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Matsushiro Kota was just an “ordinary person”.

Kota himself when he was young -although this was not really worth mentioning- he had dreamed such as “I want to be a pilot”, then another time “I want to be an actor.”, sometimes he daydreamed such as “I don’t know why, but I’m an amazing person”. 
From the dreamer young man, he became someone who understands that he was actually a just ordinary person. 
He had ordinary Japanese looks, born from a father who works for a medium-sized company and a mother who works as a cashier in a neighborhood supermarket. 
Not having the appearance that stands out, also not having a particular talent, usually, this kind of people had contracted with chunnibyou disease while saying “Khukhukhu, this is just my temporary form”. 
However, Kota didn’t have such disease. 
He was barely studying more than others, but other than being good at dealing with things, he had nothing special, even that was the result of his hard work. 
Looking at how hard he was at studying, his classmate even said “you don’t have to study that much you know?” while showing a wry smile. 
‘For the sake of entering a good university better than anyone….’ 
He had no such dream, it was just that he realized that he won’t be able to catch up to anyone unless he doubles his effort. Since he believed that “efforts do not betray you”. 
With that, although it was not with flying color, Kota had managed to successfully enter a famous university. 
“Hei, let’s go partying after this?”, most of his classmates would invite him, but Kota could only smile wryly in response and continue studying. 
‘To get better employment than anyone else…’, he had never dreamed that. 
The Nikkei Average was showing lower prices day by day, even for the largest companies listed on the first section of the Japan trading stocks. 
In this kind of economic climates, Kota never dreamed that he would be able to get a safe job at a famous company. 
But Kota who managed to overcomes some hurdles finally managed to graduate safely. And so far he had managed to join a famous company. 
The company he had joined was a performance-oriented company, although it was a company that impose harsh regulation, it was rare to see someone who worked with high attitude in this ‘industry’ where modesty which looked right was the key to win customers. 
Kota who improved his sales performance also with the customers saying “if Matsushiro-san says so…”, eventually succeeded at winning the trust of his boss. 
After being relocated to the headquarter in his third year of working, he awkwardly started to change the way he called himself from “Boku” to “Watashi”.  
All in all, Matsuhiro Kota was an ordinary being. 
Even when the surrounding evaluation which said about him that he was “plain but loud” or that “his self-assessment was too low”, he still believed that he was still part of those of “ordinary person.” 
… That was what he believed, or so it was supposed to be… 
“… I will ask once again..” 
Inside a room in a tower that looked like it came out of a certain magical school located in the UK. 
Inside the room that had a magic circle drawn on the floor, an important looking beautiful girl with blonde hair that reaches her back asked him with a question. 
On one hand, he was holding his usual working bag, on the other hand, he was holding a paper cup he got from a coffee shop with siren logo on it, looking at Kota who wore a suit, the beautiful girl asked once again while looking clearly dejected. 
“… Are you, a hero?” 
Understanding the meaning of her words, Kota then brings the coffee cup to his mouth. Yep, it hot and taste bitter. Which meant, this was not a dream…? 
“Errr… So, how is it?” 
The beautiful girl asked again worriedly after Kota suddenly took a sip from his coffee cup. 
“… No, I’m not…” 
Thinking that it would be troublesome if he didn’t do self-introduction, he added some words after that. 
“My name is Matsushiro Kota, I worked at Sumiko Bank’s composite planning department. Your words “hero” is a bit ambiguous, depending on what kind of a hero you need, but…” 
Here he stopped talking… 
“… At least, I’m just your ordinary person…” 
… This was a story about your ordinary bank office worker, summoned by the Flame Kingdom, with a little wisdom, a not so big courage, and luck that was similar to the MC of a certain lottery novel, it was a story about the 26 years old Matsushiro Kota that would make future scholar of another world doing tsukkomi by saying “What do you mean by ordinary people, oi?!”.