Flame Kingdom – 1

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A little story before Kota was summoned. 
“… Haaah…” 
The place was the Flame Kingdom Royal Palace, inside the ruler’s private room. Elizabeth Orlenfeld Flame, the young ruler of a kingdom that historically and traditionally known as “Millennium Kingdom” sighed behind her desk. Looking at such attitude that didn’t match her beautiful appearance, the prime minister of the kingdom, Lotte, reprimand her. 
“… Your Majesty…” 
“… I know, I know it was bad manners of mine… Just keep continuing, Lotte…” 
“… Well then, the next report… Yesterday, the royal commerce federation proposed a petition…” 
‘That’s right… They had expressed various things but… The most crucial one is that they wanted to give them tax cut or tax exemptions.” 
“… Your Majesty.” 
“I can’t do that… We’ve taken tax reduction measures last year. Any more tax reduction would reduce this nation into ruin itself…” 
“That’s true, but…” 
“In the first place, the commerce federation should be the one who supports us more than others. After all, we’ve given them preferential tariff, being protected against foreign commerce federation, and have the right to use the embassy…” 
“Also, should we let them issue the kingdom currency?” 
“Right. Go and tell them, ‘even if you cry blood, I won’t give you anything more'” 
“… Your Majesty.” 
“Just kidding…” 
Like that, toward the young Queen that once again heaved a heavy sigh, Lotte who served the previous generation could only sigh inside one’s heart. 
In fact, the words that the Queen said, Lotte himself wanted to say it. Although money-making attitude was not bad, looking at the condition even Lotte wanted to shout “Don’t joke around” toward the commerce federation. 
Well, if he did that, the whole commerce federation would rage, and the entire economy of the kingdom might collapse… 
“… Go tell the commerce federation “I will see what I can do”…” 
“… I understand… Let us hope that they would be convinced with this…” 
Despite calling himself the prime minister of the Kingdom, he could only felt worthless since he could not come up with an effective plan except for “praying”. 
“Next… From the commander-in-chief stationed near the Westleria border…” 
“… What is it this time?” 
“He said, ‘The number of troops is insufficient. I want the Imperial Guard to be stationed here as well…'” 
“Westeria… Was that the place where General Starkle stationed?” 
“He said there is suspicious movement from Westeria… After all, the prime minister of that place was kind of a hawkish. Well, it’s not like something is going to happen today, but…” 
“… So, because of that, he asked reinforcement? Personally, I think increasing the number of personnel would only stimulate the Westeria’s side. 
“I understand your majesty feeling… This is General Starkle after all…” 
“‘Future Prediction’ from General Starkle is it?… I understand… Let us sent him half of the imperial guard.” 
“Half? Is that alright? What about the protection of the royal capital…” 
“Well, even if we hold the royal guard here, if Westeria manages to break through the border, it would be just a straight line for them to reach this place. The royal guard is not just an ornament, let them work the money… Immediately prepare the documents regarding the right to command…” 
“Lord Rozan would be angry for this…” 
“… I will leave that to Lotte… You both are good friends, no?” 
In response to her who showed upturned gaze while asking, Lotte showed a scornful gaze instead of feeling captivated. 
“… It was just an unfortunate inseparable relationship. There is more, your majesty… I would like you to stop that kind of behavior that imitates some street girls…” 
“You’re not really passionate aren’t you? You should be more like ‘let’s do our best to fulfill the wish of cute Elizabeth’, or rather, the cute Liz?” 
“Don’t you think it is a bit disrespectful if I were being passionate toward your majesty who her butt is still blue like my granddaughter?” 
“… Normally you would be hanged on the castle wall and be fired from the job for saying that. Am I really not that attractive?” 
“With great regret, who do your majesty think that changed Liz-sama’s diaper in the past.” 
Before Elizabeth sit on the throne, he often called her using pet name “Liz” which emphasize their close relationship…And he also did not deny that he would do something if it was her wish… 
“I will talk with Lord Rozan then. Besides, he was a man that would obediently do it if we give him a good liquor…” 
“… Somehow that is what makes me worry… Is it really okay? To appoint someone with such problematic ethics.” 
“If an emergency comes, even that man, possess a degree of ethics when it comes to protecting your majesty with that useless large body. Isn’t that alone enough?” 
“… I guess you’re right… Either way, we will meet our end if our capital gets attacked…” 
“That’s right… Now then, the next topic…” 
Lotte was at lost for words the moment he saw the next page. Liz immediately asked a question after seeing him suddenly fell silent. 
“… What’s wrong?” 
“… This report is from the Kingdom’s science institution… They seem to have succeeded in deciphering the way to summon a ‘hero’…” 
“Summoning a Hero?” 
In response to Lotte report, Liz showed doubtful gaze. 
“… Do we have something like that in our country? I’ve never heard of that…” 
“… I think this is just a bull story… “Summoning a hero” it said, do they think we life in a fantasy world or something?” 
“… Magic itself was a fairy tale… Much less, a hero…” 
Liz waved her head while placing her palm on her forehead. Even Lotte painfully understand how she felt. 
“… Our Kingdom arts and science institution is outstanding, but their head is a little bit weird isn’t it?” 
“There’s a bit continuation… The arts and science institution wants your majesty to preside over the summoning ceremony…” 
“Well, that was what they said… But is this really alright? I feel like this proposal is a bit dangerous…” 
“Well, they don’t have anything to lose after all… They don’t need money, status, honor, or even fame. They just want an environment where they could learn, and compete against each other…” 
“… With the present condition, somehow I feel grateful for that…” 
Liz nodded in agreement to Lotte’s remark. After talking about finance all the time, this kind of thing can be said with some grace… 
“… I understand. I will leave the planning to you, Lotte…” 
Saying so, Lotte lowered his head. Well, whether or not the summoning would success, it was not important… Lotte thought that this might have become a good distraction for this young Queen that had been enduring stressful environment all this time… 
“… At least, I’m just your ordinary person…” 
Lotte looked amazed at the young man that was easily appeared from the magic circle. To be honest, he thought of summoning a hero from another world as a crazy story that was better to call it as a children story. He never thought about what to do if the summoning was successful. 
“… You’re not a hero is it?” 
“… Yes, I’m very sorry to disappoint you but… I’m just your ordinary person without power. Your… Ah please pardon me for being rude, but may I know your name?” 
“Eh? A-Ah, right… That was rude of me… My name is Elizabeth Orlenfield Flame, the 52nd ruler of the Flame Kingdom. pleased to meet you, a person from another world…” 
She pinched the edge of her skirt and bowed slightly. 
“Nice to meet you too… I’ve introduced myself earlier but, let me say it again, my name is Matsushiro Kota. I work for Sumiko Bank… In other words, a salaryman.” 
“Salaryman…May I know what kind of title is that?” 
“That is not a title… More accurately, it was a name of an occupation…” 
“Is that a special name given to someone who excels at using the sword?” 
“Magic then?” 
“I cannot use that…” 
“Unleash the knowledge of the ancient, just like the wise man or sage?” 
“I don’t have such knowledge…” 
“If that is the case then… How about communication with the gods?” 
“If I can, that would be really bad… – Salaryman is the type of people who work for a salary, in other words, a payment. In Japan… Err, in the country of my origin, the majority of people are such “salaryman”. I guess, it is pretty close to those who work in stores…” 
“Isn’t that mean that was just an ordinary naming?!” 
“Right… That is what I told you since the beginning… That I’m just your ordinary banker…”
Kota shrugged his shoulders… 
“With that being the case… Although I was being summoned, I could not do anything… Since I was being summoned, I thought there was something urgent happening here but…”
Then, with closing words “I’m sorry that I could not help with anything”… Looking at Kota bowed his head, Liz and Lotte face turned blue. 
… This is bad…” 
“… By the way, your majesty… This is just purely out of curiosity but… What has to happen? If we go with the template is it an attack from the demon lord or something? 
“Fue?! E, umm, about that… It was not demon lord…” 
“Since it is not the demon lord, then a dragon? or invaders from outer space? Or some fearsome monsters?” 
“E, emm… I don’t know if I should call it fearful or not…” 
Looking at Liz who was confused, Lotte heaved a big sigh… 
… There was no way they could say something irresponsible such as “we just tried a summoning magic, and never thought it would be successful”…