Flame Kingdom – 18.3

(The Snake, The Demon Lord, and The Bride.)

“Well, I’m glad! Father, didn’t you hear that?”

Saying that Sonia smiled at Carlos. On the other hand, Carlos showed more bitter smile than before.

“… You, showed a grim expression since the beginning, was it acting?”

“No. I’m genuinely struggling against you.”

“From Sonia’s story, I had a hunch that only Tera that seems to have profited no matter what though?”

“No. After all, it is true that the small Tera will be dominated by the Big Sorbania. That is in itself a considerable setback. It didn’t change the fact that our throat is being pointed by a sword. Though it is impossible now. . . It’s just…”

I wanted to gain a little bit more time. There was no way Tera could compete on equal ground against Sorbania. At least, Tera needs three more years. By that time, Tera would be more powerful or at least equal to Sorbania, and if the economic disparity had narrowed by half, they could make a new negotiation that better suited for Tera.

“…Well, with that plan, I guess it can’t be helped if people think of me as a daydreamer. But as long I can see a possibility, I will see it through…”

“Do you think you have that much luck?”

“That’s right. It is true that I don’t want Sorbania certificate to circulate. The scale of the economy, the number of merchants, the land, Sorbania were much larger in all aspect compared to Tera. As your Majesty had said, we’re not on equal ground…”

“That’s right.”

“But still…”

Kota continued…

“… Personally, I do not want to lose against you. Tera, above all else… I will make sure…”

“… Haa…

Hearing Kota’s bold words, Carlos showed a smile and laughed.

“Hahahaha! Very funny from you! I am a King you know?”

“Your Majesty yourself who wanted this, no? Your Majesty said you don’t want to talk with someone wearing a mask.”

“That’s right! This is the best. So then, what? Are you saying that Tera will bite Sorbania even with this much difference in strength?”

“Of course. The interest of Tera is my top priority. I will make sure that Sorbania will be left in the dust.”

One day he will return to pay back.

“Oho~, Kota. That’s weird~. I thought we’re going to get along after this~?”

“… Which mouth say that?”

“No no, it is the truth you know? After all, trust is the most important thing in the world of business. We won’t be able to sleep peacefully if we’re worried that someone might catch us off our guard by setting up some traps.”

“… Getting fooled is also part of the world of business no?”

“Are you someone who could only build a business relationship after something like that happen? How screwed you’re…”

That was what Carlos said, then he continues…

“You know, Kota. Can’t you trust me?”

“… Are you seriously saying that now?”

Counterfeit method, magic powder, currency feud. How on earth one can trust someone like that. If one more thing gets revealed, all hell would break lose by now, that was what Kota’s thought.

“I’m seriously serious you know?”


“… With that being said. I don’t like to use cheap tactic here…”

“… What do you mean?”

“Kota, how about you come to my side?”

To say that easily…

“… Trying to lure me away, huh?”

One more time. He declared with more bang…

“That’s right. As expected, to have the ‘demon lord’ as an enemy is worrying, but as an ally, it would be reassuring, no? You are my favorite individual, together, the two of us, let us develop Sorbania, how about it?”


“I will pay you twice more than Tera had. I will even give you peerage and territory if you wanted to. Some of the old people in Sorbania might get noisy because of it, but I will personally protect you from all of that.”

“… Aren’t you giving too much? I’m not such a great person you know?”

“Though I find myself troubled with your self-assessment, whatever… This is what I decide. To put the Demon Lord in a place where my eyes reach, I would do it, whether it is money, peerage, or territory, I will give it…”


“On the other hand, I will definitely kill you if you don’t change side.”

“… You’re joking.”

“I’m not joking. After all, I’m dealing with the ‘Demon Lord’ here.”

While saying that, The Snake glared at the Demon Lord.

“Besides, I don’t know if this kind of opportunity would come once again. The prey that jumped into my own nest, I want to kill you right here and now…”

Even if my action would cause war against Tera, that was what Carlos said and continue…

“… To tell you the truth, personally, I like you and wants you to live. To watch the future of a man who broke the Orkena continent Economy system that had become dull. I feel like even if I killed you for Sorbania national security, I don’t think I do good for Orkena continent. That is what I feel…”

You know, Kota. That’s why, please come to my side, that was Carlos plight…

“… Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.”

“… I’m not joking here, you’re really going to die you know?”

“Even so, I refuse…”

“Aren’t you a merchant from Yamate…? Why are you doing so much for Tera?”

“… There are various circumstances. First of all, your Majesty. How about re-consider your own conduct first, before trying to lure someone to your side?”

As expected, Kota could not talk about the Hero matters. Besides, since he arrived here, he was being threatened, fooled and some other… No one would be able to trust someone after going through all of that on their first meeting.



“… Fine.”


“As expected, to be frank, I can’t kill you now. Still, I’m anxious to let you return to Tera. That’s why…”

Saying that Carlos changes his line of sight toward Sonia…

“Sonia! You go with Kota as his bride!”

When Carlos opened his mouth, he said something completely outrageous.