dream of a princess and a knight romance, where she hope that a man would appear and love her as ‘herself.’ 

That was why she trembled when she saw Kota Matsushiro. 

He didn’t take a step back even when he was up against Sorbania’s King, who had built his reputation throughout the continent. His arm was deeply bitten by Sorbania snake, in the form of a shackle, but in the end, he was able to put a scar on the head of the Snake. 

She was fascinated by his negotiation capability. At that moment, she thought that maybe he would need her, he would need ‘Sonia Sorbania.’ That was why she didn’t hesitate to jump out and asked to be his bride. Just for a little bit, she had some expectation. 

She expected that he won’t need her as Sorbania’s Princess, and need her as ‘Sonia Sorbania.’ 

… But, when the lid was open, and she looks inside, what did she find? She had expected to see him performed a miraculous method where he deals with the problematic challenge against the Sorbania Kingdom… But nothing of the sort happened, what he did was ‘bribing’ and thereby protect his position. Sonia herself had no intention to deny the bribe. Sonia understands that a ruler couldn’t remain pure white, a ruler need to understand an be able to play good and evil… 

She understands that, but when it comes to ‘convinced’ with that, it was a different story. In particular, she could not forgive the person who she felt trembled when she met him, thinking that he was actually part of the ‘mediocrity.’ 

If one thinks about it, in short, it was a story where she selfishly expects something, gets selfishly disappointed, and selfishly getting angry. 

She felt like she was being lifted and then being dropped by Kota, but then, no matter how smart she was, she was still a ten-year-old girl. If she were to be born as a commoner, she would be still being selfish to her parent, and still far from talking about love. 

That was why Sonia impulsively rushed out to Persena’s street. She thought that her value as ‘Sorbania Princess’ should be enough. 

And that princess was disappeared, she thought it would make Kota’s face turn blue. Though it could not entirely be called as a bad thing, she just wants him to worry about her a little… She just wants to be a little bit selfish and make him worry, that might make her who was ten years old looked girlish, but for someone smart, what Sonia did was nothing but a rash action. She did that not because of what Erika said, but due to the high tension of the place, she was in… 

And… Let us remember it once again… 

Sonia hoped that the people around her would see her as ‘herself.’ She wanted people to see her as Sonia Sorbania, not the princess of Sorbania. And this unexpected behavior, she did make her wish come true. 

She ended up being kidnapped… Not as a princess of Sorbania, but as ‘a ten years old adorable girl.’ and to satisfy peculiar people’s demand as their toy. 



Sonia was being thrown into a filthy warehouse with both her hands tied in the back and her mouth was being gagged. 

“Shut up! Don’t make unnecessary voice!” 

In front of her eyes, there were two-person, a tall person and a short person who kicked the wooden box near him while shouting angrily. Seeing the person behavior, Sonia body stiffened. 

“Oi, shorty… She’s an important product. Don’t hurt her marron…” 

“I know, Aniki. I’ll be careful…” 

The short person bowed his head to the tall person. ‘You sure you understand?’ he asked that then sighed, then he forcefully drinks the alcohol from the bottle… 

“…O-Of course. Even so, Aniki, we’re fortunate!” 

“… Indeed. To think that this kind of fine jewel would walk around Parsena alone at night…” 

“Hehehe… Her parents must’ve been playing around the city. After all, this is Parsena, a city of pleasure! It cannot be helped if they were getting unrestrained…” 

“… There’s no hope indeed. To think her parents would play around and leave her alone…” 

“That is why our business is ‘profitable’…” 

“Indeed, you’re right.”” 

Feeling good with the tall person response, the shorty then changed his gaze at Sonia. Sonia who was being gazed was in tears, she twisted her body to escape his gaze… But due to her twisting her body around, she unintentionally caused her clothes to flip and expose her tights. 


The shorty seeing that cleared his throat. 

“… Aniki.” 


“Just a bit, Aniki!” 

“I said, no! What are you doing wanting to scratch the goods! If you are that much thirsty, then go have fun at Charm District!” 

“… But…” 

“In the first place, she’s just a kid! What’s wrong with you. Do you have such a hobby or something?” 

“No, that is not the case, but you know… We’re not going to see goods this fine, see?” 

“… You, listen, a new item would be more expensive than a used item, understand?” 

“Then, the mouth, just the mouth!” 

“… You…” 


The tall person sighed while looking at the short person begging at him as if he was praying. 

“… Only the mouth.” 


In contrast to the tall person who shakes his head in disapproval, the short person smiled happily… 

“… Hehehe.” 

Finally, the short person gaze moves toward Sonia, then he licked his lips. Sonia’s skin shivered due to the unpleasant feeling from the man. 


“Oh, Oh… Such a bad face, I can’t hold back it anymore~… Hehehe… Now then…” 

Saying that the small man reached out to Sonia’s body with a nasty smile and opened her gag. Sonia involuntarily closed her eyes and try to dodge the small man’s hand. 



She opened her eyes when she heard to voice that entered her ears. 

There she saw a ‘knight’ standing in front of her.