Flame Kingdom – 19.1

(Young Bride’s Marital Vow)

“… Are you really alright with that, Your Majesty?”

Philip spoke with King Carlos while looking at Sonia who was pulling Kota toward the outside of the room. Hearing those words, Carlos was surprised.

“…What’s wrong?”

“… Uwah, you surprised me!”


“Oh? Oh, I didn’t notice you’re here…”

“I was standing near the wall since I can’t seem to just but in into such serious conversation!”

Despite being an able retainer, Philip was somewhat pitiful…

“…Uhum. Of course, I know that, I was just joking you know?”

“You’re lying! You definitely forgot that I was here!”

Carlos was able to soothe Philip while raising his hands. Knowing that anything he said won’t end with a proper answer, he immediately asked the important question…

“…So, are you really okay with all this?”

“About what?”

“About Sonia-sama…”

They both then glanced at the closed doors where Kota was being led or more precisely being dragged out. Carlos was showing a bit of sadness, but above all, his expression indicates a clear vision.

“You should realize it too, no? That was for the sake of obtaining Kota…”

“I don’t see the part of you obtaining him though?”

“Even for me, it won’t be that easy you know?”

“Then why? If you think like that, it doesn’t have to be Sonia-sama, no?”

Ten years old Sonia. And twenty-six years old Kota. It was not uncommon to have age 10 or more years difference when it comes to marriages, but that was only when it comes to political marriages.

“… Was I wrong thinking that Your Majesty loved Sonia-sama more than the others?”

There was something such as ‘understand everything just from one part of the story.’ However, the wise should always confirm everything to get the whole picture.

“All of my children are very cute.”

“Is that so?”

Carlos the First was a monarch, he was known as someone who loved ‘wisdom’ since a young age. Philip himself was actually a poor nobleman, but Carlos picks him due to his wisdom. That was why Philip thought that Carlos loved the ‘smart’ Sonia more than anyone…

“… Well, sure Sonia is a cute one, after all, she is a very clever one…”

Philip nodded his head agreeing with what Carlos said. Though most of Carlos children had inherited his looks, unfortunately, no one inherited his talent, or instead, they had inherited their mother’s side, which was only had the good looks but nothing else.

“…Once again, are you sure with this?”

That was why it was such a shame. She was such a bright princess, forget a foreign country, but to let her join a family in such a rural area. There should have been a better marriage out there…

“… It is fine you know?”

“… Is that so?”

“Of course. Think about it carefully, though Alonso is neither good nor bad, well he will develop more in the future, but for now Sorbania has no problem, see?”

Philip with a gentle smile on his face remembered the face of Prince Alonso, the first right to the throne. Which make him remember, maybe rather than a ‘King,’ someone with a ‘government official’ atmosphere like him could turn Sorbania around for the better.

“Sorbania is currently in a period of building and maintaining. Someone like Alonso is better for such period…”

“… Indeed…”

“That is fine and all but what if the current era is a turbulent era or establishment era? Someone like Kota, a Demon Lord, someone like him is something unnecessarily excessive… In the time of peaceful building and maintaining, the thing that caused the era turn turbulent is something ‘unnecessary’, see?”

… That was why, he said…

“The smart Sonia should understand that as well… For what reason and where should she heading…”

“… For what reason is it?”

“As a Bell, that is…”

Saying so, the ‘moth’ grinned.

“Today, I managed to put a bell on the Demon Lord’s neck. Every time he moves, the bell would ring…”

That was indeed the thought of a snake.

“… Honestly, all of my children are the cutest, no? Alonso, Sonia, and of course the other children as well…”


“The children who are willing to move based on my will is definitely the cutest…”

“… Do you view your own children as a tool?”

“Of course. Sure, I have my feeling as a father, but I am still the King of Sorbania. The King works for the country, for the people. Thus, I have to use whatever I can…”

Whether they were enemies or allies.

“Of course… That include relatives as well…”

“… As expected of the snake…”

Other than the snake, Carlos was also known as the Moth…

“… Is that something you should say in front of my face?”

When Carlos said that, the two people then laugh. The two people looked happy about it…