Flame Kingdom – 18.4

(The Snake, The Demon Lord, and The Bride)

“Sonia! You go with Kota as his bride!”

When Carlos opened his mouth, he said something completely outrageous.

“… Hah?”

“You cannot trust me, right? That’s why Sonia should go. Well even if I say go as your bride, you can regard her body as a hostage. My cute daughter, going to another territory… I do this not because I’m a demon, and it is not unreasonable! See Kota, since I’m your in-laws how about being a bit lenient against me?! And we should join hands.”

Economic alliance. With political marriage to make it stronger. That was indeed a reasonable reason. Though it makes sense, Kota could not readily agree.

“W-Wait a moment please!”

Kota hurriedly interjected. Of course, that was normal after all the situation had turned to a weird direction. –

“What is it?”

“What do you mean by what? Are you serious Your Majesty?”

“Sonia is a member of a royal family. She should understand that this kind of thing would happen eventually.”

“No no, I’m not questioning that…”

“Oh my? I don’t mind being Kota-sama’s bride you know?”

“…— In the first place, huh?”

“To be the wife who leads my father by the nose. It seems to be quite fun than marrying some unknown prince somewhere.”

“See? She agreed! Aren’t you glad, Kota?”

“No no, that isn’t the problem here!”

“Then what? Is it status? I don’t care about such a thing…”

“I was worried about that too, but that is not it!”

“… It can’t be, you want to say it personally to Sonia?”

“… Is that true, Kota-sama?!”

“No no, we just met today, remember?”

“… If you’re a bit reluctant, being a Fiance, for now, is fine too… By the time you both find out that you love each other, you both can get married. Isn’t that wonderful? It is pretty good concession I say? After all, you will be able to keep possession of the Princess of Sorbania.”

“… I will make sure to make Kota-sama happy, and get married!”

“Like I said! That is not the problem!”

“… Then what is it? What are you complaining about? Sonia is a cute one, no?”

Carlos the First starting to feel displeased and question Kota.

“I admit. She is a cute one!”

Kota took a deep breath

“Lady Sonia, may I know how old are you?”

While showing a sweet smile at Kota, She raised both of her hands.

“… This year, I became ten years old!”

With a smile on her face, she boldly declares.

“… I’m twenty-six years old!”

With palm on his forehead, Kota gazed toward heaven. No matter how much one argues about it, she was too young…