Flame Kingdom – 21.1

(Women’s Battle) –

The Demon Lord.

It was said to be the one who governs over demons and leads them. Satan, Lucifer, Beelzebub… If it were in Japan then Kurama, Tengu, in Islam it would be Iblis, in Babylonia, it would be Pazuzu.

It was also often being used as a figurative expression to describe the overwhelming ability… Oda Nobunaga was called Six Heaven Demon Lord, such name was being told in the future, it was words that express his talents and also brutality…

“… I wonder, what’s going on here?”

This was inside the reception room.

Being stared by Emily and Erika’s cold gaze, Kota’s body stiffened… He felt nervous… As far as Kota remembers, the last time he felt this way was when he entered the second year of his freelancer’s life…

“E-Errr… Y-You, see… About this…”

“Ah, I don’t need an excuse…”

‘… Then don’t ask!’ Was what he thought, but of course, Kota could not say that. It was his personal experience that saying such words toward a woman was not a good thing. Especially in this kind of situation…

“… Hmm, let’s see… Kota, if my memory serves me right. You went to Sorbania for a ‘pleasant talk,’ no? Right, Emily? am I wrong, I wonder?”

“No, Erika-sama. Even in my memory, I remembered that Kota-sama went there for a ‘pleasant talk’…”

“Right? The world should be written as ‘Pleasant Talk’ right? And it’s not ‘Marriage Talk’ right?”

“Yes, I’m sure it was not. Since I heard it with these both ears of mine. Kota-sama certainly said he went for a ‘pleasant talk.’ I’m very sure it was not ‘Marriage talk’…”

Kota cold sweat couldn’t stop. He didn’t know what to say… The pressure was unbearable. He was called the Demon Lord, or the Devil, but to be honest, looking at the two ‘black aura,’ they both were more suited to be called Demon lords.

“Kota-sama? What are they angry about?”

The one who spoke was an adorable girl who didn’t know Kota’s inner struggle asked him while tightly hold his arm. The one who spoke was, of course, it was Lady Sonia.

“Ermmm… Sonia-san.”

“” Sonia….. ‘san’?””

“… Sonia-sama.”

“No, please don’t call me like that, Kota-sama. No need to be so formal with me… After all, we’re already in a relationship, no?”

“… Heeee! In a relationship, I wonder what is that all about?!”

“E-Erika-sama! Please calm down! The cup! The cup is going to break!”

“… Erika-sama, that one is the wrong cup. The one with ‘Kota’ written on it is here…”

“… Oh my, as expected of Emily. Very attentive…”

“That is so mean, Emily-san! Just what—…”


“— N-No, nothing…”

Kota shut his mouth. Scary… As expected, the women were scary…

“… Well, I will consider Kota’s punishment latter…”

Kota’s spine trembled… ‘Huh? Punishment? About what?’ Kota asked his own mind. – –

“… First of all, thank you for visiting us, Princess Sonia. I’m happy that you looked healthy…”

“Thank you, Erika-sama, and I’m sorry for having to disturb your residence… I’m also glad that Erika-sama looks healthy…”

“Thank you very much. At any rate, it has been a long time since we last met, is it not?”

‘Though I never thought that we would meet in this kind of situation,’ she said…

“… What do you mean?”

“Oh my, it is just like I suggested. I’m very sorry that ‘MY’ Kota seems to have caused you some trouble…”

Strictly speaking, ‘quick-witted people’ and ‘smart people’ were slightly different. For instance, in the case of Kota. If anything, he was more knowledgeable than being ‘quick-witted,’ in short, he was a ‘smart people.’ The things he had done before, it was not his original method or surprising wits. It only seemed to look ‘original’ because there was no one doing it in Orkena. In truth, it was just him using his accumulated knowledge. It was the same for Emily and Erika. It was natural for them to have more knowledge than others since Erika was a royal, and Emily was someone who had lived with aristocrats for long…

“… It is alright, Erika-sama. There’s no trouble at all. After all, he is ‘MY’ Kota.”

On the other hand, Sonia was part of the ‘quick-witted people’ group. It might be related to her young age, but she was someone who was able to think outside of the box. The fact that Sonia noticed something that the King of Sorbania unable to notice, it was in truth her having a different perspective. And now, what is the different between quick-witted people and smart people.

Of course, it was not about which one was superior. And there was also the difference in age. Although Sonia might not be able to beat Erika no matter how much paper test they took to test their pure knowledge, it didn’t mean Sonia was not a genius, there were ways to beat Erika other than using a check. The bottom line was the difference in the direction of their talents…

“Also, Erika-sama, please stop calling ‘my’ Kota without an honorifics okay?”

…Sonia know… That the person in front of her was her ‘enemy.’

“… What do you mean by ‘my’?”

“Yes. Isn’t that obvious? After all, Kota is my fiance…”

“… Hee… A fiance, eh? Princess Sonia, if I’m not wrong, you’re still ten years old?”

“That is right, what’s of it?”

“Nothing… It’s just… I wonder if Kota has such ‘hobby’?”

Stare, Erika’s gaze pierce Kota. As for Kota, he was shaking since a while ago…

“… What do you mean?”

“No, you see… for a ‘little girl’ like you being Kota’s fiance… I thought it is such a bad joke…”

“… Not really, the age difference is not uncommon in politic marriage, no?”

“As you say, the age difference is not uncommon in politic marriages. But still…”

Saying that Erika sent a glance to Sonia from top to bottom…

“… Pfft…”

“What?! What’s wrong with that gaze?!”

“No, there’s no meaning behind it, yes? ‘Political marriage,’ huh? I wonder if you can satisfy Kota as a ‘Woman’?”

While saying so, Erika put on a triumphant smile. On the other hand, Sonia bites her lower lips.

… Just to be sure, everyone should remember that they had ten years difference in age.

“… Hag…”

“… Oh my? Did you say something, princess Sonia?”

“… Nothing~… But you know~, when I turn twenty years old, Erika-sama would be thirty years old… Now then, who would Kota choose?”

“… What do you mean?”

“I was wondering, they said gentlemen always love ‘young’ woman. Also…”

Having said that, Sonia sent a glance at Erika’s body, specifically looking at the two hills…

“… Pfft.”

“What’s with that smile?!”

“… No no… It’s just when I saw Erika-sama’s body, there seems to be a problem with the part called ‘adult woman charm,’ isn’t it?”

“Wha-… I don’t want to hear that from you!”

“My chest is filled with dreams and hope! After all, I am still ten years old. Compared to that, you’re…”

Pfft, she smiled…

Having a grin on her face, she taunted Erika.

“… Emily…”


“If we end up having a war against Sorbania, I guess it cannot be helped, isn’t it?”

The light disappeared from Erika’s eyes. Generally speaking, it was an expression that was more terrifying since Erika had such a beautiful face.

“… Erika-sama. It is not good to say the word ‘war’ easily like that…”


“… Besides.”

She said.

She took a deep breath and stick out the two mountain that had grown splendidly on her chest.

“… The value of a woman is not only measured by their chest size?”


“Also, having it big is not that great, it makes my shoulders stiff see…”

“You can say that because you have them!”

Indeed, that was the truth…

“T-The size is not important! What important is the s-shape!”

“Indeed, that is right, princess Sonia. Just like my chest… Filled with milk…”

“W-What’s with that triumphant look! Just now, you looked at me with pitying eyes, aren’t you?!”

“You just imagine things, Sonia-sama.”

“H-How rude of you! You know I am~…”

“The eleventh child of Carlos the First, the King of Sorbania, am I right? Of course, I know of that. I know but…What?”

‘it can’t be you’re going to use status into this battle?’, she indicates with her gaze…

“… Khu!”

Mind you, Emily attitude could already be regarded as lese majeste. It was not such a funny thing, but…

“… N-No, there’s nothing!”

Although Sonia could consider that as ‘trump card,’ she could not do it. She felt she should not bring position into this ‘women’s battle’…




It felt like there was a Dragon, a Tiger, and a Bear standing in front of Kota.


Seeing such an aura behind the three, Kota could only sit while trembling on the corner of the room.