Flame Kingdom – 17.1

1-17 (Snake Counter-Attack)

“How is it?”

“… This is amazing.”

Once again Kota looked at the counterfeit through the circle. The certificate that shines green was indeed ‘magical.’

“The ink used to make that was created using a special ink mixed with the powder here. You put them under the sun, and when it getting dark, the letter written by that ink would shine green.”

It was the so-called, paints that glow in the dark, on earth, it was called Luminescent Paints, existed since a long time ago, and was classified into two types regardless of the specification. One example was a paint containing material that stimulating light-emitting, or another type where the color itself shine.

“… Luminescent Paint, is it?”

The paint contained a substance that store light, and release them gradually.

“I am not a technology person. Thus I don’t understand difficult words.”

He only makes them because he thought it could be a good source of income.

“So? This Magic Powder, do you want to buy it?”

“… Indeed. I think that is a wonderful invention which would be good to be applied as anti-counterfeiting measures. But the problem is… How long does this paint store the sunlight?”

If it was only one minute then, forget it…

“For example, Kota. You’re going to apply this on the certificate.”

“Yes, of course…”

“Then you’re going shopping, take out the certificate from the wallet to the hand of the seller. As long it hit by the light even a little bit, it would shine.”

“… I see…”

“Although the glow is weak, but if we compare the two certificate with and without the magic powder, one could see the difference immediately.”

That was reasonable.

“By the way, the raw material for this is?”

“It is a trade secret.”

“So then… Is this ‘magic powder’ one of the so-called ‘suspicious things’ ?”

“… What are you saying?”

Luminescent material itself was not uncommon. In ancient China, the type of fluorite called ‘Pearl of the Night’ which was famous as a gift could shine like a firefly.

“… Can we put it into circulation? This going to be passed to the hands of the people you know? What I meant by suspicious things is, was this being mixed with something weird?”

However, in modern Japan, one thing comes to Kota’s mind. Radioactive Material. Whether or not such a thing existed in Orkena continent, but he definitely didn’t want to step on the tail of a tiger. A wise man shall not court with danger.

“… What’s this, you’re surprisingly saintly? It’s not like I sold my soul to the demon to get this you know?

“Is this ‘demon’ powder?”

“… How troublesome you’re… Fine then… Let me tell you something, this was made not using something weird you know? In fact, in Sorbania it is something delicious…”

“… Delicious?”

“That’s right. Maybe, Terra even has it? And not only delicious. When men take it, they will become ‘energetic’ see?”

Carlos the First showed a vulgar smile. With how handsome he was, his indecent smile make him looked ten times more vulgar.

“… This is still daytime you know?”

“Oh? I only say ‘Energetic,’ no? What are you imagining I wonder?”

I felt like he acts like the old man from the neighborhood.

“… Well, whatever.”

For now, Kota could guess it was made with something that could be eaten. A wise man should not press others too much…

“Hnn? You don’t care?”

“Sure… As long it is not something suspicious, anything is good…”

If it was something that can enter a person’s mouth, then I had no problem.

“I see… Well then, let us get serious shall we?”

He said so…

“… Now. This Magic Powder… How much do you willing to pay?”

“.. I will withhold, for now, your majesty.”

He replied without a momentary pause.

“… Ha?”

“I think this ‘Magic Powder’ is indeed a wonderful thing… But for now, I would like to refrain…”

Kota said those words with a small smile on his face toward Carlos the First. Carlos immediately opened his mouth like a machine gun.

“W-Why? Think about it, you can see if a certificate is a counterfeit or not with a single glance with this you know?”

“Indeed. I wanted it desperately… It can identify counterfeit easily. Of course, I want it.”


“If it is ‘free’ of course…”


“In the present state, the kingdom of Sorbania hold the monopoly of this Magic Powder. The right to decide the price is Your Majesty, and the country you govern. Indeed, looking at the current trend, Terra is steadily being developed. However, Terra was never a rich territory…”

Although currently, the territory had ‘Economic’ development, fundamentally it was still a weak territory.

“Counterfeit measures must be absolutely taken seriously. But it does not mean we have to implement technology as soon as possible. Not to mention if we had to spend all the money we had just for it.”

It was a matter of cost to performance. The technology may have equal effect and cost, but the current counterfeit measures were more than enough.

“Another problem is the timing issue…”

“… Time?”

“As I said earlier, Terra’s deposit certificate was scheduled to be renewed next two years. We may use this ‘Magic Powder’ at that time. It is something needed for the final product…”

They need to carve the wood, and comb the paper, and finally printing. We didn’t need to buy everything now.

“I don’t mind if we can buy it two years later. If the technology catches up at that time, I can buy it comparatively cheaply. Terra could not afford to have any unnecessary inventory right now.”

The prices would be determined when the supply and demand match. ‘Magic Powder’ was a mere ‘Powder’ if no one wanted it. –

“… I see. I can see some truth there…”

He relaxed his body into his chair and looked at Kota.

“Then, what if the technology doesn’t catch up two years later?”

“At that time, then we will buy according to your price. Most of the time, the higher the anti-counterfeit technology is, the better…”

I sighed deeply. I saw Carlos dropped his line of sight as if he was tired.

“… You got me. I guess, as expected of ‘The Devil,’ huh?”

“You’re overestimating me too much…”

“Which part of it I overestimate you?”

He said that while laughed a little.

“Fine then… This magic powder would be ‘free’…”

“I see… Huh–??”