Flame Kingdom – 2

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1-2 (Lotte and The Queen)
In the continent where the Flame Kingdom was located, the ‘Orkena Continent’, there were seven small and big countries. 
The younger brother of the Flame imperial family founded a country, it was became known as iron wall country, a country that was never getting invaded even after 300 years of its existence, the country name was the Larcia Kingdom. 
A kingdom with fertile land, that never let its citizen hungry during a famine, Westeria Kingdom. 
Having Kato, Emza, Sorbania, “the continent three harbor” under its rule, having the most fund among others, it was the Kingdom of Sorbania. 
Known for its freedom, the country didn’t use monarch system but a parliamentary system, the country known as Lime City-states union. 
Known as a country where you can buy everything with money, a country where people would get ruined overnight, the capital city of pleasure and desire, Persena CC, it was the territory of Earl Persena. 
Known for its mighty chivalric order, never lost in every single aggression war, and having a humble king known as “Holy spirit from the divine realm”, the Laurent Kingdom. 
… Last but not least. 
“… Please forgive us!” 
Known as the legitimate successor of the Flame Empire, the Orkena Continent ancestors due to many countries in the continent had their royal lineage, or the millennium kingdom, the ruler of such Flame Kingdom, Elizabeth Orlenfeld Flame, somehow ended up lowering her head toward a person that was one way or another being summoned from another world.
“… Haa.” 
And Matsushiro Kota, the young man she was bowing to, nodded his head with an expression that still could not fully understand the situation. Well, that was natural… After all, they just said to him “We never expect that the summoning would actually succeed…” 
“Emmm… Your Majesty. Please raise your head for the time being…” 
“Not only young, If an exceptional young beautiful woman like you bowed toward me all the time like this, it might cause me to feel grateful instead. Please raise your head.” 
In respond to Kota who also lowered his head, Liz raised her face flustered. Lotte looked at her while questioning her in his mind that she looked like a boiled octopus must be not because of he referred to her as “young” and “an exceptional beauty” right? 
“I also wish to apologize to Matsushiro-sama. For I have incurred a great inconvenience…” 
“Oh, no no, it’s alright, also please stop with the ‘sama’. ” 
“Then, Matsushiro-dono.” 
“That is still too stiff… If possible please do call me ‘Matsushiro-kun or Matsushiro is alright too…” 
“I cannot possibly do that. Since everything had happened due to my error.” 
“… I understand. Then ‘dono’ is fine… Hmm, for now, how about letting me grasp the current situation I’m in?” 
Sensing that further discussion would be useless, Kota changed the topic while turning toward Liz. 
“First of all, in this world, there are no demon lord threat or other threat like that.” 
“And the summoning of a hero was the result of intellectual curiosity,” 
“… Yes.” 
“Since there’s no imminent danger, to begin with, no one knows what to do with this situation.” 
“… C-Correct.” 
“Which meant, there’s no easy way to sent me back.” 
“… Regrettably, Yes.” 
“Although your people will try to find a way for me to go back in earnest, to be honest, this is an old legend we’re talking about, thus the possibility of your people deciphering it in time would be close to zero, is that all?” 
Fives. I grasped my fingers. 
“… Guh~.” 
“… Matsushiro-dono, Matsushiro-dono.” 
“We know that we’re the one at fault here but, could you not damage our queen heart more than this?” 
“… Huh?” 
Hearing Lotte words, Kota directed his gaze at Liz in panic. 
“… Hick… I’m sorry… Hic…” 
There the appearance of a beautiful girl with moist eyes… Or not… 
“… A-Ah, please pardon me! No no, I have no intention of blaming you harshly! I just tried to calmly analyze the situation!” 
“… Your majesty too. The one who should be crying is Matsushiro-dono you know?” 
Looking as if he was being overworked, Lotte sighed and turned his eyes to Kota. No matter how much regret and repentance were being said, what important right now was to move on… Although he understands that it was rude of them to gloss everything just like that. 
“…I did say that the one who should be crying is Matsushiro-dono. But, Matsushiro-dono, if you had a grudge against us, it is fine to say it here and now you know?” 
Normally if one were being thrown into a foreign land without notice, they should show some anger to a certain degree. Especially when the reason for the summoning to happen was that of “nothing”, even Lotte had no confidence that he won’t yell in anger if he was the one in the situation. Yet, in spite of that… 
“No… I have no intention for that…” 
… Although he was not a saint, yet he didn’t have anything to complain, it makes his calm attitude uncanny in the eyes of Lotte. 
“Although you said that, you’re suddenly being ‘summoned’ you know? I myself think this situation even unforgivable if I were in your situation.” 
In response to Lotte words, Kota closed his eyes as if he was deep in thought, but suddenly he opened his eyes and laughed. 
“The boss I respected from my world once said something to me.” 
“… Let me hear it.” 
“[Get the best result in given environment]” 
“If by voicing my discontent would turn the situation for the better, then I would do so… But, since that is not the case, why should I waste my time and energy for doing so?” 
“… Certainly, that is true.” 
‘But still was it really that easy? the human heart was not something that could be easily convinced with just that’, Lotte thought that based on his own experience. 
“… Maybe because the difference in value, I guess?” 
Lotte Baumgarten was the first commoner to be a prime minister of the flame kingdom. Lotte was someone talented but because of his low birth, he was being overlooked. [Get the best result in given environment] was indeed reasonable thought. However, even though it was reasonable if one can be satisfied with just that, being the first commoner to be a prime minister aside, Lotte won’t be able to obtain his current status as the greatest politician within the Flame Kingdom. 
“As expected, it must be because of the difference in value.” 
“Is that so?” 
“Yes, Of course, I didn’t mean it in a bad way.” 
“You know, in fact, I think I was lucky that I’ve got into this kind of situation instead you know?” 
“Lucky is it?” 
That’s right, he nodded. 
“I’m not really proud of it, but I’m not really good when it comes to lobbying. I’ve never fought, and not someone who had strong leadership.” 
“… Hee…” 
“[O Hero, please help us defeat the demon lord!], I have the confidence that I would be running away if you told me that instead. That’s why my situation is much better than being asked to do that don’t you think so?” 
Lotte groaned in response to Kota’s words that sounds like a kind man, not to mention that he also floats a smile when saying that. He thought that what Kota did was some kind of outside of the standard. 
“… When you said it like that, I kind of understand how you feel. Although I’m not sure if one should be that positive.” 
“For better or worse, there’s the saying that “It is fine to give up”.” 
“… I kind of understand.” 
[Give up] huh? It was something that Lotte could not agree upon but at least he feels convinced with that. He thought that despite being nonchalant, Kota was not something foolish. 
“… By the way, Matsushiro-dono. I wish for some discussion, is it okay?” 
If Kota was someone who could read the atmosphere and just like his appearance that he was a kind person then he… 
“Discussion is it? Sure, I don’t mind.” 
In response to Kota’s words, Lotte nodded his head in satisfaction. 
“Could you leave this royal palace?” 
That he would also accept it blatantly.