Flame Kingdom – 17.2

(Snake Counterattack 2)

“… F-Free? Your Majesty, did you say free just now?”

“That’s right. Free, go on take it, you thief… In this jar, it filled with the same powder, but inside this castle underground vault, there’s a large quantity of it. All of those ‘magic powders’ is Kota’s…”

‘How’s that?’ he said that while smiling nihilistically.

“… What is your aim?”

“None… This magic powder, you can take it as much as possible.”


There was no way this was everything.

“Just to show this powder, your majesty, you went your way to make a counterfeit. It was also so precise that at first glance, I didn’t recognize it.”

It must’ve been a daunting task since in this Orkena Continent there was no copying machine. With such incomplete knowledge and technique, to create a counterfeit, it must have been costly.

“Even this magic powders. It must’ve caused you quite a lot of money. And you said you’re going to offer this magic powder? Unbelievable.”

“If you think that, then how about this… Kota went all his way to come to Sorbania. This is a thank you gesture for all of the efforts you’ve put…”

“Still, this is too much. I think this is impropriated.”

“Don’t worry too much you know? I want to have amicable relations with Kota after all…”

“That alone didn’t justify giving the magic powder as a free gift though?”

“Come on, let us get along better start now…”

That said, Carlos holds out his hand toward Kota.

“… That… How about we do that after we knew each other more better?”

“.. Oh come on, isn’t it rude to act like that toward royalty?”

Carlos I muttered those words and forcefully hold Kota’s hand and shake it.

“I guess it can’t be help it~. Then let me tell you the truth? The truth is, I want Tera’s Certificates to be used here as well.”

“The deposit certificate?”

“That’s right.”

“Sorbania itself had its own currency. The highest currency in Sorbania was ‘Sorbania White Gold Coin,’ the material and the purity was the same as the white gold coin distributed in flame. Thus it had equivalent value. In fact, due to the Flame Empire period, most of the money in Orkena Continent was very identical to each other. Most of the times the difference was only on design.

‘Sorbania has currency, but no banknotes. See? With this, it would be an equal deal…”

“… Well, I guess so…”

The certificate was indeed created for that…

“So with this certificate. I want Sorbania white Gold coins as collateral… I want to make a ‘Sorbania White Gold Coin Deposit Certificate’…”

‘How’s that?’ Carlos I puffed his chest as if asking Kota for a respond. Honestly, Kota could not understand why he did that.

“… Go on do as you like, that was what I wanted to say but…”

There was no patent right here. If anyone wanted to use it, no one forbid him.

“Alright. Then, since you let me do it. Instead of thanking you, go and take this ‘magic powder’ with you…”

“… Why?”

“I’m the King of Sorbania you know? If I used someone else invention without permission, won’t that looked uncool~?”

“… I see it’s about that huh?”

“That’s right. Royalty, or Aristocrats in general, for them Honor is a valuable thing. I don’t want to be called ‘the king who used somebody else idea’ by historian…”


“Well, I guess you can say this is aristocrats’ logic…”

Inside Kota’s mind, he never thought of that. After all, when everything was said and done, Kota was born as .common people with father as a trading firm salaryman and part-timer mother. Thus, he was not familiar with ‘the logic of the aristocrats.”

“… I understand. then you can make the certificate.”

“Really?! As expected of Kota, the man I have chosen! Very generous!”

Happily Carlos I strikes Kota’s shoulders.

“Hei, it’s hurt! Don’t hit me too hard!”

“I see! You’re not lying about what you said right?”

“Sure, go ahead and make it if you wanted to!”

“Men shall never go back on what one said, okay?!”

“I won’t. That’s why quit taping my shoulders already!”

“Alright! Kota. Thank you and let us get along well in the future! Oh right! Let me use the counterfeit measures as well?”

“Sure, feel free…”

“Well then! I’m looking forward to when the certificate hit Tera as well!”

“Sure, sure… Counterfeit currency is dangerous after all. I would be glad if you—…”

Wait a bit…

“– Hit Tera?”

“… Of course, isn’t that obvious?”

He then showed his signature nihilistic smile once again.

“If I the one who makes the certificate… Won’t that become more convenient for us…”

Then his smile distorted into a grinning.

“Your Majesty!”

“Men can’t go back on their words, no?”

“Cancel! Are you planning on killing Tera’s economy?!”

“Killing? Please don’t make me a bad person. The strong always stand at the top. Not only in the world of business, but it is also common sense to understand that.”

“… Khu! But!”

No matter how much currency developed, no matter how much the distribution network grows, the fundamental of an economy would never go beyond barter. Because it would be troublesome to always look for equal value, everyone uses money as ‘trust’ value.

“… Now, Kota.”

‘What do you think if a more convenient ‘intermediary’ appeared?’, Carlos said with a smile on his face and continue.

“Come on, look for an escape… It is fine with lowering your head too. Try saying ‘Please don’t distribute Sorbania Certificate,’ while hitting your head on the ground…”

If there were two certificates with the same value, which one people going to choose? It was a simple answer. People would want the most ‘convenient’ one.

“… Go on, cry and beg…”

The snakes that entangled the scale start his counterattack.