Flame Kingdom – 12

12 – (Everyone Become an S)


This chapter was like before and after of the previous chapter. It is Emily point of view. – –

The result of the new Rondo de Terra was a huge success.

“Kota! There’s another store request! Daiotsu Firm, It is from the harbor city Erza.”

“If we talk about Daiotsu of Elza, it was created by one of the Royal family right?”

“That’s right, in the history, formally they are known as Erza the first, in the whole Sorbania, it is among the three most prestigious firm! To think such a firm wants to open their branch here in Terra…”

As if it was a dream, Erika-sama’s eyes shine, while inside my heart, I sigh. A dream, was it?

Honestly, it was good if it was really a dream…

“… Emily?”

I returned to my sense when I heard Erika-sama called my name. There I saw Erika-sama worried face.

“W-What’s wrong?”

“No, somehow you looked depressed…”

“There’s no such a thing. The matter regarding Doitsu Firm going to be opened here, it is a splendid story. With this, Terra will develop even more…”

“Right?! With this Terra would develop even more, and prestige would come after it! As expected, this is all thanks to Kota!”

Erika-sama innocently celebrates the situation.

“… That is truly splendid. However, Erika-sama… We have no more site to open the store you know?”

“… Kota?”

“Contact Daiotsu Firm, we need more time to allocate the site for them to open their branch.”

“… This is that Daiotsu Firm you know? Is it alright?”

“No matter who the opponent is, it does not matter. Customers should be treated equally. Of course, if they deposited more than ten thousand deposits, we will think about some convenience… However, the impossible thing is impossible. Nothing can be done…”

“Is it really alright? If we make them wait to open a branch then…”

“When that time comes, let just resign and think of it that it is not our luck yet. Daiotsu is not the only big company out there… In the first place, they are the one who asked us to open their store here you know, why we’re the one who worries?”

“… Right. Take it, or leave it, right!”

Saying that Erika-sama smiled beautifully. The smiling face makes my heart pained a bit.

“Then, Emily! Try to purchase some site!”

“… Understood.”

I then bowed toward Erika-san. As I was about to leave the room…

“… Emily-san.”

Matsushiro-sama called me.

“… Yes?”

“… Please pay attention to the site that you going to purchase. Please don’t zero in on the money too much, and listen to the condition as much as possible.”


“… Yes.”

… Totally… Easily…

“… Understood.”

… He said that as if it was that easy!


I walked down the street.

“Oi, Nails! We don’t have enough nails! Bring some!”

“Yes, yes!”

I could hear the sound of hammers from here and there. From the street, I could see the figure of merchants, master carpenter, a tavern mistress, and many other varieties of people.

“… This looks like magic.”

Until six months ago, if I were to be asked about whether or not Terra could become this vibrant, then my answer would be, only magic could do that.

Terra’s big success factor lies in the construction of this kind of stores. Naturally, wood and nails were necessary to build a building. Merchants were people who sensitive when it comes to profit. When they heard that wood was selling like a hot cake in Terra, they come flying to sell woods here… A large amount of woods were being sent from other cities such as the capital city of Larcia, Titan, Laura, Bundesbak, other than that, they also came from Sorbania, Laurent, and Lime.

Then the wood was being sold steadily. Like that, the construction was progressing without any delay. – Though I could say that, naturally, the carpenters were ended up short in hands. But then, the carpenters without a job from outside the city began to come into Terra.

And these carpenters were humans, they didn’t survive just by merely eating haze. With carpenters gathered inside the city, the inn and tavern were able to make profits. Of course, foods in the inn and tavern also being sold like it was flying. The merchants who saw that even began to bring special foods and alcohol from other cities as well.

[No matter what you bring to Terra. It would sell like a hot cake.]

It didn’t take long before merchants spread those words. And with an economic boom, many more stores wanted to open a branch here. Moreover, the cost of opening a branch store was free.

“… Really, such magic…”

Rumors bring fame, and now many stores were continually being built in Terra. Now, it was not enough with just the once planned commercial district. With the acquisition of a new site, the construction of new stores was continued without end. And just like that, the carpenters, inns, and taverns, continue to profit as well. Such thing was being repeated over and over again…

“… I guess I should hurry…”

With the sound of merchants here and there, I step forward…

“… Hello…”

“… Welco–, Oh, Emily-chan…”

A little way from the commercial district, as if it was being left behind by the era, in one section, there was standing the ‘old-fashioned’ greengrocer.

“… You don’t understand, do you? I told you all the time, no? This store is something my family inherited one generation after generation. Because of that, I won’t sell this store…”

“… But…”

I was familiar with the owner of this store. Before Matsushita-sama came, before Terra began to develop like right now, I always bought vegetables at this shop. The prices were a bit expensive, but all of the vegetables were fresh.

… But that was, ‘back then’…

“I believe this store will continue for some more generations… Sure right now the sale of goods are down. But things like that happened times to times. See, people are currently taken by the novelty of what was it again, commercial area? That’s why they are shopping there right now. However, after the novelty is over, they would come back again. At such time, what would you do if my shop is not here?”


Hearing that words, I could not reply back. It was not because the shop owner was right.

“… Is that so?”

Did the owner know, that the commercial area was a great success? That the store there provide fresher goods than this store? Their products were cheaper than this store… People who had gone to the store in that commercial district where they could get a more better variation of goods, will they actually come back here?

“… Is that really going to happen?”

If you go to the commercial area, it was not even exaggerated that everything in the Orkena Continent could be found there. There was no way that people would come back to this small greengrocer.

“Fuuh! Emily-chan doesn’t understand! Here people cherished the connection between people! So it’s okay! Everyone would definitely come back!”

“But still…”

I took a glance at some items inside the store. In the old days, on the shelves, there were only fresh vegetables lined up, but now, some slightly withered one were crammed among them. Probably, it was the leftover unsold one.

“… Understood. I will come again later.”

“Please come as a customer next time, alright? Oh right, Emily-chan. Since you’re here already, do you want to buy something?”

“… Let’s see… I will have some of this onions…”

I took the one I wanted and handed money to the proprietor.

“Hehehe, One– Huh? What is this?”

“Even if you asked me… It is a deposit certificate, you know?”

The proprietor gazed at the certificate in a daze. What’s wrong?

“… Is it not enough?”

I could buy two onions with the one copper coin certificate at other stores… I never thought here would be that expensive…

“… I can’t… You cannot use this here…”


“I could only handle coins… Emily-chan know about this right?”

“I guess so, but… This has the same value as those coins you know? It is normal to use this at the commercial area you know?”

“You can’t! Emily-chan, if you don’t use coins, then I won’t sell the goods! Such a thing, I can’t trust it!”

Saying that the shop owner handed back the certificate to me, and hurriedly I tried to find some coins in my pocket. Recently I never brought coins with me because of the ease of using the certificate.

“… I only brought with me a white gold coin, is it ok?”

“You don’t have anything smaller? Hmm… the change would be, erm, 1 Gold coin, 4 Silver coins, 9 Copper coins… Thank you for your patronage~”.

He then handed over the onion and the heavy coins to me.


I looked alternatingly at the coins and onion in my hand as I sighed. Not only the limited amount of goods variation but also could not use the deposits certificate. Will such a store survive in the future, I wonder?

“… I think it is impossible…”

It had no convenience, product selection also little, while the prices were high. No one would come to such a store…

“… I’m begging you… Please… Sell me the store as soon as possible…”

… At least, I wish for the shop owner to be able to open shop at another place with the money he gets…

“… What do you mean by that, Matsushiro-sama?!”

It was three days later that the shop owner I visited had borrowed money with the store as collateral. –

No economy trivia from the author this time around. As a translator, I would like to say, the world of economy is cold… Is this why in the banking industry, the banker was known as the Cold Hand.